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Owen D.
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Owen D.
Default Jews Inbreed While Pointing Finger at Whites (the "Deliverance" Meme)

Jewish agony aunt:

Dear Rosie & Sherry,

I have a slightly problematic situation. I am 20 years old and have very strong feelings for one of my cousins.

Our families are very close, and every time we get together, I am excited to see him. I know that I like him for the right reasons -- he's considerate, kind, caring. He is a deep person and very smart. Also, the way he talks to me and smiles gives me a warm feeling inside. He happens to be everything I am looking for in a spouse.

I am getting anxious because I really want to date him, and it's clear that he likes me. But maybe there are problems marrying a first cousin? Should I go ahead with this?


Dear Laurie,
Thank you for writing to us. We know of a number of pairs of cousins who are happily married, and we feel if two people and their families are comfortable with the idea, there is no problem.

On the legal side: Jewish law permits marrying even first cousins, and this is permitted by Israeli law as well. Sherry is a family lawyer and has experience with these issues. In the United States, each state establishes its own laws, and marriages between first cousins are legal in many states.

However, there is something such a couple should do before they begin dating. Because familial diseases have a stronger likelihood of being passed down to children when the parents are related, cousins who plan to date should be tested for genetic compatibility for marriage.

Perhaps you have heard harrowing tales of families whose lives are upended by diseases that cause blindness, retardation, paralysis, and death in early childhood -- diseases like Tay-Sachs, Gaucher Disease, Niemann-Pick, Canavan's Disease, Fanconi's Anemia, familial dysautonomia, and cystic fibrosis.

The diseases we mentioned appear in high proportion among American Jews. Apparently, they began with a mutation in DNA which, because of inbreeding, was passed on, rather than selected out. For centuries, the Eastern European Ashkenazi Jewish community maintained a very successful "intra"-marriage rate. Thus in the Ashkenazi community, 1-in-25 are Tay-Sachs carriers, and an estimated one in seven Jews is a carrier of some genetic disorder prevalent among Jewish populations.

Fortunately, scientists have now reached a certain understanding of the human genome that makes it possible to identify who is a latent carrier for genetic diseases. That's where pre-date testing comes in. A Brooklyn-based organization, Dor Yeshorim, carries out genetic testing for Jews and gives prospective couples the medical information necessary to make an informed decision.

Dor Yeshorim uses a system of blind testing, so that even those doing the testing don't know the identity of the clients. After testing, each individual is assigned a code number. When he or she wants to begin dating someone, the other party's number is matched against his or her own. If both parties are carriers for the same disease, they are informed that their prospective union is "not advisable" and are offered counseling. The tests are done in strict confidence, and only the man and woman involved are told of the results. This avoids the problem of families who are concerned about being stigmatized.

Dor Yeshorim was founded by Rabbi Yosef Eckstein, who lost four of his 10 children to Tay-Sachs, and then decided to do something about it. To date, the group has tested over 100,000 men and women, and such efforts have reduced problems in the Jewish community to where Tay-Sachs is actually more common today among non-Jews.

There are other venues for genetic testing that advise individuals whether they are carriers of specific genetic diseases. These services are useful for people who prefer to "know" all the results of their tests. However, from a personal and professional perspective, we prefer the procedures that Dor Yeshorim follows, especially since a person's status as a carrier of a genetic disease only becomes significant if he or she is about to be paired with another carrier of that same illness.

We recommend that every Jew get tested before entering the dating scene, and that two people find out whether they are compatible for marriage -- either before they begin to date each other or very early in the courtship process. If you wait, there is the possibility of discovering that both the man and woman are carriers, and then comes the difficult decision: Should we get married with all the attendant risks for our future children? Or do we suffer the heartache now of calling off the marriage?

So we recommend that all single men and women get tested before they start dating, and certainly before they consider engagement. In the case of first cousins, the pre-testing is even more crucial.

The number in the U.S. for Dor Yeshurim is 718-384-6060.
We hope that everything works out for you.
All the best,
Rosie & Sherry

For more information, see "Jewish Genetic Disorders: A Layman's Guide" by Ernest L. Abel (McFarland Pub.).


(1) Ron Josephson 9/4/2003
Testing Easier Said Than Done
Thanks for the excellent advice in this article. The web page recommended by the previous poster is a helpful resource. I would also recommend finding and copying the article "Genetic Profile of Contemporary Jewish Populations" by Dr. Harry Ostrer (Nature Reviews Genetics 2, 891-898 (2001)) in a library and to check genetic disease info at Arm yourself with the Ostrer article! In the interest of full disclosure, I am NOT a genetics professional.

Here's why you need this info: When my wife and I were going to be married, our rabbi told us to get tested for Tay-Sachs. Well, my HMO told me that they do not cover such testing unless my wife gets pregnant! Fortunately, I was able to switch health insurers a few months later, but had to pay for the test out of pocket.

Flash forward: My wife and I have a healthy baby boy. I have since read about a variety of other Jewish genetic diseases and heard a lecture by Dr. Ostrer. I decided to investigate further. Here's what I found out:

1) There are at least a dozen of these genetic diseases that affect Ashkenazic Jewish populations (with various incidence rates), and others that affect Sephardic and Oriental Jews.

2) Ask your insurance provider what (if anything) they cover. They may need a "code" from a doctor or lab before they answer.

3) Find out from the lab what they are really testing for. They may only run a test for three genetic diseases, and tell you that others are fantastically expensive. Find the codes for these tests in advance to see if your insurance company will cover them anyway.

4) Ask your doctor (or whomever orders the test) specifically what tests he or she wants conducted. Some doctors know more about this stuff than others. In our case, a genetic counselor told my wife to go to her OB/GYN.

5) Do NOT expect everyone to be supportive of your decision if you go through with these tests. Some doctors will think you are crazy, and your family members may take it personally. Stand your ground. You may have to deal with the ethical implications of the results afterwards, if you test positive for anything. My wife found the whole ordeal nerve-wracking.

On a personal note, some very good friends of mine (non-Jewish in this case) of very different ethnic backgrounds found out the hard way they were Gaucher disease carriers. They had a girl who died at age two months. No one should have to experience what they went through.

Best of health to all,

Ron J.

(2)Sidra Shapiro 6/29/2003
Genetic Counseling
Genetic counseling (which is private and confidential) is available in most cities in the US and Canada. Contact the National Society of Genetic Counselors for more information.
Sidra Shapiro, MS, CGC
Certified Genetic Counselor

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Trout Fishing
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God dude, those poor Jews and their tough, everyday challenges.
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Default Dear Abbieberg

Only the mentally ill Kikes would have "genetic counselor".

I remember rebbi Tannenbaum in NYC who married his first cousin. Two hundred thousand hasids attended the wedding, stretching for blocks and listening via outdoor speakers. IT IS ILLEGAL IN NEW YORK. Yet, the record bureau issued the license. Hmmmm....

Originally Posted by Owen D. View Post
Jewish agony aunt:

Dear Rosie & Sherry,

I have a slightly problematic situation. I am 20 years old and have very strong feelings for one of my cousins.

Our families are very close, and every time we get together, I am excited [!!!] to see him. I know that I like him for the right reasons --


Stop f**king your cousin, you sick Yid. Go back to your puppy dog as he is now very lonely & licks his b*lls a lot.

Aunt Abbieberg
Jim Brolin
There is no such thing as anti-semitism.
There is only the truth about jews.
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Mike Parker
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Mike Parker

[To put these numbers in context, Jews are 2.2% of the US population. If they were as devoid of ethnocentrism as they expect us to be, their intermarriage rate would be 97.8%.]

Friday January 14, 2000

New study debunks 52 percent intermarriage rate

J.J. Goldberg

One of the nation's leading experts in Jewish demography recently completed a new study of national Jewish population trends.

It's a bombshell.

Once you've seen it, you can't look at the Jewish future the same way. Simply put, this University of Miami study shows that intermarriage isn't the problem everybody thinks it is.

First, Jews aren't marrying non-Jews at a annual rate of 52 percent. That was a statistical error in the 1990 national Jewish population survey.

The true figure is lower, perhaps much lower. Moreover, surprising numbers of intermarried couples are raising their children as Jews.

The 1990 survey said only 28 percent do so. The new study shows it's as high as two-thirds in some major communities.

The study doesn't draw big conclusions, but they're obvious if you do the math.

America's Jewish community is growing, not dying. Don't pop those corks yet, though. The Miami study's sponsor, the newly formed United Jewish Communities of North America, is sitting on the document.

UJC officials are "reviewing" it and won't predict the publication date.

Only a handful of copies have leaked -- "illegally," gripe UJC officials. They won't discuss the contents. For good reason. These are the folks who, in their previous incarnation as the Council of Jewish Federations, brought you that 1990 survey. They've touted it ever since as the biggest and best Jewish demographic study ever done.

The 1990 survey's 52 percent intermarriage figure sparked a nationwide panic over impending Jewish disappearance that continues unabated. They're planning a year 2000 update at 10 times the expense, using the same methods. Now they're sweating bullets because the Miami study raises big questions about their methods.

Partly as a result, UJC decided last month to put the 2000 survey on an indefinite hold -- weeks before polling was to begin -- over the research department's bitter objections.

Officially, the delay is meant to let the UJC's new committees study the questionnaire. In fact, it reflects new doubts about the 1990 survey. This is serious stuff.

The 1990 intermarriage figure utterly transformed American Judaism. It moved Jewish spiritual survival to the very top of the Jewish community agenda. It put liberals on the defensive. It inflamed communal tensions, as Jewish movements blamed each other for the looming disaster.

Now it appears there's no disaster. Whoops.

The news puts the UJC and its researchers on the spot. And they weren't just wrong. They have fought bitterly to defend their blunder. A few respected Jewish population specialists have challenged the data for years. The CJF-UJC researchers responded by vilifying the critics.

Everyone else kept quiet, convinced it was too complicated to follow, yet ready to believe the worst. The Miami study is different. It merely summarizes local Jewish population surveys conducted in various cities in recent decades.

Its tables compare individual findings from 40 cities, with the 1990 national findings alongside for comparison. Only in passing, in a footnote, is the intermarriage error noted.

"The much cited 52 percent figure for intermarriages would be 43 percent if calculated only for Core Jewish households," writes Ira Sheskin, the Miami study's author.

"Core Jewish households" is survey-speak for homes that contain an actual Jew. Besides Jews, the 1990 survey interviewed hundreds of others who had some Jewish ancestry but never considered themselves Jewish. Inexplicably, the survey included their marriages in the intermarriage rate.

Of course, 43 percent is still high. But that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Critics have found other flaws that exaggerate intermarriage in the survey. Sheskin's comparative charts seem to strengthen some of those claims. In fact, Sheskin's charts make it clear how assimilated American Jews were made to look in the 1990 national survey.

Nearly every one of Sheskin's tables, from intermarriage to Sabbath candlelighting, shows a broad range of religiosity among Jewish communities, from old-fashioned, deep-rooted communities like Cleveland's to newer, more transient ones like Orlando's.

Somehow, the 1990 survey's results always land near Orlando.

That can't be right. Older Jewish communities in the Northeast still outnumber Sunbelt transplants by two to one. The national averages shouldn't resemble Orlando.

Critics also argue that the 1990 survey used mistaken methods that exaggerated signs of assimilation.

The most important of these was data "weighting." All surveys "weight" or overcount responses from blacks, Southerners and rural folks, to compensate for their tendency not to cooperate with pollsters.

But Jews who are black, Southern and rural are more educated and probably more likely to cooperate, not less. At the same time, these three groups are less likely than average Jews to eat kosher food or marry Jews.

According to Hebrew University sociologist Steven M. Cohen, one of the 1990 survey's critics, removing those weights puts intermarriage at 38 percent -- a figure now gaining acceptance.

But even that ignores a critical question. What kinds of Jews avoid pollsters? Nobody has ever checked.

Still, certain groups come to mind: the Orthodox, immigrants and Holocaust survivors. Weight those groups more heavily, and intermarriage might be as low as one-third.

The difference is critical.

If half of all Jews marry non-Jews and less than one-third of them raise Jewish children, the prognosis is demographic disaster. That's what the 1990 survey reported, and what most Jews now believe.

But if intermarriage is one-third -- and if half the interfaith couples are raising Jewish children -- then the community is growing. That's what the Miami study seems to show.

The issue isn't intermarriage alone.

The 1990 survey initially called 125,000 households and asked their religion. About 5,000 said "Jewish." After eliminating false positives -- pranksters, schizophrenics, Bible-thumpers calling themselves the children of Israel -- they were left with 2,441 inteviewees.

That's how they calculated 5.5 million Jews in America, another sign of stagnation. But they never called back the other 120,000 to weed out the false negatives. How many Jews heard the religion question and simply hung up?

A hint came in 1991, when New York's Jewish federation ran a local population survey. After the polling began, the federation started receiving calls from area police.

The cops were hearing from frantic Jews who thought the PLO was out to get the Jews by pretending to be the UJA. They were wrong. It was the demographers.

Last edited by Mike Parker; August 15th, 2008 at 07:35 AM.
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

The jews put out lies to make it appear they're swallowing the diversity poison they prescribe for the rest of us. This has the added bonus of scaring the duller among them back onto the plantation, i.e., growing jewier and jewier for fear of vanishing.
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Charles Martel
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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
The jews put out lies to make it appear they're swallowing the diversity poison they prescribe for the rest of us. This has the added bonus of scaring the duller among them back onto the plantation, i.e., growing jewier and jewier for fear of vanishing.
That is absolutely correct. But we are in this sad state of affairs because of evangelical christianity. We have no further than to look at ourselves, the long years of televangelism that has brought this curse upon us.

We have no one to blame but those amongst us.
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Mike Parker
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Mike Parker

Intermarriage and The NonCommitted Jew

By: Dennis Prager & Joseph Telushkin

In the eyes of the rest of the Jewish community, the intermarrying Jew is abandoning ship while committed Jews are fighting to keep it afloat. In addition to perpetuating the ideal of perfecting the world in a world which increasingly evokes cynicism rather than idealism, committed Jews feel a personal commitment to ensure that the Jewish people survive. Marrying people who share these commitments, creating a Jewish home with them, and raising Jewish children are the core of Jewish survival. In maintaining our ancient struggle on behalf of our ideals and our people, the Jews have answered Hillel's two questions: "If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, what am I?" Now you, too, must answer these questions.
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Default Jerusalem: Ads warn parents – keep daughters away from Arabs

Jerusalem: Ads warn parents – keep daughters away from Arabs
Ad made to look like imaginary wedding invitation distributed throughout Jerusalem's streets in bid to demonstrate what would happen if parents fail to keep watch over their daughters -

Lehava, the extremist Jewish organization for the prevention of assimilation in the Holy Land, has come up with a new gimmick that is creating a stormy debate on the issue of mixed marriages between Jews and Arabs.

In an ad made to look like an imaginary wedding invitation between Michal and her chosen groom Mohammad, distributed throughout Jerusalem's streets, the organization is seeking to demonstrate what would happen if parents fail to keep watch over their daughters.

Lehava, the extremist Jewish organization for the prevention of assimilation in the Holy Land, has come up with a new gimmick that is creating a stormy debate on the issue of mixed marriages between Jews and Arabs.

In an ad made to look like an imaginary wedding invitation between Michal and her chosen groom Mohammad, distributed throughout Jerusalem's streets, the organization is seeking to demonstrate what would happen if parents fail to keep watch over their daughters.

The "invitation" asks you to join Michal and Mohammad as they celebrate their marriage on a Friday night at the Shahid (martyr) events hall in Ramallah. Next to the invitation the ad reads: "If you don't want your daughter's wedding invitation to look like this then…Don't let her work with Arabs or do national service with non-Jews, don't let her work in place that employs enemies and don't bring home migrant workers…"

The Lehava organization's goal is to "save the daughters of Israel who have been tempted into a romantic relationship with a non-Jew.",7...226495,00.html
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"Jewish Genetic Disease Consortium - Working together to prevent jewish genetic diseases"

Ashkenazi Jewish Genetic Diseases

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Bread and Circuses
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Jew Identity: Non-White, Anti-White

THE JEWS have noticed that White racial consciousness is growing. A few are freaking out and screeching to each other that Trump’s selection and the rise of the Jew-aware alt-right is why Jews, as Jews, should freak out and screech more. This hysterical reaction, which only further exposes Jew malevolence and power, is collective. It is what they are. The Internet merely amplifies their Jewing, allowing more of us to see it more clearly.

The essence of Jew identity is inherently schizophrenic — a loud-furtive tribe of name-changing shape-shifting fraudsters who insist they are the victims of the many peoples they’ve parasitized and ultimately offed. They have thrived as a group because they are so keenly aware of themselves as a group, but also because they are aware that they thrive at the expense of others, their hosts, whose awareness Jews spend a great deal of effort monitoring and ruthlessly manipulating — to suppress or redirect toward their own ends.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy is a Jewsmedia Jewess whose long-term special concern has been to Jewsplain, specifically to Jews, how two toxic Jew-driven anti-White memes — that Jews are White, and that “White privilege” is evil — are colliding, and how this collision might ultimately not be good for the Jews.

In a recent piece published by The Forward, Bovy empathizes with another, younger Jewsmedia Jewess, Sydney Brownstone. ‘Oh Man, Do I Look Too Jewish?’:

I have lived for 26 years under the illusion that I am unconditionally white, for example, and in pictures recently I have started looking at my face and going, oh man, do I look too Jewish? I’ve never done that before or at least not since I was 13 and like comparing myself to girls wearing Abercrombie.

Brownstone expressed this perfectly typical cryptic Jew expression of hostility in a conversation with two other blabbermouth-stranger Jewsmedia Jews.

Brownstone was describing her concern about an impending alt-right revolution. She explicitly connected her antipathy for “a bunch of gun nuts shooting people” to her own conflicted self-image — a lifetime comfortably posturing as White while simultaneously seeing herself and her own violent, nutty tribe as separate from and at odds with Whites:

It’s just really weird to see this rise of anti-semitism, and think about kind of umm the historical pathway that even got my family on this continent and I know that, Eli, you share kind of a similar history. But I feel like there are ghosts that live in our blood and those ghosts are telling us to run or to remember the revolutions that our families survived and to look out for the signs that are happening now.

History is kind of umm weird because Jewing. As White racial consciousness rose a hundred years ago Jews as a group were compelled, by the Whites who ostensibly still governed America at that time, to resolve the weirdness, to present an argument that Jews were racially “White”. Galvanized by this threat to their Jewness a few Jews went through the required motions. At the same time, other Jews set out to remove the threat by constructing anti-”racism”.

Bovy offers an intimate and explicitly racial interpretation of Brownstone’s feels:

In one sense, pale-skinned American Jews are only now experiencing a shift in our racial self-conception. But if you step back and look at how these same Jews — specifically, the Jewish girls — often experience their teen and preteen years, it starts to seem as if maybe this experience of racist anti-Semitism isn’t entirely new.

And it feels a bit full-circle-ish, I must say, when you learn (on Facebook, where else?) that your 13-year-old self’s Abercrombie-girl equivalent now supports Trump.

Bovy, like Brownstone, clearly sees two separate groups — Jews, whom they identify and sympathize with, versus Whites, whom they don’t. They act conflicted because there is a conflict, and they know they are on the Jew side, against Whites.

No group is more conscious of race and identity than Jews, who are well aware of the privilege they enjoy when Whites mistake them as White. They never tire of expressing their dislike and distrust for Whites, but also recognize the value of the error, the advantage it provides them to manipulate White thoughts and actions: “As a White, I think my fellow Whites suck.” At other times, especially when such goyposing fails, they revert to more explicit Jewing: “As a Jew, I can’t believe this craaaaaazy anti-Semitism exists, shut it down.”

In this respect Bovy is full-time one-Jewess band — more overt Jew, less pretend “White”, but constantly dancing around the fault line. Bovy titled her take on Trump’s selection Between Guilt and Fear: White, Jewish, and Female after a Trump Victory:

But when I see “white women” posts from white Jewish women, I pause. Are we white women? Today? That is, are we complicit in what’s just happened?

The short, honest answer is no, Jews aren’t White, they’re anti-White. But while Brownstone and Bovy provide one of the more blatant examples, it isn’t the only one.

Another Jewsmedia Jewess, Emma Green, coyly asks Are Jews White? (This article was published by The Atlantic, a “Jewish Commentary” in the same sense as The Jew Republic.) Like Bovy, Green blames all this Jewy double-talk, which has been going on forever, on the alt-right and Trump.

On the extreme right, Jews are seen as impure — a faux-white race that has tainted America. And on the extreme left, Jews are seen as part of a white-majority establishment that seeks to dominate people of color. Taken together, these attacks raise an interesting question: Are Jews white?

“Jewish identity in American [sic] is inherently paradoxical and contradictory,” said Eric Goldstein, an associate professor of history at Emory University. “What you have is a group that was historically considered, and considered itself, an outsider group, a persecuted minority. In the space of two generations, they’ve become one of the most successful, integrated groups in American society — by many accounts, part of the establishment. And there’s a lot of dissonance between those two positions.”

There’s that weird, Jewed history again. The tales Jews tell only seem paradoxical and contradictory to those who refuse to accept their implication. Jews, as a group, see themselves as distinct from and at odds with Whites. The confusion on this point persists because Jews foment and perpetuate it. While fewer Jews may believe that masquerading as White is still what’s best for the Jews, they all peddle a version of history which hinges on the same stark distinction: excusing Jews, faulting Whites.

Green’s coy bit triggered a Jewlash much like the one just a week earlier, and for the same reason — Jews lash out in anger when their Jewing gets exposed. Green responded with Jews and the Social Construction of Race. The first article rehashed the old Jew narrative on race, “It’s complicated, goyim, trust me.” The second article taps a more up-to-date Jew narrative, “It’s imaginary, goyim, trust me.”

“Race” is a historically contingent and subjective category that is used to justify violence against minority groups. I specifically wrote about American Jews because their experiences — which are incredibly diverse and varied — show the hypocrisies and limits of these racial categories. Looking at the historical experiences of this one particular group, and the present-day tensions its [sic] faces, is a means of critiquing the way “whiteness” is used to delineate who is and isn’t considered powerful and valuable in society.

A lot of people seem to feel strongly that talking about Jews in terms of race — even to challenge the notion that Jews could ever fit neatly into a single racial category, which is what my article is about — is thought-provoking or, at worst, dangerous.

Here’s what I’d say to these objections: Racial categories exist in American society. Everyone — including and especially Jews, a group that is arguably constructed not just around religious identity, but also ethnicity — has to grapple with their relationship to those racial categories. As I argue in the piece, racial categories are flawed, socially constructed, and ultimately premised on control and power. But ignoring questions about race is not a way of bringing about racial justice or overturning white supremacy. It’s a way of stifling understanding, debate, and awareness.

Many Jews realize they can’t talk about race without contradicting themselves, so they try to forbid the subject to everyone. Many others instead embrace the sort of weaponized racial double-talk Green uses in her second article — an overtly anti-White narrative about “white supremacy” and “control and power”, constructed by Jews inside universities and broadcast to the masses by their corporate media. Both of Green’s narratives hammer home the same point. Jews aren’t White, they’re anti-White.

Then there are some Jews who speak relatively plainly about Jew identity and their historic racial animus toward Whites, like Micha Danzig, an Israeli soldier and NYPD cop. Anti-Semitism in America is Nothing New. Don’t Deny Jewish History and Culture by Calling Us “White”:

Ruiz-Grossman also apparently believes that Jews in America have been hiding behind their “skin privilege” instead of being at the forefront of the civil rights movement. Perhaps Ruiz-Grossman never learned that Henry Moskowitz, an Ashkenazi Jew, was one of the founders of the NAACP in 1909, and that many, if not most, of the civil rights attorneys fighting for racial equality in the South in the 1950’s and 1960’s were Jewish. Maybe she never learned that half of the famous volunteer “freedom riders” in the early 1960’s were Jewish, or that it was the murder by the KKK of three such freedom riders, two Jews, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner, along with an African-American, James Chaney, that helped galvanize the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

As if ignoring Jewish history in America is not enough, Ruiz-Grossman also disregards her own Jewish identity and Jewish history by characterizing herself and presumably all (Ashkenazi) Jews as “white.”

This is wrong and offensive. Anyone that understands Jewish history as well as the history of the entire development of the idea or construct of the “white race” should understand how that no Jew, Ashkenazi or otherwise, is “white.”

Ashkenazi Jews have been the victims of European and Western oppression and violence for centuries precisely because they were perceived as not being a part of the “white” world, beginning with the Roman colonialism of Judea and continuing through the 20th Century with arguably the worst genocide in history based on racial classification, the murder of more than 6 million, primarily Ashkenazi Jews, precisely because they were non-whites. The characterization of Jews as now somehow “white” and beneficiaries of “white privilege” is one of the main fallacies behind the relatively recent identification of some self-identified progressives with the demonization of Israel, a hateful cause to wipe off the map the world’s only Jewish state and to once again destroy the indigenous homeland of the Jewish people.

This is not merely a semantic issue. Jews are not “white.” We are a tribal people from the Levant. Many of our people were forcibly exiled out of and into other nations, including in Europe, where we were taken in chains and often subjected to brutal and oppressive institutional racism based on our ethnicity, tribal affiliation, culture and faith. For thousands of years, including nearly 2000 years where the majority of the Jewish people lived without the protection or comfort of having a Jewish homeland, we still maintained our indigenous culture, passing on from generation to generation our traditions, our language, and our sacred texts, all of which are entirely based on our indigenous tribal faith and affiliation. To call us “white,” when the notion of a “white” race was created by indigenous Europeans as a basis for supporting the “White Man’s Burden” and European imperialism, which certainly persecuted and oppressed Jews, in addition to numerous other non-Europeans, is a gross travesty and distortion.

No one that wants to end anti-Semitism and to fight against bigotry and racism should be claiming that Jews are “white.” People who try to depict or describe Jews as “white” are (albeit likely unintentionally) nullifying Jewish history and identity, and they are (again albeit likely unintentionally) essentially supporting Western imperialism, or at least it’s cultural imperialism, by imposing an artificial European creation (of a “White people”) on Jews — who regardless of our shade or whether we are Ashkenazi, Sephardic, or Mizrahi — are genetic brothers and sisters who have more in common genetically with each other than with most ethnic Europeans or “whites.”

Read that last paragraph again. Same anti-White Jew narrative, yet another form. This is the ordinary Jew-sixpack’s take on the weaponized double-talk produced by more subtle, polished Jews, though his point about genetics is something none of them would be foolish enough to mention.
Only force rules. Force is the first law - Adolf H. Man has become great through struggle - Adolf H. Strength lies not in defense but in attack - Adolf H.


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