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Old March 20th, 2019 #1
Morituri te salutant
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Default What do you think about 'popular sports' ?

. . just wondering how you boys 'n bitches ( sry , was just looking for an 'alliteration' , lol . . .) feel about the 'popular sports business /entertainment'.

Football ,baseball etc . . .

My own opinion . . .

. . what might have started as 'good leisure time activity' , today is , like virtually all other things the NWO monopolizes , a million dollar business entertainment.

Apart from the fact that groids are often 'held up' as superheroes in our 'popular sports'.

With the NWO in it, as always : commercialize something , use it for your own purposes.

. . make bucks out of it ,use it for your agenda.

Make it a firm.

On who invented certain sports . . .

It is said that 'American football' is based on English rugby.

Football itself (soccer) was , believe it or not , invented by the Chinese . . . it found its way to Europe . . . even though in ancient times soccer must have looked different than what it is today , lol ( at least from the makeup . . .)

Like I said , groids , for example , are often promoted in 'popular sports' today.

Also ,countries of other races are often held up high in certain sports ( like Brazilians , for example , in soccer. )

How do you view pop. sports ?

Did they ever matter to you?

And what do you say to the NWO-influence in it today ?

On a side note , my wife used to play soccer in a girls-team when she was a teenie and I can tell you, she can tell how exhausting popular sports can be . . .

. . these people truly have to 'give something'.

. . today , they are higher paid than ever before.

Your opinions ?

. . do we even have ex-professional sports-players here . .?
( the reason I do not post this in the general 'sports'-forum is because this question is on this subject as such , not concerning a specific topic ) . .

Also . . what do you think about the 'body-cult' many professional sports-people cherish . . . ?

lol . .

Anyone . . . ?
Old May 13th, 2019 #2
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Pro sports is staged entertainment. It's not competition.
Pro leagues were started by bookies. That philosophy and purpose has never changed. They've just perfected their showmanship over 100 years for tv.
You don't make billions by simply letting games play out naturally. They'd be boring more often then not. But on tv, games seem to come down to the final play/minute etc. Every week. That's not possible if it were real.


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