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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Frequently Repeated Lies About National Socialism / National Socialists

[Frequently repeated lie: Hitler snubbed Jessie Owens]

‘On reports that Hitler had deliberately avoided acknowledging his victories, and had refused to shake his hand, Owens said at the time:

“Hitler had a certain time to come to the stadium and a certain time to leave”. “It happened he had to leave before the victory ceremony after the 100 meters. But before he left I was on my way to a broadcast and passed near his box. He waved at me and I waved back. I think it was ‘bad taste’ to criticize the man of the hour in another country”.[12]


Owens said, “Hitler didn’t snub me – it was FDR who snubbed me. The president didn’t even send me a telegram.”[14] On the other hand, Hitler sent Owens a commemorative inscribed cabinet photograph of himself.[15]
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

[from David Irving]

Years ago I interviewed Edward Teller at Stanford for Penthouse magazine. I think the lengthy taped interview is lost in my archives that were seized in 2002. Perhaps Peter Longerich will now do a biography on him.

I teased Edward Teller with what the Nobel prize winner Werner Heisenberg told me years earlier. I told Teller that I had had a long talk with Heisenberg, which ranged across his whole career; that Heisenberg was delighted not to be censured for having stayed in Germany during the Nazi era -- in fact when I asked him whether it had not damaged Nazi Germany's scientific effort that so many scientists, predominantly Jewish, had left, he said dismissively that those who had emigrated were all "second class" -- the really worthwhile men like Otto Hahn, Fritz Strassman and himself, had stayed. While still in his early twenties, he had been awarded the 1932 Nobel Prize "for the creation of quantum mechanics."

Heisenberg read through my whole manuscript [of The Virus House] in draft, which was about as expert an assessor as one could have wanted, and published a glowing half-page review of it in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

"Der Heisenberg hatte Recht," growled Teller to my surprise, in that gravelly, shaggy voice of his, and challenged me to name more than half a dozen of the émigrés who were actually good enough to work on the Manhattan Project.
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Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,453
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

More Reasons Why Jim Condit's Sources Are Wrong

By Carolyn Yeager, Dec. 16, 2012

Part 2 of "The Continuing False Statements of Jim Condit, Jr."

Condit references "Hennecke Kardel" and Dietrich Bronder's books as his proof that Adolf Hitler and his top associates were all Jews. No matter how many people tell Condit he is full of it, he won't listen and continues to insist on "his sources." He says that I, Carolyn Yeager, "NEVER ONCE gave a reason why a source of his was illegitimate." Here, I offer more correct information on 'Who is Jewish' and I'd like to see Condit prove any of it wrong.

From the Introduction to Adolf Hitler—The Founder of Israel by "Hennecke Kardel":

The reader might look unsuccessfully for a book which long ago disappeared from the market. It was an extraordinary and instructive investigation conducted by a German Jew, [there are no German Jews, only Jews who live in Germany] Dietrich Bronder, a high school teacher. Its title is: Before Hitler Came. It was printed in 1964 and is about who was who in the Hitler's apparatus: "Of Jewish descent, or being related to Jewish families were: the Leader and Reichschancelor Adolf Hitler; his representatives the Reichsminister Rudolf Hess; the Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering; the Reichsleader of the NSDAP Gregor Stressed (sic - should be Strasser), Dr. Josef Goebbels, Alfred Rosenberg, Hans Frank, Heinrich Himmler; the Reichsminister von Ribbentrop (who pledged close friendship with the famous Zionist Chaim Weizmann, the first head of the State of Israel who died in 1952); von Keudell; field commanders Globocnik (the Jewish destructor); Jordan and Wilhelm Hube (sic); the great SS-Leaders Reinhard Heydrich, Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski and von Keudell II, who also were active in the destruction of Jews. Next came Hitler's bankers and before 1933 supporters: Ritter von Stauss (Vice-president of the NS-Parliament); von Stein; the General Field Marshall and Secretary of State Milch; the Under-Secretary of State Gauss; the physicist and old Vice-president of the NS-Parliament Party members Philipp von Lenhard and Abraham Esau; the very old party-member Hanffstaengel (sic) NSDAP's newspaper Chief of Foreign Department (later on an advisor to President D.E. (sic) Roosevelt) as well as professor Haushofer."

Is any of this true? My own research revealed the following:

Was Adolf Hitler Jewish? NO. Please see my article "The Fake Legends of Adolf Hitler's Jewish Grandfather."

Was Rudolf Hess Jewish? NO. Hess was born in Alexandria, Egypt, the eldest of four children, to Fritz H. Hess, a prosperous German Lutheran importer/exporter from Bavaria, and Clara (née Münch). His mother was of Greek descent, of the Georgiadis family of Alexandria. The family lived in luxury on the Egyptian coast, near Alexandria, and visited Germany often during the summers, allowing the Hess children to learn the German language and to absorb German culture. The family moved back to Germany in 1908, where Rudolf was subsequently enrolled in boarding school in Bad Godesberg.

Was Hermann Göring Jewish? NO. Hermann Göring was born at Rosenheim, Bavaria, on January 12, 1893 (one of five siblings). His father was a German colonial official; his mother, a simple peasant girl. His godfather, Dr. von Epenstein [born Hermann Epenstein], was a half-Jew, a Christian convert, whose Castle Veldenstein was the romantic setting for Göring's boyhood. Educated at home, at boy's schools, and at officer-cadet school, Göring entered the military academy at Gross Lichterfelde, outside Berlin, in 1910. Herman Göring had a younger brother, Albert, who rumor had it was sired by von Epenstein, making Albert 1/4 Jewish. But even if the rumor, which was pure speculation, were true, it doesn’t make Goering Jewish. More on Goering:

His father was the first Governor-General of the German protectorate of South West Africa (modern-day Namibia) as well as being a former cavalry officer and member of the German consular service. He had distinguished ancestors. His mother (of all five children) was from a peasant family and his father’s second wife. Göring was named after Arminius, who defeated the Roman legions at Teutoburg Forest. Hermann Epenstein did not become Göring's godfather until Albert was born in 1895. He was a "Christian of Jewish descent." Epenstein’s father was an army surgeon in Berlin; son Hermann after WWI became a wealthy physician and businessman. In other words, he became rich and bought a minor title, becoming Hermann, Ritter von Epenstein. He purchased two old castles in Baviaria and Salzburg and renovated them. Later, the relationship cooled and the Goering family no longer lived in the castle. Epenstein married a singer half his age and bequeathed his estate to her.

Was Gregor Strasser Jewish? NO. Not a shred of evidence. Gregor Strasser and his younger brother Otto were born into the family of a Catholic judicial officer who lived in the Upper Bavarian market town of Geisenfeld. No mention of any jewish ancestry, no rumors.

Was Joseph Goebbels Jewish? NO. Goebbels was born in Rheydt, an industrial town south of Mönchengladbach on the edge of the Ruhr district in a Catholic family. His father was a factory clerk, his mother originally a farmhand. Goebbels had four siblings: Hans (1893–1947), Konrad (1895–1949), Elisabeth (1901–1915) and Maria (born 1910,). He was educated at a Christian Gymnasium, where he completed his university entrance examination in 1916. He had a deformed right leg, the result of osteomyelitis in childhood and a failed operation to correct it. Because of this, he was rejected for military service in World War I, which he bitterly resented. He did act as an "office soldier" from June to October 1917 in Rheydt's "Patriotic Help Unit."

Goebbels attended the boarding school of German Franciscan brothers in Bleijerheide, Kerkrade in the Netherlands. Gradually losing his Catholic faith, he studied literature and philosophy at the universities of Bonn, Würzburg, Freiburg and Heidelberg, where he wrote his doctoral thesis on the 18th century romantic novelist Wilhelm von Schütz. His two most influential teachers, Friedrich Gundolf and his doctoral supervisor at Heidelberg, Max Freiherr von Waldberg, were Jews. Goebbels intelligence and political astuteness were generally acknowledged even by his enemies.

The Kardel book says: Dr. Joseph Goebbels was born to Spanish-Dutch Jews and in school was called "Rabbi". His Jewish mother-in-law Friedlander lived in his household until the end of the war.

Wikipedia says: Magda Goebbels was born in 1901 in Berlin, Germany to 22-year-old Auguste Behrend, and was the acknowledged daughter of engineer Oskar Rietschel. They married later that year. Magda's mother Auguste later married a Jewish manufacturer named Richard Friedländer and moved with him to Brussels in 1908. She divorced him in 1914, but Friedlander had given his name to Magda, which she retained even after the divorce. Magda's German mother (not Jewish) also kept the name Friedlander.

Was Alfred Rosenberg Jewish? NO. Rosenberg was born in 1893 in Tallinn in Estonia (then part of the Russian Empire) to a family of Baltic Germans : his father, Waldemar Wilhelm Rosenberg was a wealthy merchant from Latvia, his mother, Elfriede, from Estonia. The young Rosenberg studied architecture in Riga and engineering at Moscow's Highest Technical School, completing his PhD studies in 1917. During the Russian Revolution of 1917 Rosenberg supported the counter-revolutionaries, The White Army; following their failure he emigrated to Germany in 1918 along with Max Scheubner-Richter who served as something of a mentor to Rosenberg and to his ideology. He arrived in Munich and contributed to Dietrich Eckert's publication, the Völkischer Beobachter (People's Observer). His first wife was Hilda Leesmann, an ethnic Estonian; his second wife was Hedwig Kramer, with whom he had two children. Neither were Jewish.

Was Hans Frank Jewish? NO. Frank was born in Karlsruhe in 1900, and his parents were Karl Frank, a lawyer, and his wife Magdalena (née Buchmaier). He had an elder brother, Karl Jr., and a younger sister, Elisabeth. During the Nuremberg military tribunal he renewed the Roman Catholic faith of his childhood and claimed to have a series of religious experiences. Frank is a German name, even though Jews have taken it up. There is a Jewish Hans J. Frank who immigrated to the U.S. from Germany in 1933. He was born in Magdeburg. He helped Jews regain their “lost” property. No relation.

Was Heinrich Himmler Jewish? NO. Heinrich Himmler was born in Munich to a Roman Catholic Bavarian middle-class family. His father was Joseph Gebhard Himmler, a secondary-school teacher and principal of the prestigious Wittelsbacher Gymnasiam. His mother was Anna Maria Himmler (maiden name Heyder), a devout Roman Catholic. He had an older brother, Gebhard Ludwig Himmler, and a younger brother, Ernst Hermann Himmler. Heinrich was named after his godfather, Prince Heinrich of Bavaria of the royal family of Bavaria, who was tutored by Gebhard Himmler. In 1910, Himmler attended Gymnasium in Landshut, where he studied classic literature.

Was Joachim von Ribbentrop Jewish? NO. Joachim von Ribbentrop was born in Wesel, Rhenis in Prussia, the son of Richard Ulrich Friedrich Joachim Ribbentrop, a career army officer, and his wife Johanne Sophie Hertwig. Ribbentrop was educated irregularly at private schools in Germany and Switzerland. From 1904 to 1908, Ribbentrop took courses in French in a school at Metz, the most powerful fortress of the German Empire.

Was Hans von Keudell Jewish? NO. He was a WW1 flying ace; no intimation anywhere that he was jewish.

Was Odilo Globocnik Jewish? NO. Odilo Globocnik was born in 1904 into a family of Slovene descent in the Imperial Free City of Trieste, in the Austro-Hungarian Empire (now in Italy). He was the second child of Franz Globocnik who served as a Habsburg cavalry lieutenant in the Austro-Hungarian army. In 1914, the family left Trieste for Cseklész where Franz Globocnik was recalled to active duty with the outbreak of World War I. Odilo and his family moved to Klagenfurt. He had to leave achool in order to help support the family financially. Globocnik first appeared in politics in 1922, when he became a prominent member of the pre-Nazi Carinthian paramilitary organizations and was seen wearing a swastika. At this time he became engaged to Grete Michner, whose father, Emil Michner, secured Globocnik a job as a technician and construction supervisor at a hydropower plant.

Was Wilhelm Hube (sic) Jewish? NO. Wilhelm Kube was born in Glogau, Prussian Silesia, and studied history, economics and theology. He was active in the Völkisch movement as a student, and was an early member of the National Socialist Party. In 1924 he was one of the first group of Nazi members elected to the Weimar Republic Reichstag. In 1928 he was appointed Gauleiter of Brandenburg and speaker of the tiny Nazi party faction (6 seats) in the Prussian Landtag. Kube remained an active Christian despite being a zealous National Socialist, and in 1932 he organised the list of candidates of the Faith Movement of the German Christians for the ordinary election of presbyters and synodals within the Evangelical Church of the old-Prussian Union. In 1936 it was claimed in an anonymous letter that Party Judge Walter Buch, the father-in-law of Martin Bormann, was married to a half-Jew. In the course of a Gestapo investigation it came to light that the letter had been written by Kube, whom Buch had investigated owing to concerns over his private life and his leadership style in the Gau. Buch saw to it that Kube was removed from all his posts. Only on Hitler's orders was he allowed to remain a Gauleiter, albeit without his own Gau.

Was Reinhard Heydrich Jewish? NO. He was born into a well-to-do Catholic family. Music was a part of Heydrich's everyday life; his father was an opera singer as well as the founder of the Halle Conservatory of Music. Heydrich developed a passion for the violin, which he carried into his adult life, and he impressed listeners with his musical talent. His father was a German nationalist who instilled patriotic ideas in the minds of his three children. Wilhelm Canaris, who became good friends with Heydrich and his wife, said he had obtained photocopies proving Heydrich's Jewish ancestry, but these photocopies have never surfaced. In 1932, a number of Heydrich's enemies had discovered the old rumours of his possible Jewish ancestry and began to spread them around. Henry Makow, a Jew himself, writes that Heydrich was part Jewish but without the slightest proof, as usual.

Was (General) Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski Jewish? NO. He was born to Otto Jan Józefat von Zelewski, a Roman Catholic, and his Lutheran wife Elżbieta Ewelina Szymańska (written in German - Schimansky). Born Erich Julius Eberhard von Zelewski, he legally added "von dem Bach" to the family name late in the 1933. He went on to have "Zelewski" officially removed from his name in November 1941 because of its Polish sound.

He was descended from Michał Żelewski (1700-1785), who was a Polish nobleman in Pomerania. Roman Catholic Church sources claim that in 1855 in Strzepcz Otton August von Zelewski married Antonia Fryderyka von Żelewska (apparently from another Zelewski family). One of their sons married Elżbieta Ewelina Szymańska and they had three daughters and three sons, one of whom was Erich Julius Eberhard. In November 1914, Erich von Zelewski volunteered for the Prussian army, becoming one of the youngest recruits and serving until the end of World War I. He was wounded twice and won the Iron Cross. Although he had high rank in WWII, he did not have much military success. US military police arrested him on 1 August 1945. In exchange for his testimony against his former superiors at the Nuremberg Trials, von dem Bach-Zelewski never faced trial for any war crimes. Similarly, he never faced extradition to Poland or to the USSR. He left prison in 1949.

Was Ritter von Stauss Jewish? No such person. Kardel really struck out here.

Was Ernst Hanfstaengl Jewish? NO. Nicknamed "Putzi", he was born in Munich, Germany, the son of a wealthy German art publisher, Edgar Hanfstaengl, and an American mother. He spent most of his early years in Germany and later moved to the United States. His mother was Katharine Wilhelmina Heine, daughter of William Heine, a cousin of American Ciuvil War Union Army general John Sedgwick. His godfather was Duke Ernst II of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. He had an elder sister, Erna, two elder brothers Edgar and Egon, and a younger brother Erwine. On February 11, 1920, Hanfstaengl married Helene Elise Adelheid Niemeyer of Long Island. Their only son, Egon Ludwig, eventually enlisted in the US Army Air Corps. A daughter, Herta, died at the age of five.

Was Erhard Milch (Luftwaffe General) Jewish? YES! Milch was born in Wilhelmshaven, the son of Anton Milch, a Jewish pharmacist in the Kaiserliche Marine, and a Christian mother, Clara Milch, née Rosenau. In 1935, Milch's ethnicity came into question. This prompted an investigation by the Gestapo that Göring squelched by producing an affidavit signed by Milch's mother stating that Anton was not really the father of Erhard and his six siblings, and naming their true father as Karl Brauer, her deceased uncle. Milch, a loyal German in my opinion, was issued a German Blood Certificate by Adolf Hitler.

Was Philipp von Lenhard Jewish? NO. Philipp Eduard Anton von Lenard was a Hungarian-German physicist, the son of a wine merchant. Lenard's parents were German, and his family had originally come from Tyrol in the 17th century. He was the winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1905 for his research on cathode rays and the discovery of many of their properties. He was also an active proponent of National Socialist ideology. During the NS regime, he was an outspoken proponent of the idea that Germany should rely on "Deutsche Physik" and ignore what he considered the fallacious and deliberately misleading ideas of "Jewish physics," by which he meant chiefly the theories of Albert Einstein, including "the Jewish fraud" of relativity. An advisor to Adolf Hitler, Lenard became Chief of Aryan physics under the Nazis.

In addition, Adolf Eichmann, Julius Streicher, Heinrich Hoffmann and Eva Braun were also NOT JEWISH.
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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
...In addition, Adolf Eichmann, Julius Streicher, Heinrich Hoffmann and Eva Braun were also NOT JEWISH.
The Jews claimed (wrongly) that Adolf Eichmann was born in Palestine and had conspired with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem to murder the Jews.

This was in 1945 when they were further developing the Hoax to create sympathy for the coming destruction of Palestine and the creation of Israel, which happened in 1948.
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Originally Posted by Henry. View Post
The Jews claimed (wrongly) that Adolf Eichmann was born in Palestine and had conspired with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem to murder the Jews.

This was in 1945 when they were further developing the Hoax to create sympathy for the coming destruction of Palestine and the creation of Israel, which happened in 1948.
From what I've read it is supposedly true that some Jews who had lived (and some who still resided in Germany at the end of the war) were secretly amazed at the utter bullshit being concocted about Eichmann .

Last edited by littlefieldjohn; December 19th, 2012 at 03:14 PM.
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Originally Posted by littlefieldjohn View Post
From what I've read it is supposedly true that some Jews who had lived (and some who still resided in Germany at the end of the war) were secretly amazed at the utter bullshit being concocted about Eichmann .
Until July/August 1945, Eichmann wasn't even wanted as a war criminal by the Allies. It was the WJC who brought him to Robert Jackson's attention at Nuremberg.

His evil personae is a WJC invention and the claims they made about him were certainly absurd. As I said, they claimed he was Palestinian by birth, that he worked closely with the Grand Mufti in the murder of the Jews, and they claimed he was fluent in Hebrew and Yiddish: all of it bullshit.

They didn't even have the correct spelling of his name.
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Paul Smith
Death Camp of Tolerance
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Paul Smith

Well Zündel said Eichmann was a jew/ish..

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I think he could pass for one.
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M. Gerard
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M. Gerard

Originally Posted by Paul Smith View Post
Well Zündel said Eichmann was a jew/ish..

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I think he could pass for one.
No kidding.

If there is such a thing as Ashkenazi Jews, this guy is of the tribe. We are talking DNA here. He didn't get those looks from Palestinian or Aryan blood.

Unfortunately, Jewish looks will stay in the blood line and resurface in later generations, no matter if mom is a devout Catholic and dad was a poor farm hand and father of five. So you don't know if it was his father, his grandfather or one of his four great grandfathers who looked like this.
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alex revision
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alex revision


Did the Germans use fluoride in the drinking water at concentration camps, or other places during World War II?

No they did not! This is just one of the many myths floating around and repeated ad nauseam by “anti-NWO activists” and Libertarians etc who are led around by their noses by various gurus within the so-called “truth movement” such as David Icke, Alex Jones, Mike Rivero, and many others, daily propagating disinfo as they engage in fear mongering using Adolf Hitler and “those evil Nazis!” as their favorite whipping boys. The fluoridation myth is just one more classic example of this. Of course, putting sodium fluoride in drinking water is a bad idea, but why blame Hitler?

And now the truth:

Charles E Perkins; chemist and researcher, wrote the book “The Truth about Water Fluoridation.” The info allegedly supplied by Perkins (shown here at seems to be the main source used to back up the claims of “Nazi fluoride usage”. It’s also claimed that Perkins was in contact with the German chemists of I.G. Farben who admitted to the “Nazi plot to use fluoride in drinking water”. I’ll come back to that shortly.

A digitized version of Charles E Perkins’ book is available through Sribd and it contains NO mention of the use of fluoride by the “Nazis” whatsoever, nor for that matter, any documentation to even prove the use of fluoridation by the Russians! Perkins simply states, ”Mass medication, involving fluoridation of public water systems, has long been known as an important technique of the Communist philosophy of mass control.”

The story, as published on the Rense website, is that Perkins was asked to better explain his Russian fluoridation comments in his book, and the resulting letter brought to life the alleged “Nazi” connection. But not only does Perkins not address the alleged Russian comments, he offers NO documentation whatsoever as to additional information pertaining to “the Nazis”. The letter is absolute baloney, compiled of more and more empty accusations about the “Nazis” with no documentation or evidence provided to back up those assertions, and the source is untraceable.

As alluded to earlier, another unreliable source used by the “truthers” is the supposedly “well documented” book “The Crimes and Punishment Of I.G. Farben” by Joseph Borkin (as shown in the picture provided above) and available at Scribd. This too is complete baloney! A simple search of the book for the words ”fluoridation” and ”fluoride” yielded not a single hit. The quote shown on the cover is a total fabrication! Yet you will find the quote all over the net.

The fluoride myth is also thoroughly debunked (along with many others) by historian V.K. Clark, editor of the book “
The Union Jackal"><font color=The Union Jackal" /> The Union Jackal">The Union Jackal
” in which she gives David Icke, Dr. A. True Ott and other such “gurus” a thorough hosing down. An absolute must read!

Even the mainstream media is more honest on this issue. The following report even includes “holocaust experts” who say the claim is ludicrous.

The Tampa Bay Times / Miami Herald

Truth about fluoride doesn’t include Nazi myth

Critics of water fluoridation on Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 in a Pinellas County Commission meeting and web comments

Here’s a reason to support a Florida county’s decision to cut fluoride out of its drinking water: The idea came from the Nazis.

The Nazis put fluoride in water to pacify Jews during World War II, a local resident told members of the Pinellas County Commission on Oct. 4, 2011, before the commission voted 4-3 vote to stop fluoridating water for about 700,000 residents.

“History shows, actually, that in Nazi Germany, one of the first things that they did was add fluoride to the water in the ghettos where the Jews stayed,” Matt Leffler of Clearwater said.

Once the St. Petersburg Times published its story about the decision — similar, anonymous comments on the Web piled up:

“Do you guys know where water fluoridation started? In the death camps in WWII.”

“There have been many links to cancer going back to the original tests on fluoride done by the Nazis on the Jews.”

“It IS what they used to dull their brains!! They used it in the concentration camps. It was in the concentration camps that they also developed many anti-psychotics.”

One reader declared the Nazi-fluoride connection “an absolute historical fact.” Several readers linked to sources on the Web.

Certainly Nazis, who killed millions of Jews in the 1930s and 1940s, were known for chemical tests and inhumane medical experiments. So PolitiFact Florida had to know: Did that include adding fluoride to water?

We tracked down roots of these claims on the Web, reached out to Holocaust historians, contacted well-known critics of water fluoridation, and read book excerpts and magazine articles and news stories. And we can tell you: There’s no teeth to this claim.

This fact-check won’t explore the pros and cons of fluoride in your drinking water — though we will note the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls the practice one of the greatest public health achievements of the century. And also that groups of citizens, scientists among them, have been wary of the practice since the 1950s.

We’ll focus instead on an Internet meme that’s crept into the local public debate over drinking water — one that well-known fluoridation critics would like to see washed away.

“We have done our level best to discourage opponents of fluoridation from using this emotive argument,” said Paul Connett, a chemist who directs the anti-fluoridation group Fluoride Action Network and recently co-authored a book called The Case Against Fluoride. “The historical evidence for this assertion is extremely weak. It is sad that the U.S. media has done such a bad job of educating the public on this issue that it is so easy for crazy ideas to fill the vacuum.”

So where does the story come from?

Andy Hollinger, who handles media relations at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, tried not to laugh as we explained our fact-check.

“I can almost guarantee you that is indeed an urban myth,” he said. “… That sounds like Conspiracy Theory 101.”

But he humored us, putting historian Patricia Heberer on the phone. Her expertise is the German medical community, including Holocaust-era experimentation.

Most Nazi medical experiments, she said, had two themes: new drugs and treatments for common battlefield ailments, from war wounds to typhus, or the more infamous effort to underpin Nazi racial ideas, such as Josef Mengele’s twin studies. None of the experimentation that she knows of involved fluoride — for mind control or for healthy teeth.

Meanwhile, in the concentration camp system, as in the ghettos, it would have been surprising if fluoride delivery was a focus — in the final few days before liberation, water lines scarcely delivered water. So, water treated just for the Jews?

“I can’t see it,” she said.

But she had heard a similar Cold War-era theory. It wasn’t about the Nazis fluoridating water. It was the Communists.

• • •

Still, do an Internet search for “fluoride” and “Nazis,” and you’ll find articles such as “Nazi Connections to Fluoride in America’s Drinking Water.” The text appears on various sites, and includes the citations “Stephen 1995,” and “Bryson 2004.”

“Stephen 1995″ is likely Ian E. Stephens, author of a 1987 self-published booklet, an extract of which was published in Nexus Magazine in 1995. We tracked down a copy of the article from the magazine’s website, an alternative Australian publication covering “health breakthroughs, future science and technology, suppressed news, free energy, religious revisionism, conspiracy, the environment, history and ancient mysteries, the mind, UFOs, paranormal and the unexplained.”

It’s called “Fluoridation: Mind Control of the Masses?” And in it we meet government research worker Charles Eliot Perkins, who at the end of World War II purportedly learned from a big German chemical producer that it had developed a plan to fluoridate occupied countries.

“Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual’s power to resist domination by slowly poisoning and narcotising a certain area of the brain and will thus make him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him,” says a document quoted in the excerpt. “Both the Germans and the Russians added sodium fluoride to the drinking water of prisoners of war to make them stupid and docile.”

“Bryson 2004″ is Christopher Bryson, an investigative reporter and television producer who reported on Guatemalan human rights abuses for the BBC World Service, National Public Radio and the Atlanta Journal Constitution in the 1980s, and later wrote a book called The Fluoride Deception. It delves into murky connections between military-industrial fluoride polluters and the early push for public water fluoridation.

His book mentions Nazis or Nazism less than 10 times, and none of the references discuss water fluoridation. We contacted him.

“I never came across any documentation or credible information showing that fluoride was used in Nazi death camps,” he said.

• • •

In 2009, two scientists published a book called The Fluoride Wars: How a Modest Public Health Measure Became America’s Longest Running Political Melodrama.

The hydrologists dedicate more than 30 pages to conspiracy theories and their origins. We contacted one of them.

“The World War II death camp statement is an absurd lie,” said Jay Lehr, who has authored or co-authored more than 30 books, most of them self-described “boring science books for scientists.”

The Fluoride Wars instead presents a lively social history of the fluoridation debate in the United States.

And it starts with the first large-scale fluoridation in history, not in Europe, but in Grand Rapids, Mich., in 1945.

• • •

Given the topic, it seems appropriate to conclude with Wikipedia, where we found mention of Nazis and fluoride — in an
List_of_conspiracy_theories List_of_conspiracy_theories
: Fluoridation is alternately part of a “Communist, Fascist or New World Order or Illuminati plot to take over the world.” It was “pioneered by a German chemical company to make people submissive to those in power.” It was “used in Russian prison camps and produces schizophrenia.”

Our Holocaust historian knew of no such project. Two book authors who researched the topic, one a journalist, the other a hydrologist, found no credible evidence of such a connection. A leading anti-fluoridation activist repudiates the story. The most commonly cited Web source for the story was a 16-year-old extract in a fringe Australian publication.

So we can confidently declare this claim Pants on Fire!

Beware of what you see floating around on the internet and being reported by the truther gurus as “fact”. The truth movement is heavily infested with fear mongers and snake oil salesmen with their own agendas, and no doubt, paid disinfo agents whose job it is to ensure that the truth about Hitler and National Socialism is not discovered and widely circulated, and that the NSDAP movement is perpetually demonized.
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Adolf The Great
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Adolf The Great

There is so many rumors and myths surrounding Hitler and the National Socialists that the list is just endless...

To start with a few about Hitler:

He wasn't German, he was brown haired and brown eyed, he was gay, he was part Jewish, his first girlfriend was Jewish, he caught syphilis from a prostitute in Vienna, he only had one ball, he had a sexual relationship with niece, he killed his niece, he hated all Jews, he wanted everyone to be blonde hair and blue eyed, he hated Slavs, he said anyone who was not German was not Aryan, he wanted to take over the world, etc etc etc.

Let's just debunk all of them!

Hitler was German. The only reason Austria never became part of the Reich in 1871 (unification of the German nation-state Prussian-dominated was because the Prussians defeated the Austrians in the Austro-Prussian war of 1866. He was born in Austria and was an Austrian citizen until 1925 and gained German citizenship but Austrians are ethnic Germans and the German-speaking Austrian Germans still considered themselves Germans and Austria was part of the German nation, in 1918 German-Austria attempted union with Germany but the victors Treaty of Versailles forbid it, Austrian-born Hitler gave the Austrians a choice in 1938 and 99.7% of them were in favour of union and the Anschluss took place and a Greater Germany existed.

Hitler had brown hair and blue eyes, many black and white photos give the impression he had brown eyes but this is not true.

There is no evidence to suggest Hitler was gay, this is just one of the ways to try and insult him, all credible historians disregard this as "anti-Hitler propaganda".

One of the biggest myths surrounding Hitler was that he was part Jewish himself and thus a Mischlinge according to his own laws - this is a blatant lie. See below -

For years and years people have made up the lie Hitler was part Jewish, there is no evidence for this and it has never been confirmed.

Ian Kershaw dismisses the myth, Frank claimed that he had been called in by Hitler towards the end of 1930 and shown a letter from his nephew William Patrick Hitler (the son of his half-brother Alois, who had been briefly married to an Irish woman) threatening, in connection with the press stories circulating about Hitler's background, to expose the fact that Hitler had Jewish blood flowing in his veins. Allegedly commissioned by Hitler to look into his family history, Frank reportedly discovered that Maria Anna Schicklgruber had given birth to her child while serving as a cook in the home of a Jewish family called Frankenberger in Graz. Not only that: Frankenberger senior had reputedly paid regular installments to support the child on behalf of his son, around nineteen years old at the birth, until the child's fourteenth birthday. Letters were allegedly exchanged for years between Maria Anna Schicklgruber and the Frankenbergers. According to Frank, Hitler declared that he knew, from what his father and grandmother had said, that his grandfather was not the Jew from Graz, but because his grandmother and her subsequent husband were so poor they had conned the Jew into believing he was the father and into paying for the boy's support.

Frank's story gained wide circulation in the 1950s. But it simply does not stand up. There was no Jewish family called Frankenberger in Graz during the 1830s. In fact, there were no Jews at all in the whole of Styria at the time, since Jews were not permitted in that part of Austria until the 1860s. A family named Frankenreiter did live there, but was not Jewish. There is no evidence that Maria Anna was ever in Graz, let alone was employed by the butcher Leopold Frankenreiter. No correspondence between Maria Anna and a family called Frankenberg or Frankenreiter has ever turned up. The son of Leopold Frankenreiter and alleged father of the baby (according to Frank's story and accepting that he had merely confused names) for whom Frankenreiter was seemingly prepared to pay child support for thirteen years was ten years old at the time of Alois's birth. The Frankenreiter family had moreover hit upon such hard times that payment of any support to Maria Anna Schicklgruber would have been inconceivable. Equally lacking in credibility is Frank's comment that Hitler had learnt from his grandmother that there was no truth in the Graz story: his grandmother had been dead for over forty years at the time of Hitler's birth. And whether in fact Hitler received a blackmail letter from his nephew in 1930 is also doubtful. If such was the case, then Patrick -- who repeatedly made a nuisance of himself by scrounging from his famous uncle -- was lucky to survive the next few years which he spent for the most part in Germany, and to be able to leave the country for good in December 1938. His `revelations', when they came in a Paris journal in August 1939, contained nothing about the Graz story. Nor did a number of different Gestapo inquiries into Hitler's family background in the 1930s and 1940s contain any reference to the alleged Graz background. Indeed they discovered no new skeletons in the cupboard. Hans Frank's memoirs, dictated at a time when he was waiting for the hangman and plainly undergoing a psychological crisis, are full of inaccuracies and have to be used with caution. With regard to the story of Hitler's alleged Jewish grandfather, they are valueless. Hitler's grandfather, whoever he was, was not a Jew from Graz.

The only serious contenders for the paternity of Hitler's father remain, therefore, Johann Georg Hiedler and Johann Nepomuk Hiedler (or Huttler). The official version always declared Johann Georg to be Adolf's grandfather.

The DNA results also stating he had E1b1b is also not conclusive evidence either, just because E1b1b1 (a subclade of E1b1b) is more common among Jewish and Africans it doesn't mean anything, E1b1b is 9% still found in Austria (there is more subclades in E1b1b than just E1b1b1 as well) - the tests were also from napkins and a grand nephew, not very credible nor was it scientifically verified.

What is even more funny that has to be noted is this so-called journalist who made this claim previously said that Hitler had no "Jewish blood" when trying to found out if Hitler had a French son: The conclusion that Jean-Paul Mulders comes to in these results contradicts what his DNA research showed when he tried to determine whether or not it was Hitler who was allegedly the German soldier who had a son to a French woman and the conclusion from the results was that "Adolf Hitler had no Jewish blood nor a French son."

His secret "Jewish" girlfriend myth in the article that the Daily Mail published it says: "In fact, it later transpired that, despite her surname, Stefanie was not Jewish." - She was never even his girlfriend neither.

He never had sex with a Jewish prostitute in Vienna, there is no evidence to suggest this, another anti-Hitler propaganda urban legend.

Hitler as far as medical records show he had two testicles not one.

Hitler did not have a sexual relationship with his half-niece Geli but he was very close to her, he did not kill her neither.

Many Jews were not targeted this is a misconception.

The whole "he wanted everyone to be blonde hair and blue eyed" is another urban legend myth coming from the Nordic-image being the physical ideal but Aryans were not judged on their hair or eye colour.

Hitler did not hate Slavs. If you read Mein Kampf all he says is that Slavs (Czechs) were causing the de-Germanization of the Austrians in the Austria-Hungary empire, he was not against them. Hitler was on good terms with many Slavs and Slavs were regarded as Aryan by National Socialist laws although the National Socialists did use anti-Slav propaganda from time to time.

People think he said Germans were the ONLY Aryans - this is another urban legend myth. The National Socialists believed the Germanic people were the master race (Herrenvolk) but there still many other Aryans such as Celtic people, Slavic people, Baltic people, etc etc.

Hitler wanted Europe not the whole world, he had troops in Northern Africa for alliance with Italy nothing else.


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