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Karl Radl
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Karl Radl
Default Adam Rubenstein: Sadistic Jewish Thug

Adam Rubenstein: Sadistic Jewish Thug

Students of the jewish question need no introduction to the many and varied accounts of jewish thuggery and sadism over the years. One recent incident of such was the brutal physical attack on British MP George Galloway (whatever you may personally think of his politics) by a Zionist thug screaming about the 'holocaust' and 'Hitler'. (1)

This is hardly an isolated trend however as even major incidents (i.e. with significant consequences) of such behaviour (for example trying to murder the German ambassador to Israel because he was German or bombing the Czech Embassy in Tel Aviv) run into the hundreds since the creation of Israel. (2)

In these terms Adam Rubenstein's behaviour in the United Kingdom was relatively minor and more like the physical attack on George Galloway than trying to murder six million Germans by poisoning the water supply of prisoner of war camps as was attempted by Israeli national poet Abba Kovner. (3)

Rubenstein, who had apparently developed a drug habit, attacked a young couple in their parked car in Stanmore, Hertfordshire stealing a wallet, handbag, mobile phones and a sat nav before making a successful get away in June 2010. (4) This was even more serious because Rubenstein left the male victim of the theft with serious facial injuries that required significant treatment after Rubenstein went on an unprovoked binge of sadistic violence towards the insolent goy. (5)

Rubenstein was then apprehended by the forces of law and order and confessed his crimes when presented with irrefutable evidence of his guilt (no doubt after a bit of chutzpah about how he was a 'good jewish boy'). He then promptly fled to Israel via Latvia where his family hid him from the British authorities and he became (as he is jewish) an Israeli citizen (via the right of return). (6)

It turns out our violent drug-addled thug was an ardent Zionist who frequently boasted about the brutal IDF and his connections to it. (7) It was a match made in heaven and Rubenstein promptly became engaged to a female member of the IDF (after getting her pregnant) and set up a company in Israel that now employs twenty of his fellow members of the tribe. (8)

I am sure he was quite the poster boy for Israel; an entrepreneur and a sadistic thug with a taste for political Zionism.

He sums up Israel in its totality.

The good thing is that this time Rubenstein was tracked down by Interpol, hauled back to the United Kingdom to be tried (although Rubenstein fought the extradition tooth and nail) (9), was found guilty and gaoled for two years and eight months. (10)

Let us hope that we will see more jews who commit crimes and then flee to Israel getting extradited and subjected to the full displeasure of the law.


(2) Cf. Ami Pedahzur, Arie Perliger, 2009, 'Jewish Terrorism in Israel', 1st Edition, Columbia University Press: New York, pp. 175-192
(5) Ibid.
(10) Ibid.


This was originally published at the following address: http://semiticcontroversies.blogspot...wish-thug.html


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