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Nikola Bijeliti
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Nikola Bijeliti
Default A Birthday Song for Adolf Hitler

Since today is Adolf Hitler's birthday, I came up with the following song to honor him.

Away in the Ostmark, on Deutschland's doorstep,
The little Adolf Hitler lay down his sweet head.
With Germany's troubles a-coming real soon,
The little Adopf Hitler, asleep in his room.

The sun is now rising, the baby awakes,
But little Adolf Hitler no crying he makes.
All the evils of this world he will one day see,
The little Adolf Hitler, our Fuehrer-to-be.

Be near us, our Fuehrer, we ask you to stay
Close by us forever, and lead us the way.
I love you, my Fuehrer; look down from Valhalla
And lead us to victory against the Pantalla.

Weg in der Ostmark, in Braunau am Inn,
Der kleine Adolf Hitler legt seinen Kopf hin.
Mit Deutschland nähert sich der dunkelste Winter,
Der kleine Adolf Hitler, schlafend in seinem Zimmer.

Die Sonne geht jetzt auf, das Baby erwacht,
Aber kleiner Adolf Hitler noch kein Weinen macht.
Alle Übel dieser Welt wird er eines Tages sehen,
Der kleine Adolf Hitler, zur Führung wird gehen.

Sei nahe bei uns, Führer, wir bitten dich zu bleiben
Schließen Sie sich uns für immer in unserem Leben.
Ich liebe dich, Führer; schau von Walhalla unten
Und führe uns zum Sieg gegen die bösen Juden.

I plan to use this song, in both its English and German versions, in a novel that will be published on April 20, 2019, Adolf Hitler's 130th birthday. However, German is not my first language, so the German lyrics may contain some errors or awkward phrasing. So I am asking any native German speaker, or high-level German speaker, who reads this to correct or improve the German lyrics. You may also make minor changes to the English lyrics to make the two correspond better, so long as the spirit of the original is maintained. Both the English version and the German version must rhyme and scan.

I am making the following offer: If I use your improved lyrics, or something substantially similar, in the novel, I will give you a free copy of the novel, in your choice of either electronic or paperback form, including free shipping, when the novel comes out next year.


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