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Default The Warfather himself seeks your help

I am, well, confused. I thought this guy, Mike Pompeo was good for Trump to have appointed. Mike had credentials; a big deal in West Point [which means nothing to me], and was somebody in the 'Tea Party,' which I only have a peripheral understanding of its being populistically cool. But when I see him, and, worse yet, hear him speak, I feel that I am staring at a flaming faggot. That's my concern. Have I become homophobic to the degree that I see homos where there are only beta males? So, here I am with this most serious post [this is no joke]. Is there anyone besides me who thinks Pompeo looks gay? I just don't see myself capable of psychologically misinterpreting an individual's aura.

And, I am thinking, can't Trump see that this guy is queer as a three dollar bill? If my feedback from this supports my theory that Pompeo's preference is aberrant sexuality, then, well, Trump knows it too, and hence, Trump is a piece of fucking sh**!
A martial religion, Aryanism is free of claims of a Heaven, Hell, or supernatural god.

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