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Old November 18th, 2011 #1
Bread and Circuses
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Default Norman Lowell: Imperium

New Right Maltese Politician and head of Imperium Europa, speaks at a London New Right meeting, headed by Jonathan Bowden.

Only force rules. Force is the first law - Adolf H. Man has become great through struggle - Adolf H. Strength lies not in defense but in attack - Adolf H.
Old November 18th, 2011 #2
Thomas de Aynesworth
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Norman has such a crazy voice, I love it.
Old November 18th, 2011 #3
Karl Lueger
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Karl Lueger

Imperium Europa is a great book
and his vids always worth watching..
"To survive a war, you gotta become war."

Rambo, John J.
Old January 1st, 2012 #4
Norman Lowell
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Norman Lowell
Default 2012: Anno Zero!

Behold: The Golden Dawn.
2012: Ushering the Age of Kritayuga.
The Age of the White Man, as predicted in the Sacred Books.

A transition: from this Jewish world of treachery and deceit:
We enter an Aryan Age of Harmony, Beauty and ever Higher Forms of Life.
Aryan Order supplants Jewish Chaos.

In December 2012, on a specific day and hour, at a Sacred Spot:
The mightiest Imperium of all time will be launched from Malta.
This Sacred Island, destined to immortal greatness.

Nothing, but nothing can stop this IDEA.
A spark that will burst into a flame, which will set Europe ablaze.
Imperium Europa!

2012: Anno Zero!
Old April 2nd, 2012 #6
Yevgeny Morozov
sick & tired of deadbeats
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Yevgeny Morozov

He's both a very interesting and unorthodox thinker, advocate and activist, who seems to know his languages and is apparently a talented orator. It's also fascinating to hear someone, who appears to be of English ancestry, eloquently speak a distinguished form of upper class English with a Italian-sounding accent, or intonation.

Naturally, I haven't heard of him --- which in itself isn't a bad thing, meaning the Jew doesn't 'care much' for him (to put it sarcastically gently) --- until I came across this thread on this excellent forum. On YouTube I just also just saw a video, with a speech about food with Europe as one of the foremost producers and distributors in and with relation to the rest of the world; I hadn't looked at it like this, nor really ever truly realized it, very interesting!
The "the White Nationalist movement" and its "leaders" are a joke ... on Whites. | Donating to deadbeats is the equivalent of nigger handouts. | What's the difference between the Shoah business and the White Nationalism? Reach and shekel flow.
Old April 2nd, 2012 #7
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Lowell is my favorite aristocrat.
Old June 10th, 2012 #8
Norman Lowell
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Norman Lowell
Default Declaration of White Man’s Inalienable Rights


Declaration of White Man’s Inalienable Rights

The Declaration

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that Europids, being born biologically and genetically related, are endowed by nature with certain inalienable rights: the right to human preference, belonging and a structured society free from liberalism, decadence and multiculturalism of modern, Western society.

We, Imperium Europa – the sole true representatives and protectors of the aspiration of native European peoples – do solemnly declare our rejection of the Evangelical religious moralism underpinning the aforementioned forms of politics.

We furthermore insist that Our True Nature – the truth of which is grounded in the scientific fact of Our biological, genetic and psychological uniqueness – replace the naïve, Evangelical dogma which seeks to treat all of mankind as a universal brotherhood whose preferences, values and differences are irrelevant.

We of Imperium Europa have this messianic certainty that We shall change everything.

The White Man’s Spirituality, Culture, Politics, Race and Territory shall once again be elevated to their rightful place, and that all other Dominium policies will follow, thus restoring their natural order.

Norman Lowell
The Sacred Island of Melita
8th June 2012
Old June 18th, 2012 #9
Soldatul Vostru
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So I got asked to join this group on Facebook called "Eurosiberia." I joined, yesterday, then I noticed a post of the Jew Michael Savage, whose real surname is Weiner. I left a comment: "He's a filthy Jew...and his real surname is Weiner."

This morning I get a message from the group's starter which said: "Anti-Jewish rants are not allowed in Eurosiberia."

I also noticed a new post in that group which linked to, and he was saying why we should distance ourselves from Norman Lowell -- reason being Norman was not only naming the Jew, but calling it what it is, rodents, and the like.

“We are all trying to understand what’s wrong with the white man,” he said, adding that it is important to understand the problem because that will dictate the solution: “If your understanding of the problem is wrong, you are going to waste a lot of arrows.” - Dr. David Yeagley

"Exactly! - We must understand what is wrong with the White Man.
We must understand who the real Enemy is -
Who has brought us to this predicament, facing Racial Extinction.

And behind it all, behind all our dissatisfaction, desolation, despondency and despair -
lies the JEW! - Those Rodents who vowed to destroy us, 2000 years ago.
It is Them that We have to put firmly in their place.

Otherwise, "We will be wasting arrows" - for all the visible attacks on us, are mere tentacles.
Tentacles of that Black Octopus, clutching the whole world - that malevolent Tribe.
Those who hate us with an implacable, insatiable Hatred for all Time.

Imperium Europa will soon be launched from this Sacred Island of Melitae.
It will implement All the policies expounded in this Conference.
IE: the only Way Forward to the salvation of the White Race, our High Culture and Civilisation."

So yeah, don't bother with this "Eurosiberia" group. I left the group, and "unfriended" one Constantine Von Hoffmeister.
Old September 12th, 2012 #10
Norman Lowell
Junior Member
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Norman Lowell
Default IMPERIUM EUROPA - On Line Store

Autographed Photos

Visit our On Line Store and help Imperium Europa in our struggle.

2012: Anno Zero!
Old October 8th, 2012 #11
Norman Lowell
Junior Member
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Norman Lowell
Default Lowell Speaks at New Right Conference in London 2012

New Right Conference
Sept 29th 2012

Lowell Speaks

The Banner for the White Race

Old November 3rd, 2012 #12
Bruce Howard
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Default Norman Lowell at the New Right Conference in London 8th September,2007

Norman Lowell, has a unique skill, in communicating ideas and concepts, surpassing even the late Jonathan Bowden in his ability to influence his audience, with clarity and does so better than any other European racialist, in my opinion.

Old December 27th, 2012 #13
Norman Lowell
Junior Member
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Norman Lowell
Default Imperium europa launched

On that momentous day, this December 2012:
On The Sacred Island of Melita:

At a Sacred Space, a Sacred Site, a Solar Temple:
Pre-Christian, thousands of years old –
High ground greeting the Rising Sun – Mystical Aura.

12 kindred Spirits, the best of the White Race:
convened with unity of purpose: saving The Sacred Gene Pool.
A Spiritual Transfiguration that will change Everything!

Formed aeons ago, as a vaporous state: HE-SHE.
Gradually morphed into a Biological Aristocracy:
Europids: The Sons of the Aryan God.

In Eternal Combat with that Satanic Spirit -
The physical incarnation, creation of the Demiurge:
The Jews.

A Glorious Future for us Europids, is now ushered:
Kritayuga: The Golden Dawn.
Lords of the Planet, the Solar System and the Beyond.

Hail The Imperium!
Hail Imperium Europae!
Hail The White Race!


2012: Anno Zero!
Old January 1st, 2013 #14
Norman Lowell
Junior Member
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Norman Lowell
Default Nova europa

March Of The Titans - A History Of The White Race

NOVA EUROPA indeed, is the solution to the White Man's decline and imminent extinction.
NOVA EUROPA, a formidable group replacing the AENM in Brussels.

An Imperium of Regions and Peoples.
Where each Region will take the necessary steps, whatever they are to cleanse itself from non-Europids.
And as each Region flushes out the aliens, NOVA EUROPA morphs into IMPERIUM.

A planetary Imperium: two White rings North & South of the Equator.
An Imperium for Europids only - and none else.
Every Region, wherever it may be, will become a Heartland for Whites.

The Key to all this are the EU, MEP Elections in 0002 of The Golden Dawn.
This is the 'one shot' that the White Man must not miss.
Our Destiny as a Race, depends on it.

in reply to:

Arthur Kemp's Blog: Demographics, Destiny and European Survival Strategies


The last day of 2012: Anno Zero!
Tomorrow starts the New Era of The Golden Dawn:

The Future is Ours!

The Golden Dawn
Old February 12th, 2013 #15
Norman Lowell
Junior Member
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Norman Lowell
Default Imperium Europa - The IDEA

The concept of Imperium explained.
The only way for the survival of this Biologoical Aristocracy that is the White Race.
A mere 5% of the world's population and declining fast.
Old July 20th, 2013 #16
Norman Lowell
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Norman Lowell
Default Norman Lowell Press Conference


Norman Lowell Media Conference - 19th July 2013
Old November 19th, 2013 #17
Norman Lowell
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 46
Norman Lowell
Default LOWELL & FROMM in Malta

Lowell announces Imperium Europa to contest European Parliament Elections in May 2014.

Fromm speaks of Illegal Immigration & Freedom of Speech.

1.) Norman Lowell:

2.) Paul Fromm:
Old January 1st, 2014 #18
Norman Lowell
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 46
Norman Lowell
Default Lady Renouf & Norman Lowell on Malta-Atlantis

Lady Renouf & Norman Lowell on Malta-Atlantis

The importance of Malta, this Sacred Island for Europa and the Europids.
A regeneration of our White Race can only start at the Spiritual level.
2,000 years of a Semitic religion, a morbid, disease of the mind that has nearly killed us.

We must return to our pre-Christian past - a pure belief free from the Judaic poison.
A return to an attunement with Nature - an attunement with the Cosmic Force.
We must become the conscious manifestation of the Cosmic Will.

This Spiritual regeneration started in Dec. 2012 at a Sacred Spot in Malta.
Where 12 Men, the best of the White Race, gathered and launched the Imperium -
at the exact time when the Judaic, Dark Age of Kalyuga made way to The Golden Dawn: Kritayuga.
Old November 1st, 2015 #20
Eman Cross
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Eman Cross

Norman Lowell interviewed by Vice News:


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