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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Thumbnail Race-PoliticsHistory in US

[from Trainspotter at]

I’ve witnessed part of this process myself, and the rest I’ve learned in study. In America, the idea that whites had a right to protect themselves as a people pretty much died around 1968. Up until that time, even outright segregationist candidates were running...and winning, at least in some parts of the country. But after that, explicit advocacy of white interests ended. What followed was a lot of talking in code, appealing to whites without calling them whites. This did indeed work for awhile, and it allowed the Republicans to transform a solid Democratic South into a solid Republican region (that is now filling up with non-whites - and Democrats -with breathtaking speed). So sure, it did win a lot of elections, but it lost us our country.

Eventually, people begin to believe the propaganda, and they no longer understand the code. The adult electorate of the 1970’s and 80’s had grown up in a world of fairly explicit racial consciousness. They were the ones that were receptive to the “code.”

But now, the code is gone. The sons and daughters of those voters do not know the code. They do not care about it, and in fact were taught that any racial consciousness on the part of whites was evil. The result? A quick look at the video documenting Jamie Kelso’s experience with young “conservative” activists tells the tale. These kids have been entirely deracinated (though there is a glimmer of hope, perhaps, in a couple). They are ready to give up their country in a heartbeat, to any and all comers. Miscegenation? That’s fine too -one particularly creepy guy seemed quite proud to bring that issue up.

Their worldview, their supposedly “conservative” worldview, is actually further to the left than many campus radicals of the 60’s. The “conservative” ideas are straight out of the Frankfurt School, something that likely none of them have even heard of.

That video is where it ends - “conservatives” utterly indifferent to their own dispossession, feeling no empathy for their kinsmen.


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