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Old January 21st, 2017 #301
Dan Hadaway
Join Date: Jun 2010
Posts: 3,402
Dan Hadaway

Those websites didn't work. At best I got a message saying the phone number was already used. Thanks though. So, I just bought a burner.

But apparently some transfaggot got me banned for saying the following:

See, I don't know what *it* is. *It* doesn't look like a woman and *it* doesn't look like a man either.

bcuz I don't sit here refreshing the page all day long in hopes some faggot will respond.

@latentexistence @MissMacSee Actually, that's not what I said. Learn to read faggot.

But, what does one really expect from someone who has chopped off their testicles? I wasn't even being all that brutal either. I thought I was being rather respectful all things considered.

One thing about the banning process, is that I didn't know which post was the one that did it until I called up. The moderator wouldn't tell me.


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