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Old October 24th, 2014 #41
Sturmmann Batbaianov
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Sturmmann Batbaianov

Englisc, this is total manipulation of facts just to suit your anti-"nazi" stance.

btw about the average american being twice as rich as the average german... Yesterday me and George ate averegely 5 steaks each. I ate 9 and he ate 1.
Old August 15th, 2015 #42
Ian Smith son
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Ian Smith son

The Vatican Bank and Nazi Gold: A Scandal Unsolved

In 2013, Pope Francis publicly stated he'd get to the bottom of several scandals plaguing the Catholic Church.

Despite the pontiff's investigation, one scandal remains shrouded in mystery: that of the Vatican Bank and Nazi gold.

You see, some bits of evidence suggest the Vatican collaborated with Nazi party members responsible for plundering Jewish citizens' gold during World War II. But other evidence casts doubt on the extent

of the Catholic Church's direct participation in Nazi activities.

The Holy See has long denied any sort of affiliation between the Church and the Third Reich ever existed. Still, limited independent research into a possible connection has been conducted by several

agencies, including the U.S. Treasury.

"During and after World War II, was the Vatican bank a witting or unwitting accomplice of Nazi collaborators known as Ustashi who made their way from a seminary in Rome to safe havens in South

America?" The National Catholic Review asked July 15.

"Did the Vatican bank profit as a result of payments received from these Nazi collaborators who were known as the Ustashi? If we were to follow the Ustashi money, where would the trail lead?"

There's limited evidence with which to answer these questions. We'll let you decide for yourself…
The Vatican Bank and Nazi Gold: A Scandal Unsolved

Rome, Vatican City
Old November 20th, 2019 #43
alex revision
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alex revision

A more in depth look at National Socialism and its usury free economy!

Also you can read how the greatest usury free economy the world has ever seen was created, follow the link below.


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