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alex revision
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alex revision
Default Faurisson Lives! The Inaugural Robert Faurisson International Prize, Vichy, France, 2019

A Story Told in 6 Chapters, (in English and French).

Three months after his death and on what would have been his 90th birthday, friends and colleagues gather from across Europe to celebrate the life and legacy of Prof. Robert Faurisson. Beginning in the mid-1970s, Prof. Faurisson overturned orthodox history of the alleged ‘Holocaust’ with its “Hitlerite industrial mass gas chambers” . His challenge to the academic establishment was met not by research and argument but by criminalisation, demonisation and violence. This film documents the Inaugural Robert Faurisson International Prize, presented in Vichy, France 2019, and incorporates unique archival interviews from Telling Films with Prof. Faurisson and other leading international figures in the Historical Revisionist movement along with their prosecuted lawyers.

Released to mark the first anniversary of the imprisonment of Ursula Haverbeck, legendary 90-year-old campaigner for historical justice and inaugural recipient of the Robert Faurisson International Prize.

Storyboard by Michèle Renouf
Assemblage totale by Tony Gamblin

Cameraman at Vichy: Tony Gamblin
Editor for Chapter 1+: Tony Gamblin
Editor for Chapters 3+4+6: Vincent Reynouard.
Editor for Chapter 2 + archival footage: Michele Renouf, Director of Telling Films.
Technician for Chapter 2 + cameraman for archival footage: Peter Rushton

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