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Talking Janet Jackson video with many ugly groids


In hip hop videos groids always try to act cool and especially Negro females in their music clips wear a lot of make-up , sometimes even using skin-lightener, have their hair straightened and sometimes even dyed blonde . . . You know what I mean.


. . . how 'bout beholding some real Negroes , without any artificial additions . . .?

Groids are among the most loathful beings on the planet . . .how 'bout seeing some real ones?

This video by Janet Jackson ( sister of . . .


. . features a lot of groids "in their natural looks".

. . and those are the creatures millions of our people hop into bed with every day ?

( tbh , sometimes I couldn't tell the difference between whether there was a Negro shown in the video or a gorilla . . .)
Don't know what motivated Janet to do such a video yet . . nowhere else (except maybe Africa ) would one see so many repugnant groids drawn together , I suppose . .

Watch the video and have fun


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