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Karl Radl
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Karl Radl
Default Its the Jews Stupid: A Response to Gavin McInnes

Its the Jews Stupid: A Response to Gavin McInnes

I meant to write a response to the generally unfunny aging hipster's article – he is otherwise known as Gavin McInnes - 'I Hate the Comments Here' at Takimag a couple of days ago. (1) Unfortunately a bout of rather nasty flu foiled my timing. So as a belated two fingered salute to one of Takimag's least favourite contributors, at least according to the commentariat there anyway, I thought I'd go through his little argument about the jews and why criticism of them is evil.

Before I do it is just worth noting that McInnes is that much of an Israel Firster that he can't even entertain the question of why on earth the United States would want to send billions upon billions dollars every year to an ostensibly highly developed country. Since Gavin doesn't bother to reference what he claims: I won't either. I am of course naturally to provide references if people want them, but hey I am a grown up and considerably younger than fifty.

So to begin.

'Every time I hear commenters talk about the Jewish problem on this site, I hear “Da Jews” the same way they say “Da Bears” in that SNL skit.'

Right so off the bat lets try and create false equivalency with a comedy sketch to try and belittle and marginalize the 'other' (i.e. anyone who doesn't believe the sun shines out the kosher nation's behind). So Gav if I started out by saying you remind me of John Stewart skit about 'conservatives': does that make you feel any better?

At least Stewart is funny... sometimes.

Oh wait sorry... is that my European sense of humour showing or is it just the fact that the implied references to your still being 'hip' are just so passe?

'Sure, you can convince me that today’s strain of politically correct fascism has its roots in postwar Jewish Marxism.'

Well firstly it has nothing to do with fascism bub. Fascism is a specific socio-economic system. It has nothing to do with modern political correctness other than being favourite insult of the politically correct against well... anybody they disagree with.

You want to know where that comes from Gav?

Try the Communist International. They were labeling non-revolutionary/orthodox Marxists (i.e. Social Democrats) as 'social fascists' in the 1920s. A trend which became mainstream method of labeling anything remotely right wing during the Second World War. This then gained popularity again in the 1960s/1970s in the anglophone world having never gone out of fashion among French, German, Spanish and Italian speaking parts of the world in the meantime.

Secondly it has nothing to do with 'convincing you' Gav. You are not the arbiter of reality nor very important, but rather a painful cyst on the anus of the GOP establishment that the Alt Right like to poke in order to see what comes out.

When it comes down to it: you are a fifty year old guy with tattoos who makes a fairly precarious living as a shock jock.

Edgy huh? Well tell you what Gav: if you want to shock people and see, as Voltaire said, who you 'cannot criticize' then just criticize the jews.

Sure they aren't powerful or anything: so what are you afraid of?

Oh wait... didn't Ann Coulter make that mistake a couple of times last year?


'I’d even concede that the impetus was some kind of societal sabotage to prevent white males from feeling so good about themselves that they start another Nazi party. However, that was then and this is now.'

Right: so there is no historical continuity between the origin of the thing and the thing itself. So why is that or is that as far as your demi-educated mind goes?

'Today the fascists shutting down talks and getting people fired are white.'

I didn't know Muslims, the Black Panthers and so forth were majority white. Clearly you believe in racial fluidity too Gav. I am sure the Social Justice Warriors will welcome you with open arms.

More importantly: how did you come to this startling conclusion?

Also Gav given how disproportionately jews are represented among the university student body (look up the statistics for goodness sake). One has to wonder: how many of these so-called 'white fascists' are actually 'jewish fascists'?

Any facts, figures or even a guestimate Gav?

Didn't think so.

'They’re also primarily women and LGBT and mixed race,'

Hang on. I thought the 'fascists shutting down talks' were 'white' not 'mixed race'?

Get your shit straight Gav. They can't be white and mixed race. Or are they racially fluid again?

Also one notes that women are circa half of the population and LGBT is (now) a random label that anyone can assign to/unassign from themselves. Hence we have next to idea how many LGBT types there are really in the population at the present time.

However aside from that: what you are doing here Gav is using the 'we are all human' craziness. Yes all the 'white fascists' are humans but not reptiles, but it doesn't mean that their humanity is not a causative agent. However when so large a number appear to come from the same two to three percent of the American population as the people who, as you've already admitted, pushed the original positions from whence these so-called 'white fascists' get their ideological inspiration.

'But the Jews are on both sides of the battle.'

There were also prominent stridently anti-communist jews in the 1950s, such as Isaac Don Levine and Sam Cohn, but that doesn't impact whether or not jews were consistently significantly overrepresented among the highest echelons of left-wing movements in the 1950s. Does it?

'Just last week we had yarmulke-wearing Joel Pollak pitted against yarmulke-wearing Ben Shapiro. Both are ardent supporters of Israel, but Joel likes Trump and Ben hates his guts.'

Well that's a argumental straw man if ever I saw one. I don't think anyone has ever claimed that the jews are the Borg... well other than you that is.

'The so-called Jew-run media'

There is no 'so-called' here Gav.

If Muslims owned most of the television networks and film studios in the United States and continually recycled shows and documentaries that promoted Islam and Islamic interests. Then I don't think you'd be attaching the 'so-called' qualifier to your statement.

For goodness sake if two/three percent of a population happen to own the majority of television networks and film studios in one country, which then put out material obsessed with their pet issues and interests (i.e. the 'Holocaust', anti-Semitism, minority rights etc). Then it is fairly obvious and demonstrable that there is a direct link between the ownership and the narrative these organizations trying to shape, which in turns necessarily suggests a Machiavellian element to the situation.

This isn't rocket science or perhaps elderly hipsters have issues with learning new things?

'Despise Trump despite his daughter (and hence his grandchildren) being Orthodox Jews.'

Well firstly his daughter is a convert to Orthodox Judaism and his children are not strictly speaking jews halakhically speaking. They are the descendents of a maternal convert - remember jewishness is defined by the mother's status Gav - and as such are forbidden – halakhically speaking – from marrying jews of superior background, such as Kohanim, Levites and depending on the rigor Israelites (those born to a jewish mother), and are broadly considered sub-human (i.e. a perfect [read: jewish] soul born in an inferior [read: non-jewish] body). It is also rather doubtful if their conversions would satisfy the notoriously strict and anti-gentile Orthodox rabbinate in Israel, which governs these things.

So Donald's grandchildren are not exactly 'a reason for voting for him' for goodness sake.

Maybe you should consult Jacob Neusner, the doyen of modern jewish studies, on the subject of how this works? For example see his 2004 'Making God's Word Work' if you are interested in getting your head out of your arse.

Secondly evil 'anti-Semites' like myself are well aware – although you apparently aren't – that jews can disagree with each other. After all the jews aren't the Borg however much you appear to think they are.

Put the Star Trek DVDs down Gav... We don't want to hurt you. It is for your own good.

'The modern Jewish experience is in the middle of a diaspora all its own.'

What on earth does this even mean? Have Titus, Hadrian and Trajan been reincarnated and launched a new scorched earth policy in Palestine?

'The “Jew York Times,” as you people call it, is way more inviting to Islam than everyone but Al Jazeera.'

Yes and? It also consistently distorts and covers up things for Israel as well as being owned and published by a jew named Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr.

There is also such a thing as 'Liberal Zionism' you know Gav.

'If the Sharia law the Times fawns over were ever to be implemented, Pinch would be gone in a pinch.'

As it would under the implementation of Halakhah.

Oh wait... that Sharia is but an imitation of Halakhah hasn't occurred to your pea brain: has it?

'You can’t get much more pro-Islam than these indoctrinated Marxist college students,'

And you can't get much more pro-Israel than the various and nefarious indoctrinated conservative college students.

'And there is no way on earth they’d allow a pro-Israel speaker on their campus.'

Yes and? You necessarily think on that basis jews must be pro-Israel or they aren't jewish, which is incidentally the assumption behind Revisionist Zionism (which loathes you since you aren't jewish by the way Gav).

Also would these same people allow an anti-Semitic (as in the academic definition not the one that Israel likes to push) speaker on campus?

Hell no.

'We recently had Liberty GB’s Paul Weston and Jack Buckby (or as the U.K. antifa mob calls them, “Posh Spice and Scary Spice”) tour North America giving talks about the dangers of Islam.'

Yes and? Both of whom are very keen to apologize for Israel and place jewish interests at their the heart of their campaign.

I fail to see the point unless you also want to talk about how the radical right – your supposed erstwhile allies against Islam by the way – get routinely arrested for saying things that jews don't like. Oh and who pushed, and continues to push, 'hate speech' laws on democracies Gav?

For example do Garron Heim, Jack Sen and Ursula Haverbeck spring to mind?

I'll give you a hint Gav. It isn't Muslims who are the principle architects of the 'hate crime' laws, because Muslims don't have a few dozen well-funded and professionally staffed organizations that are dedicated to stomping out criticism and making sure only their voice is heard.

What organizational infrastructure they have is maybe two-three decades old, which makes it about as effective as a chocolate tea cup. When compared to the corresponding jewish organizational infrastructure, which has existed since the early twentieth century and in some cases the late nineteenth century.

'In Toronto, white goyim tried to shut the talks down as security from the Jewish Defense League pounded the crap out of the protesters every time the cops weren’t looking.'

See Gav this is where you just look either plain dumb or are knowingly misrepresenting your case.


Well other than absurdly assuming that the protesters were automatically 'white goyim'. Since as we know someone cannot be both anti-Israel and jewish in your weird and whacky view of the world.

You don't seem to realize that the Jewish Defense League (hereafter JDL) – an organization that has incidentally long been associated with domestic terrorism in both the United States and Israel – follows an ideology called Kach. Kach is the byproduct of the gentile-hating mind of Rabbi Meir Kahane.

The JDL hates your guts because you are not jewish Gav, but is happy to work with Israel First supporters such as yourself, Paul Weston and Jack Buckby. Since you are suitable servants to jewish interests and as such are in harmony with what they want.

'You can’t moan about a conspiracy when there’s so much infighting your enemy doesn’t have time for you.'

Well they clearly do Gav, because – as I've already pointed out - if they didn't then why would they be passing and using 'hate crime' laws in Europe and Canada as well as pushing them onto the United States.

Oh and why do you assume it is a 'conspiracy'?

Oh wait... so if I say that your opposition to Islam is you believing in a conspiracy and your 'enemy doesn't have time for you' – when was the last time Islamic State, Salafist Muslims and/or Hezbollah targeted you - then does that make you wrong?

'Even if the Jews were unified against you, what are you whining about?'

Who is whining? That's in your head not ours.

Criticism isn't whining.

After all if criticism equates whining then doesn't that mean that your criticisms of Islam and feminists is just the same kind of impotent whining?

Why yes it does.

'I’ll never forget Jared Taylor talking about the “Jews in your sandwich” mentality where you see them everywhere and it becomes a crutch. He pointed out that we criticize blacks for blaming the white man for all their problems and then turn around and blame the Jews for all our problems. “It gets to the point,” he said in that strange old-timey English usually reserved from 1940s movies, “where if it rains on your birthday, you blame it on the Jews.”'

Oh edgy. You bring up Jared Taylor, but it is worth pointing out that Taylor's point is not the same as yours.

Taylor is saying that seeing jewish influence behind your spilling your skinny hazelnut latte on your jeans is absurd. However identifying and criticizing jewish ethnic and Israel First networks is not 'seeing them everywhere', but rather seeing them where they are and for what they are.

Incidentally Gav: if were were to apply that analogy to you. Then it would mean that even though you have a 'Jew in your sandwich'. You are absolutely insistent about identifying it as a 'Feminist in your sandwich', which means you are consistently misidentifying what is in your sandwich.

Oh and by the way: if we have 'Jews in our sandwich' then by the very same logic Gav. You have 'Liberals in your sandwich' and you see them everywhere.

Couldn't you apply your quote from Taylor to that same scenario?

Why yes you could.

My, my... aren't you a fifty year old self-described genius.

Ta ta Gav.




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