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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default White Preservationist's Strategy: Real-Life Pro-White Community Formation

Future Opportunities for On-The-Ground/Real Life Pro-White Community Formation

2009 November 16

by White Preservationist

This post will explore strategies on how to re-found viable White communities in the USA and hopefully in other White nations too. First though, a bit of historical background.

In the last few decades, since the end of WWII (AKA World War Jew), many local and regional White communities in the USA have been thrown in to chaos and disarray due to various social, geographic, and economic dislocations. The key driver behind these chaotic and near-anarchic geographic/population shifts was the trend of increasing urbanization and suburbanization which occurred in the post-WWII era; indeed, this troubling trend still continues in the modern USA. In search of ‘better opportunities’ (meaning ‘money’ created out of thin air by centralized Jew-controlled printing-presses), unknown millions of American Whites left their locally and regionally self-sufficient traditional small towns, medium-sized towns, and rural/semi-rural communities and began to move en-masse in to various cities and suburbs. In doing this many Whites did indeed become more economically prosperous in those places, at least for a while — maybe 1-2 generations or even more. But that is all changing now as the corrupt Judeoglobalist System has begun to stagnate and unravel, or even fall apart in some areas.

What American Whites gave up in search of those ultimately shallow economic opportunities clearly hasn’t been worth it in the long run, for the advancement of future/younger generations of Whites has now begun to falter in many cases. They left behind many local/regional family and friendship connections when they immigrated to these near-anonymous cities and suburbs (which were/are often Jew-engineered and Jew-built), places which were and often still are nothing more than ‘holding pens’ for the increasingly ignorant and decadent masses of ‘goyim’ White American consumers who the Jews view and demean as no better than cattle to be economically exploited, Whites who work and are taxed like semi-enslaved medieval serfs to keep the increasingly fake and meaningless hyperconsumerist international Jew-economy afloat. In deracinating themselves by moving in to cities/suburbs, these Whites lost their previously built-up extended networks which were social, spiritual, economic, environmental, and above all RACIAL. Too many American Whites also increasingly lost contact with the beauty and bounties of Nature, which served to degrade their bodies as well as their souls. Because racial and economic segregation is still common due to the inborn biosocial traits of humanity, they often found themselves in urban/suburban communities with other semi-similar Whites, but they were people who they had no real connection to in any true sense aside from loose socioeconomic ones a la “Howdy neighbor!” shouted occasionally across a suburban fence. In short, too many modern Whites in the USA and elsewhere in the worldwide White diaspora have become deracinated rootless cosmopolitans just like Jews, and most Whites will likely never be able to compete with Jews on this type of level because the Jews have been living as dangerous and nomadic nation-wrecking parasites for many centuries now.


It is clear that far too many modern Whites, especially in the USA, have become disconnected entirely from their traditional cultural, geographic, and racial roots. Thus, the best strategy for the advancement of the American pro-White movement (or ‘White nationalism’ if you prefer) is to begin to rebuild local and regional networks of American Whites, to rebuild the White American tribe again after decades of deracination, rootlessness, neglect, and worst of all mass-exploitation at the hands of anti-White international Jewish plutocrats. This new White American tribe should live as disconnected as possible from the corrupt Jewish macroeconomy and other Jew-engineered and increasingly corrupt social systems such as public schools and so on.

Basically, the American pro-White/White nationalist community needs to begin to build a parallel society, local and regional/provincial communities or colonies which are similar to traditional and still ‘racinated’ White groups like the Mormons, the Amish, and some other Anabaptist groups, though of course without all of the odd religious ideas, arcane social rituals, wholesale rejection of useful modern technologies, un-modern clothing, and other group-specific eccentricities. These communities would be built upon strict pro-White/pro-European racial bonds, and people would be free to worship God or live their personal lives however they wanted — the basis of these pro-White/White nationalist communities or colonies would be our commitment to the preservation and advancement of the White race, not religion or economics or personal political views or anything else of that sort. As long as White Americans are willing to work with us toward the permanent preservation and advancement of the White race on Earth, as well as the dispossession and defeat of the anti-White international Jewish menace, then we will accept them no matter their other personal beliefs.

I envision the refounding and revitalization of thousands of American small-towns, medium-sized towns/cities, and rural or semi-rural areas filled with a communally reliant White American citizenry who are tightly connected to each other via modern high-tech communications such as the internet. Over vast geographical distances, these communities would closely cooperate and network with each other socially, economically, and politically, lending each other a helping-hand when needed. Chains of these types of pro-White and pro-American communities and colonies of varying size ought to be built which link-up to each other in all kinds of ways.

It is vital to understand that Whites worldwide must begin to become more cooperative with each other in a macro-racial sense or else we will eventually be entirely overcome by the much more ethnically/racially collective Asiatic groups who often out-compete us, groups like the Jews, Chinese, some Indians, and so on. Let us call the drive to increase White racial community cohesiveness something like ‘White cooperationism’ in order to avoid that dirty word ‘collective’ (in American parlance, anyways).

Similar to Mormons and Amish, each community would work to be as self and communally reliant as possible, growing and raising as much of their own food as they can and also locally/regionally manufacturing many of their needed consumer goods. Additionally, we would closely connect with other pro-White colonies located elsewhere for purposes of trade, defense, info-sharing, and so on. These pro-White communities would not be built to be Luddite-like neo-hippy communes, but would rather incorporate all useful modern technologies in an environmentally sustainable way.

In these pro-White colonies, White virtues such as order, discipline, the productive use of time, community cohesiveness, and other traditional sociocultural forms of the White race would thus be re-imbued within the White populace, being reactivated after the last few decades of post-WWII White racial stagnation and the ‘anything goes’ attitudes forced upon us by mass-media Jewry. The emphasis would be on pro-White localism, regionalism, and provincialism as opposed to the ‘one world’ aracial globalism which international finance Jewry is trying to force upon us and which they one day hope to become the overlords thereof.

This new idea called ‘Agriburbia‘ (also see: here, here, here, here, here, and here) is a great example of the direction pro-White community formation could take, though it isn’t actually a new idea at all but rather just a revival of traditional local/regional living patterns that have been lost in the last few decades of the chaotic urban-industrial shuffle. Basically, this is the rebuilding of villages, small towns, and/or suburbs within larger (now mostly deracinated) American towns, counties, suburbs, and communities, a ‘town within a town’ basically and the revival of a kind of ‘neo-agrarian’ lifestyle with the retention of all useful labor-saving technologies. Or, if new construction is not warranted, various communities, towns, villages, and suburbs can always be carefully and intelligently rebuilt or retrofitted to fit these plans. This is also much better for the environment and local ecology rather than endless amounts of anarchic and anonymous urban/suburban sprawl.

Rural/semi-rural areas along with small and medium-sized villages, towns, and even some cities need to be reactivated via local/regional agriculture and ranching along with small-scale manufacturing. For example, each village or town ought to contain and put aside enough surrounding land for agriculture and livestock ranching to supply most (but likely not all) of their food needs; then local small or medium-scale manufacturing should also be re-established with the intent to build a new class of explicitly pro-White engineers, industrial scientists, craftspeople, etc. The goal of this is to begin to disconnect ourselves from the corrupt, unstable, and increasingly stagnant international Jew-run economy by supplying ourselves with most of our own material needs in a local and regional sense instead of continuing to rely on slave-driving Asian mass-manufacturers and their international Jewish middlemen to supply our basic needs.

It must be noted here, and this is an extremely important point, that the main goal of the anti-White international Jewish plutocracy is ruthless communistic centralization of money, production, and power — thus the way to defeat them is through an equally ruthless de-centralization of money, production, and power. The most obvious examples of Jewish centralization is the way in which modern American food production has been mostly centralized in disgusting and inhumane factory-farms (which are so often owned and managed by greedy and inhumane Jews), or the way in which money is printed out of thin-air in centralized Jew-run money-factories in Washington DC and elsewhere or, even worse, no printing or monetary tracking is done at all…fake computer ‘money’ is simply transferred from a Federal government computer to a computer at a Jew-run investment or commercial bank — truly sickening stuff. Also, the very heavily centralized Jew-owned American mass-media (TV, movies, newspapers, etc) is another obvious example of how Jewish hypercentralization has corrupted and undermined traditional American life and White racial norms.

After we have begun to supply most of our basic material needs, the local children and young people need to be withdrawn from the corrupt, Soviet-esque public schools and educated correctly, while White Americans in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and so on can also be properly re-educated if they want to join our pro-White communities (though not in a Stalinistic way of course). Cable TV, Hollywood movies, the Jew-owned mass-media in general, along with other nefarious and externally corrupting Jewish influences need to be completely banned from these pro-White communities; we will recreate our own venues for entertainment and cultural enrichment just as our White American ancestors did in the past. Also, other aspects of traditional America and White/European culture will be rebuilt — gender roles will return to being more patriarchal as in the past; overconsumption of alcohol and rampant drug use will be severely frowned upon; sloppy hygiene and obesity will be ridiculed until it is remedied; gutter cosmopolitan lifestyles related to endless partying, sexual promiscuity, personal irresponsibility, and so forth will be punished. Conversely, true hard work and dedication to the White race will be profusely rewarded.

In education, we should favor a tripartite system, educating children and other young people in (1) combative warrior values for pro-White communal defense, bodily exercise, and ample contact with Nature; (2) necessary and practical skills such as agriculture, livestock ranching, local/regional manufacturing, engineering, construction, electrical work, carpentry, useful crafts, medicine, and so on; (3) helpful and constructive forms of deep intellectual or artistic study in rhetoric, politics, philosophy, the arts, pro-White/anti-Jewish economics, psychology, and so forth. While they are young, White Americans must be immersed in all three of those aforementioned fields (the martial, the practical, and the theoretical) as much as possible, though certainly some people will eventually specialize in and gravitate toward one of those areas over the other…this is natural and to be expected. Through many years of community observation, the most elite White Americans will then be coaxed or funneled in to attending specialized and elite pro-White academies for future White American leaders; this includes high-school all the way up through college and even beyond. We can then send some of them off to the Ivy League and other prominent American colleges/unis in order to take them back from the hostile anti-White far-left kikes who have hijacked them the last few decades; whilst there they will likely also come across other elite White Americans who they can attempt to recruit to our side.

Each of these pro-White communities should have at their core very organized networks of pro-White local and regional food producers, water-supply specialists, and construction engineers/workers who create, build, and supply all of the needed material possessions which are required for the basic physical survival of the White American colonies. Local/regional community and town planners would also occupy themselves with important practical questions related to resources, geography, community layout, and aesthetics, and they would interact profusely with people in the local community for input and advice on planning the physical/geographic layout of the future and/or favorably altering the already existing one. From there, in a concentric manner, others will gather around and offer or be trained in the various specialties, skills, and occupations that are required for the adequate functioning of an ecologically sustainable and healthy local/regional White community. Of prime important also is the rebuilding of local, county-wide, regional, and statewide White militia groups, a basic American right which is fully guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. This would be accomplished sooner rather than later, and the militias will have no formal connections to the U.S. military (though that wouldn’t necessarily prevent some Whites living in these new communities to continue to serve in the military).

After the basics have been set up and the pro-White community has been solidly formed, we will then plan for long-term continuity and constant education of its members along pro-White lines, along with the acquisition of more land and resources for the formation of new pro-White colonies. Things must never remain static or allowed to stagnate, but rather we would, beginning in childhood, inculcate within everyone a strict philosophy of action and active involvement with their fellow White Americans and the community as a whole. After a sufficient number of pro-White communities and colonies have been set up, we would then move to create a new American pro-White political party (local, state, and federal) that would challenge the hegemony of the corrupt anti-White two-party system which currently reigns and also serve to bind our communities closer together in a wider sociopolitical sense.

As I mentioned above, the basis of these communities or colonies would be explicitly and implicitly pro-White above everything else, committed to the permanent preservation and advancement of the White/European race here in North America and elsewhere; for this to succeed we must do everything we can to mimic the sociological and economic patterns of the Mormons, the Amish, and other similar groups without allowing ourselves to get mired down in bizarre religious dogma, though it is a likely possibility that new pro-White/pro-European religions or belief systems will arise in due time if we can increase the cohesion of the pro-White community through constructive work, cooperation, and the building of community trust, all of which tends to often induce an almost religious type of fervor or ‘heat’ through the quickening and strengthening of the inborn racial pulse.

If we American strugglers for the future of the White/European race, we pro-White activists, we White nationalists, are ever to begin to move toward real-life/on-the-ground activity, I am increasingly convinced that we must start adopting the ‘Amish strategy’ or ‘Mormon strategy’ which I have partially laid out above (if you have better ideas, lets hear them), though without all of the odd social and religious baggage of them and other similar groups — as such, we must appear mostly mainstream on the surface to avoid being shunned by the wider White American populace. Also, we ought to let each individual pro-White community or colony develop along whatever social, economic, political, or religious lines they want as long as they first and foremost commit to being based on fervently pro-White as well as Judeoskeptical principles. We would though need to keep various pro-White extremists who might arise in check in order to avoid any kind of socially and politically damaging Waco-like scenarios.

In summation, we need to begin to openly rebuild cohesive and explicit White American communities which have been cruelly torn up by the roots in the last few decades of anarchic Jew-engineered centralization, urbanization, suburban dependency, globalism, financialization, and mass-industrialism.

I’ll definitely have a lot more to say on all these issues in the future. If you enjoyed this essay feel free to cross-post it on your own website or elsewhere on the internet just in case this here website is one day censored by the corrupt powers-that-be.


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