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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Robert

16 AUG 04

Hail Robert! Many thanks for your letter of AUG 11th.

No I did not jump to any conclusions about your religious outlook. I just thought you’d be interested in some different viewpoints thereon.

As I wrote to another correspondent, Christ-insanity served to “semitize” White people into their present jew-dazed state, in which they believe that the jews are “god’s chosen” and that we must worship the hebes and obey them. In other words, they have us ‘buffaloed’, as the pioneers would recognize.

The Incas & Aztecs suffered the same fate because they worshipped alien gods who were White. When the Spaniards invaded their lands, the Indians were not sure whether they should worship the invaders or slay them. Even their emperors were confused, since they ruled in the name of White gods.

The Spaniards did not give them time to decide, and quickly took over their vast territories and abundant wealth.

Lesson: we must never give our enemies the moral high ground, as Christ-eaters do with jews, in hopes that they will become converts to Christ-insanity one fine day. Oh yes!

I knew Ben Klassen personally when he visited White Power Publications in Reedy, WV, back in the late 1970s.

I also read his books, which I found very informative, but I was & still am more into politics, for I have found that religions divide our racial nation, just as so many were designed to do.

I’ve read and reviewed Duke’s book on jew supremacism (Zionism) and it is very good. I’d recommend it, instead of some of your present books.

Lieberman is a jew. Rosen is a jew. Wilson’s book is about another jew, Nostradamus. I suggest you either toss them out or pass them on, maybe donate them to your prison library, if you have access to one. Many thanks for the offer!

Sorry about my lack of time which prevents me from typing much of anything. I enclose a summary of case law from Thule Publications which seems to fit your requirements, and I hope you find this useful. Just write or print as neatly as you can, for others have filed their appeals in their own handwriting.

Wouldn’t your people at Creativity Publications be able to assist you? They should be interested in following your appeal, and they may have computers which could not only type out your documents, but store them on disks for future reference & retrieval.

I’m a one White man band here in browned out Yakima, and my facilities are few & far between. Let me know if you get some assistance.

In regard to the COTC, I haven’t heard anything more about Matt Hale since he went into the ZOG-gulag. I hope he makes out all right, if that is possible.

As you observe, Christ-insanity was designed from the beginning as a trap for Gentiles, especially White Gentiles, and its record proves this, especially today, if we just look around.

As for the independently verifiable existence of Jesus, he would appear to be a composite character, including myths, as was Moses.

Another group of theologians have discovered that statements attributed to Jesus are taken word for word from previously existing Buddhist texts.

Since ancient traders travelled frequently between Near East, Far East, Africa and Europe, if not to North & South America, it is not surprising that ideas would also follow the trade routes, as did religions.

Constantine saw Christ-insanity as a tool to lever himself into power over Eastern Rome’s besieged empire. Although he was no longer a god-emperor, he could rule in the name of The Big Sky Jew, ’cause his hired priests told everyone so.

Charlemagne thought that was such a good racket, using a religion to extend his temporal power, that he betrayed and slew thousands of his own people when they refused baptism in the new, jew-cult.

That’s what really started the church versus state conflict which still oppresses us and divides us into quarreling sects under the old divide & rule racket.

Henceforth, the churches vied with the states and vice versa to see which would screw the masses most successfully, as the jews crept in to rule them both.

As you say, postponing the appearance of a written bible until 300 years after the alleged facts gave politicians and religious racketeers lots of time to get their lies straight, and to come up with a scam which would appeal to the masses of sheeple, usually by incorporating pre-Christian beliefs, rituals and even deities, which were made into saints.

It was at the council of Nicaea where major parts of the Old & New Testaments were edited out and dumped because they were deemed ‘politically incorrect’ and way too contradictory for the new, official cult.

Even then, many of the falsehoods, fables and contradictions remained, so we can have them ‘explained’ to us if we are willing to pay a rabbi or priest to do the job. This provides them with an opportunity to shear their ‘sheep’, while keeping them in the fold.

Those who use their own minds for thinking will never make ‘good’ sheep, as we know.

I see by my Chinese dictator (the clock from Red China) that I must go to work.

All the best. DOWZ! & ORION!



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