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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Originally Posted by JP Sedita View Post
I know when I was in the USP 1 at FCC Coleman in the B.O.P (federal max prison),
We had legitimate WN convicts affiliated with outside groups.Locked up Order members such as Richard Scutari.

We also had "White Aryan" prison gangs who were only motivated by profit.

I am a patched member of WAR (yes,TT's old outfit).
There is WAR prison group evolved from TT's white aryan resistance.Some dabble in the prison drug trade.I'm sure TT would not approved this evolution of WAR in the federal system.

They are not for race and nation.They're the Heroin Brotherhood!

I'll get to the point. USP's are very dangerous places.Infighting is handles with beatings, stabbings, and killings inhouse.
But that's prison.Us aryan guys in prison impose the same sentances on our comrades as we would a member of Paisa or black muslim groups

So you would say that there is NO Aryan Brotherhood (or AB-spinoff) group that is genuinely pro-white? And that goes for all the individuals who belong to those groups? They are purely drug gangs, and see themselves that way? And are seen that way by others? So the jewish media presentation is 100% garbage, that these are at least somewhat racist to mainly race-driven with a side dish of drugs?

jewed thread


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