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Default Two of Rounder's LTEs make the papers

From The Suffolk News-Herald, Suffolk, VA

Aryans newsletter will continue

Friday, December 16, 2005 4:57 PM CST

Re: Your Dec. 8 article, "Hate comes to Suffolk in form of newsletter."

Hell yes, we hate. There's plenty to hate in this corrupted, crime-ridden, war-mongering, baby-murdering, and incredibly sick, morally decadent country, ruled by neo-con Zionists in Washington, Tel Aviv, and Hollywood.
But contrary to Hazel Liverman, quoted in the article, nothing in our newspaper is "made up." We don't have to lie. The truth is bad enough.

Suffolk's "ostriches" can phone me at (417) 463-7703 to stop future deliveries, because I assure you all, lots more are coming. Seventy-thousand copies of our most recent edition were printed. But yaw'll ain't seen nothing yet.

Ms Liverman stated: "I have strong opinions about discrimination." Well, Ms. Liverman, do come to our 4,000-strong discussion forum ( and share them with us. Perhaps we can get together and stop the federal tyranny of forced "affirmative action programs" which blatantly discriminate against white people because of skin color, and has for over 40 years.

White people have rights and special interests just like everybody else.

It's high time we stood up and defended them.

Thank you for allowing my free speech in your paper.

Glenn Miller

Master sergeant, U.S. Army - Retired
From The Danville Register and Bee, Danville, VA

We’ll be back here

To the editor:
Your article, “Message of hate,” (Dec. 7, page A1) reported the recent massive distribution of our newspaper, The Aryan Alternative, in your area.
I’ll respond to some of the comments made:
One of your readers stated, “This stuff is terrible in here.” Well, yes, that’s true, but that “stuff” is also true. And since that woman can’t stand the truth, she should just phone me at (417) 463-7703 and she’ll receive no more truths from us. Same goes for all other “ostriches” who despise “terrible” truths.
Another reader says she’s concerned our “truths” will get into the hands of her teenage son and that she was tempted to log on to our Web site forum and share her feelings. Well, if you want your son to live in racial ignorance, so be it. But we think he should be informed. And do indeed share your feelings with us at We welcome debaters regardless of politics, race or religion.
Some 70,000 copies of our newspaper’s latest edition were printed and are being distributed nationwide. Danville’s white folks can look forward to many more Aryan Alternative newspapers, rest assured. And regarding the Danville Register & Bee’s demonization of our “truths,” I say this: “Every day we’re not attacked by anti-white press hounds is a day we’ve wasted.”

Springfield, Mo.
Editor’s note: Miller is the director of distributors and a reporter for The Aryan Alternative newspaper.
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Default Rounder wakes up Whites in Springfield

Racist publication rattles nerves

By Cara Restelli, KY3 News

A racist publication is threatening some Ozarkers' Christmas spirit.

Two publications, one called "An Aryan Nation," and the other named "The Truth at Last," were distributed to 6,000 area homes over the last few days.

Its publishers say they're exercising their free of speech rights, but some residents say they should exercise somewhere else.

The residents we spoke with say they support the publisher's right to print this publication, but they don't support their right to deliver it to those who don't want it.

“We’re fed up white people and we're gonna take back our country. We're third class citizens,” said Glenn Miller, distributor of The Aryan Alternative.

Marionville resident Glenn Miller says he hates non-whites and he hopes his admittedly racist publication helps spread his message.

“One hundred and seventeen thousand copies already and we're getting them out all over the country and we're gonna wake up white people,” Miller said.

He distributes the papers, whether people ask for them or not. This Springfield resident received the latest edition.

“It made me angry. It made me very angry that there's so much hate out there in the world,” she said.

She's angry and afraid -- too afraid to reveal her identity.

“I don't know the repercussions. What they are willing to do to people who don't agree with them?” she said.

Miller says people who don't agree can simply call and tell him and he won't send any more publications -- but he won't back off unless he's ordered to.

“Do you worry about offending people? Of course not. They need to know. They need educating,” said Miller.

Aside from maybe littering, Springfield police say distributing the paper doesn't violate any laws.

The publication has only been around since October of 2004, but already the number published has risen to 70,000 per issue so the likelihood of receiving one on your driveway is on the rise.

If you don't feel comfortable calling Miller, you can also contact the police and file a littering complaint, which carries with it a fine.

Police tell us that's the only violation that's being committed.
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Default Lancaster, PA TAA distro makes the news

From Lancaster Online, an online newspaper
Supreme word on hatred
Last Sunday the Aryan Alternative took its message door-to-door in Lancaster County.

By Michael Schwartz

Published: Dec 24, 2005 4:10 PM EST

LANCASTER COUNTY, PA - Joanne DeHaven walked outside to get her Sunday News last Sunday and picked up a 16-page tabloid lying beside her newspaper. Leafing through it, she was aghast.

"Every one of the articles was filled with such hate for anyone who wasn't white and Christian. I wondered why anyone would take the time to put out such a piece of garbage," she said in an e-mail to the Sunday News.

More than 1,000 copies of the white supremacist newspaper The Aryan Alternative greeted residents of Manor Township and Mountville Dec. 18.

Mountville Borough police received several complaints from those who found in their yards, alongside their Sunday News headlines, the following headlines from the Alternative: "SAVAGES IN THE STREETS ... White troops battle looting Africans unleashed by Katrina!"

According to police, not everyone received The Aryan Alternative, which arrived after the Sunday News.

The Aryan Alternative's director of distribution, Glenn Miller, said that Virginia, Florida and Georgia received the most copies. Pennsylvania was "about 10th or 12th."

Miller interrupted the Friday telephone interview to ask:
"Are you Jewish? Let me tell you the answer to the question you should be asking.

"Our mission is to expose the Jews' deliberate and systematic genocide against the white race worldwide."
When not crusading against Jews and minorities, Miller grows watermelons on his Missouri farm.

"We all have the right to ... freedom of speech," DeHaven continued in her e-mail. "But with this freedom comes an obligation to stand up and say we won't tolerate this kind of hate."

The Aryan Alternative is distributed by more than 100 people in 28 states and prints about 70,000 copies quarterly.

Miller would not name the publishers or distributors of the paper because "Jews will exert their influence to shut them down."

He also praised Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's recent assertion that the Holocaust never happened.

"In Germany, you can't even talk about the Holocaust. They have laws against it," Miller said, referring to German statutes banning neo-Nazi speech but not World War II history.

"If they can't say the word [Holocaust], how could it have happened?

"There are white people out there who need educating," he said.
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Default TAA news on 3 separate TV stations in 1 day

In addition to the KY3 TV news broadcast mentioned above, 2 other TV stations carried the news report about TAA distributions in S.W. Missouri - Channel 10 KOLR 10 and Channel 27 Ozarks Fox, all 3 located in Springfield, MO. Reporters Mark Miller and Sandra Genevicz did the on-camera interview at my home on 21 Dec 05, and the 3 stations broadcast the story that nite. Channels 10 and 3 also rebroadcast the same news story the following day.
To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize Voltaire

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Default TAA reported on radio news broadcast

TAA made radio news on 26 Dec 05 - KSGF (104.1 FM), Springfield, MO, resulting from 700 TAAs being distributed a few days earlier. (Phone 417-865-6614, Courtney Williams or Vince Gerico, for verification).
To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize Voltaire

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Default TAA makes headlines in Madison, Wisconsin

From The Capital Times via, an online newspaper

Aryan newsletter found on west side

Resident tells cops: 'It's very disturbing'
By Pat Schneider

December 28, 2005

A white supremacy publication is stirring concern in the west side neighborhood where copies have been appearing in driveways.

"It's very disturbing," said one resident who did not want her name used because she said she fears retaliation. She discovered an issue of the 16-page tabloid Aryan Alternative on Monday in the driveway of the Langlois Street house where she lives with her husband in the Glen Oak Hills neighborhood.

She described the paper as racist and anti-Jewish.

The Aryan Alternative, published in Kirksville, Mo., has a circulation of 70,000 nationwide, director of distribution Glenn Miller said Tuesday. Many copies are delivered unsolicited or handed out on street corners, he said.

"I pass them out wherever we go to white people," Miller said. "We're trying to wake up white people."

The publisher of the paper is Alex Linder, founder of the Vanguard News Network who, according to the Anti-Defamation League, split with the neo-Nazi National Alliance to found the White Freedom Party. Copies of the newspaper wrapped in plastic shopping bags were visible in two driveways on Merrill Crest Drive on Tuesday.

Madison police spokesman Carlos Valentin said that as of Tuesday two complaints about the newspapers had been received from residents of the Glen Oak Hills neighborhood.

But distributing offensive literature is not a crime, he said.

"If they are not making specific threats, it's hard to prove the literature is doing any harm," Valentin said. "If people don't like where it's coming from, they can dump it in the trash."

Steve Braunginn, a longtime local civil rights activist and resident of the neighborhood, says that's not enough.

He's encouraging Ald. Noel Radomski to speak on the issue at the next meeting of the City Council.

"Let's have Madison stand up straight and tall and declare in one unified voice: Get out, you're not welcome here."

Radomski was not available for comment Tuesday.

E-mail: [email protected]
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Default TAA still making news in Madison, WI

From ABC affiliate WKOW TV, Madison, Wisconsin

Message of Hate

Wed 12/28/2005 -

The paper is called The Aryan Alternative, and has shown up in Madison’s Glen Oak Hills section near Whitney Way and Regent. Madison police are unsure who may be distributing it, but they have received some complaints. A resident of the neighborhood where the paper was handed out says his neighbors were unsettled after finding the paper on Friday morning.

"They were extremely concerned about it-very frightened, and then I decided to drive around the neighborhood to see if they were being singled out, and I saw it on a number of driveways," says Steve Braunginn.

Police say there is nothing illegal about the distribution of the paper, which is published in Missouri. Still, neighborhood Alder Noel Radomski is asking the public to contact the mayor's office or their local alder if they recieve the paper, in order to track the group's activity level within the city.
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Ron Doggett
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Ron Doggett
Default News-Leader newspaper article Springfield, MO Jan. 1 2006

Hate-filled newsletter lands on driveway of interracial couple

Ronne Robinson says this is her worst Christmas ever.
Inside her immaculate south-side home are years of collected and handmade Christmas decorations, a cheery tree, and walls lined with photos of her family and those of her husband, including lots of photos of their 11- and 12-year-old daughters.

But outside, on Dec. 21, she found hate.

In her driveway, and on or near other driveways for several blocks around, were copies of The Aryan Alternative, a racist, hate-filled publication produced in Kirksville and distributed by people espousing the view that whites are a superior race.

"As far as I know, we were the only neighborhood in this (section of town) that got the newspapers. I thought it was maybe because we moved in here," says Robinson, a white woman married to Chuck Robinson, a black man.

The family — Ronne, a former administrative assistant, and Chuck, an auto-body and motorcycle painter, and their two girls — moved to Springfield from Kansas City at the end of August.

The publication lists Alex Linder as the publisher and Glenn Miller of Aurora as distribution director.

Miller claims that The Aryan Alternative has a circulation of 75,000, and that there are two dozen distributors in the southwest Missouri area. He says he is the one who distributed 700 copies in Springfield the past two weeks.

He adds that the Robinsons were not specifically targeted. In fact, he said: "We never target neighborhoods. ... We don't like to waste (the copies) on blacks. If we know where blacks live, we don't leave them there."

Ronne Robinson was at first frightened, then enraged by the publication.

"(Miller) put his phone number on the paper, and I called and finally got through and talked to some lady. I was not friendly, and I wasn't very ladylike," she said.

Who is Miller, and why did he begin blanketing Springfield driveways with copies of his own racist, hate-filled newsletter a few years ago, and now The Aryan Alternative?

Miller, whose full name is Frazier Glenn Miller, is a U.S. Army veteran, a retired over-the-road truck driver and an ex-convict who lives in Aurora. He says he has six children, from age 30 down who wished when they were younger that he hadn't been so outspoken about his views, which can best be described as hate-filled and racist.

In 1987, Miller was the subject of a nationwide manhunt after violating a court order prohibiting him from operating a paramilitary organization. Law enforcement officers found him and three other men in an Ozark mobile home with hand grenades, automatic weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

According to the Oklahoma City-based Memorial Institute

for the Prevention of Terrorism, Miller was sentenced to five years in prison.

One theme running through the hurtful publication left with the Robinsons is the alleged scourge of "black on white" crime suppressed by "the Jewish media." The magazine is replete with racial slurs, including disparaging references to Jews, blacks and Hispanics as well as criticism of interracial relationships.

The lead article in edition No. 3 was "Savages in the Streets — New Orleans: The End Result of a Multi-Racial America."

"You're going to run into language that will probably offend you," Miller says of the publication. "But I'm offended every time I turn the TV on."

Miller is unflinching in his belief that he has to protect the white race from obliteration. He cites statistics he says show that populations of minorities are growing and that the white race is decreasing.

Miller isn't alone in these views. The Southern Poverty Law Center lists 23 active hate groups located in Missouri — five based in southwest Missouri.

Ronne Robinson isn't sure if she and her family will stay in Springfield.

She received a phone call the day after telling her story to a local TV station. "I couldn't understand what they were saying. I got two other hang-up calls that day," she said. "And I was just trying to get my family to a smaller, safer town."

Miller insists he is merely exercising his First Amendment rights and that distributors don't go onto private property. "We just put it on the paved driveways next to mailboxes."

But to Robinson, Miller's rights end where her children can find the newspaper in her driveway. "The stuff he puts in this paper is nothing less than what bin Laden says to incite his terrorists," she said.

The First Amendment guarantees every American citizen the right to say what he or she thinks and the right to disagree with others.

But we've become a society of do-nothings who lie on our couches and leave our grumblings to complaining about taxes. Social comment or action just seems too much trouble.

If you receive a copy of The Aryan Alternative, you can toss it in the trash or read it.

The question is: If you read Miller's beliefs, what will you do about it?

Glenn on a roll in the show me state.
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Default Glenn makes Lancaster, PA paper with LTE

Originally posted by Whirlwind
Rounder's LTE makes Lancaster Sunday Newspaper, Perspective section.
Under a big red heading "HOLOCAUST:
"Aryan" reporter replies
Re: Michael Scwartz' article about recent deliveries of The Aryan Alternative newspaper to Lancaster residents:
Joanne DeHaven was reportedly "aghast" after viewing our newspaper. She called it "a piece of garbage", and she said "we should stand up and say we won't tolerate this kind of hate".
Well Ms. DeHaven, welcome to the Aghast Club. I'm aghast every time I turn on my TV, read lying newspapers, or recieve lying propaganda from the government in my mailbox.
I really wish you'd be a bit more patriotic to the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment protections, which provides all citizens freedom of speech and the press, not just for Oprah's soccer moms, girlie-men, hip-hop African Americans, and illegal aliens from the Congo.
Mr. Swartz misquoted me regarding the Holocaust. What I said was this:
"How can a sane person believe the Holocaust when it's a criminal offense in Germany to deny it?"
After over 30 years of studying the subject, I'm convinced it's the biggest hoax of the 20th century.
Glenn Miller, Springfield, MO
director of distributions and
reporter for Aryan Alternative.
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Default G. Miller live on 2 radio talk shows - 1 hour each

I was a guest on Springfield, MO's KSGF radio talk show for one hour, on 5 Jan 06. Switchboard lites were all lit up the whole time. Lots of callers-in. I did not compromise, nor was I censored in any way.

I was a guest on Madison, WI's WTDY radio talk show for one hour, on 6 Jan 06. Same as before, lites all lit up, and lots of callers-in. No compromise, no censorship. Total truth about jews and about racial issues.
To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize Voltaire

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Default Another Rounder LTE

From the Springfield News Leader

Racist publication's real target was Jews

Re: "Hate-filled newsletter lands on driveway of interracial couple," Jan. 1 Sarah Overstreet column.
It's not a newsletter, but a 16-page, in color, tabloid newspaper.

Hate-filled? Soccer moms and girlie-men might think so, but we call it truth-filled.

The purpose of our newspaper is to expose Zionist Jew neocons who control the federal government and the mass media, and who are committing systematic genocide against the white race. Racial issues are of secondary importance.

Yes, we "disparage" race- mixers. We despise them, in fact, because they contribute to our racial extinction. If I had my way, they'd all be arrested for eye pollution.

We don't believe the Holocaust either. How can any sane person believe the Holocaust when it's a criminal offense in Germany to deny it? I wouldn't believe anything that's illegal to contradict. And only fools do.

Glenn Miller, Aurora
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Letter to editor by VNN'er Edward Oxford, published in the 16 Jan 06 edition of The Kingston Daily Freeman newspaper, Kingston, NY.

Dear Rebekah Hedrick,

I hope your son one day fully recovers from that savage beating. We -- you and I and others too -- know why it happened. It happened because we live in a "multi-cultural" America. The White Race, the race of civilization, is being forcibly integrated and inundated with the primitive, more violent, uncivilizable races or species. "Tolerance" and "acceptance" of this situation by White people is simply tolerance and acceptance of our own murder.

The White Race is being murdered. We are being displaced or "ethnically cleansed" from our every one of our nations throughout the world, nations which we, and only we, created and could have created. Our nations are being intentionally impoverished by our industries, which our ancestors created, being sent to non-white countries. We are being physically attacked by the completely racist anti-white non-white races who envy and hate us -- because they sense their inferiority to us and because our enemies who control our government, our media, our institutions, have been carefully filling the minds of non-whites with the Lie that White people are their oppressors, that White people are evil. Non-whites are being taught by "our" government and by "our" media and by "our" religious leaders to hate and despise White people, to despise the creators of America. Interesting that, despite all the anti-white propaganda, ALL the non-white races want so badly to be wherever we are, wherever the White Oppressor is. Why is that? Is it because they love the cleanliness and safety and prosperity and enjoyability of our civilizations, which only we can create? Is it because they love the physical beauty and intelligence of our people?

The Truth is that almost everything wonderful that has been created in this world has been created by White people, White Men actually. Of course, White Women have created something wonderful too: The White Race. If our enemies succeed in murdering our race, the world will lose the most highly evolved beings on Earth.

What will the world be like without us? Kingston is deteriorating into chaos and criminality and violence BECAUSE Kingston's White people are being displaced by negroes and other non-whites, who don't know how and are not inclined to maintain a high White civilization.

The White Race is the race of civilization and true civilization can only exist where the White Race lives and dominates. Think of the sheer stupidity of the murder of the White Race. Without the White Race, the world will descend into a perpetual Age of Darkness, quite literally. The NE Asians are an exception to this, of course. But even their civilizations have always, throughout history, been dependent on the White Race for the ability to evolve into higher civilizations. Without the White Race, their civilizations have always been evolutionarily static.

The hate crime that was committed against your son, Rebekah, is a small sample of the ever worsening Hate Crime being committed against the entire White Race. Hate crimes like the one committed against Robby, will only stop when the White Race stands manfully, AS A RACE, AS A PEOPLE, against the larger hate crime being committed against the White Race. We will have to FIGHT for our lives. And we must separate ourselves from the other, less evolved races. Or, as a race, we will lose our lives and our civilizations and our very genetic heritage FOREVER.

This -- the darkening world around us and what happened to your son -- is what genocide feels like, Rebekah, from the point of view of the people being genocided.

On this day, as the disintegrating nation celebrates the imposition of the uncivilizable negro into the heart of White Civilization, my own heart is with you, Rebekah, and with your son and family, and with all White people who have suffered at the hands and fists and knives and guns and diseases and impoverishment of multi-culturalism.

ORION: Our Race Is Our Nation

May the White Race live and evolve upwards forever.

Edward Oxford
The ink of the learned is as precious as the blood of the martyr. For one drop of ink may make millions think.
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Default Stupid nigger bitch attacks Miller and TAA in WI newspaper

Mary Brown: Beneath its veneer of inclusion, Madison quietly tolerates racism
A letter to the editor

Dear Editor: I'm responding to a recent letter from Glenn Miller of Springfield, Mo., distributor of the Aryan Alternative newspaper.

Although Madison attempts to masquerade as a city of equality for all its citizens, those of us who are African-American know it is not.

We are constantly reminded in the workplace when we're subjected to intimidation, harassment and unequal pay for superior work that there is much to do to improve our lives.

When we receive inferior health care and we're charged exorbitant prices for that care and overcharged for medicine that may often cause us more harm than good, we are again reminded that we have a long way to go before we are treated fairly.

When our young people either drop out of school or are passed along from grade to grade without the skills necessary to create a life a good life we fearfully look toward the future.

We must form a partnership with schools with the goal of producing the best-educated children regardless of race or economic status. From experience, I know that schools are oftentimes reluctant to enter into a partnership relationship with parents they perceive as either inferior in knowledge or a threat to their position.

It is the duty of every educator to allow parents a role in the education of their children. It is the duty of every parent to assume that role and to vow to become as knowledgeable as required for the benefit of their child.

We are again reminded of the inequality when we see, whether Madison admits it or not, that there is a local policy of containment that produces areas of poverty, like Allied Drive and the former Simpson Street.

I live on Monroe Street. I believe one of Miller's hate-filled papers may have been left in my driveway. I assumed it was a shopping flyer and picked it up and immediately tossed it into the trash bin. After reading comments related to Miller's paper, I suspect the trash paper ended up exactly where it should have.

Unfortunately, there are folks in Madison who share Miller's beliefs. A better approach would be for those folks who care to receive trash to call Miller's number and ask for a copy. Then the rest of us would not have to be subjected to trash in our yards. After all, Madison must surely have an ordinance about littering.

In spite of all its faults, Madison is home for many of us. We don't intend to leave just because there is some trash around. We do intend to work within whatever systems we can to improve Madison for the benefit of all its citizens, even those who are filled with hate.

Mary Brown

Published: January 19, 2006
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Default Miller on Live Radio Talk Show - WTDY, Madison, WI

On 24 Jan 06, I spoke as a guest for 40-minutes on WTDY radio talk show, Madison, WI. Host John Sylvester (Sly) cut short my 1-hour scheduled "appearance" because I focused almost exclusively on the jews, and effectively.

Phone their radio studio for verification: 608-321-1670 or 920-229-1557.

(My 6 January "appearance" on that show can be listened to at:, and I don't believe WTDY will post my 24 January 06 "appearance" on their website because of fear of the jews.)
To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize Voltaire

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Default TAA distribution makes student paper editorial

The Rotunda (Student newspaper)
Longwood University Farmville VA

(Note: This article originally posted by SA Mann. This article is about the distro Ron Doggett and Ironguard1940 did back in Nov)

White Supremacist Newsletter, "The Aryan Alternative," Litters Buffalo Street

Kristen Casalenuovo
Staff Writer

With civil-rights crusader Morris Dees, co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center coming on January 19th, white supremacists launch a covert counter-offensive within town limits.

Two weeks ago, walking home from a party late on a Friday night, two students who wish to remain unnamed noticed about twenty rolled-up newsletters littering the sidewalks and porches along Buffalo Street.

After unraveling one and seeing its remarks urging readers to "keep yourself pure, keep yourself white," they quickly realized that it was a white supremacist circulation. These students picked up the rest of the papers to prevent any further dissemination of the propaganda.

The publication, The Aryan Alternative, boasts that 50,000 copies of the issue found have been printed and distributed nationwide on college campuses and in white neighborhoods. Within its pages are claims that the American government is run by a "Big Jew" accompanied by a picture of George Bush wearing a yarmulke.

One article declared that 600,000,000 white males have been murdered by Jews in the twentieth century.

As for the racial commentary, interracial pregnancies are urged to be aborted, blond white women are showcased as being murdered by black males, and the melting pot of American society is claimed to be "genocide by integration."

The editor, Alex Linder, a neo-Nazi ideologue known for his exceptionally vulgar racial cartoons, operates The Vanguard News Network (VNN), the most active white supremacist site on the Internet. It's motto is revealing of its purpose, "No Jews, Just Right." The forum's bigotry extends its cause to include racism, anti-Semiticism, and misogyny. Linder says women should, "make everything happy and smooth running by providing offspring and sex and cookies and iced tea." His message is widespread. The VNN is close to becoming one of the 10,000 most visited sites on the Internet. White males aren't the only ones drumming up support for the white supremacist movement.

Thirteen year-old blonde-haired blue-eyed twins Lamb and Lynx Gaede make up a "defensive racist" pop-music duo Prussian Blue. Newsweek reports that their first album, "Fragment of the Future" has already sold several thousand copies. Sample lyrics include, "Aryan man awake, How much more will you take, Turn that fear into hate, Aryan man awake." Their second album is due out in a few months.

Hate crimes numbers are alarmingly high, according to a...

see HATE CRIME p.5

November press release from the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Bureau of Justice Statistics recently discovered that the actual number of hate crimes is 15 to 23 times higher that the FBI has been reporting for years. The actual rate was found to be about 191,000 hate crimes committed per year. The report also found that 84 percent of hate crimes are violent, compared to 23 percent of non-hate crimes being violent.

Of college-age youths today, many have not experienced the brutality and injustice of bigotry first hand. Hence, it is not perceived as such a large threat anymore. However, bigotry is perpetuated by the sterotypes placed on races, genders, religions, and creeds. Bigotry is desensitized as long as "n****r," "p***y," and "gay" are used as derogatory words. Hate-inspired violence is still prevalent in America. When January 16th rolls around, let no one forget the people who fought for equal freedoms we have today.
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Default TAA makes headlines in Springfield, Missouri

Springfield (MO) News-Leader newspaper, dated 19 Feb 06

NAACP takes aim at racist newsletter

Local chapter says distribution of the Aryan Alternative is a hate crime.

Didi Tang

Members of the local NAACP chapter are hoping to halt distribution of racist publications in Springfield without compromising freedom of speech.
"We don't want to jeopardize freedom of speech," said the Rev. Larry Maddox, the group's president, at its monthly meeting Saturday afternoon. "But we believe it is a targeted hate crime."

Residents in a neighborhood bordered by Fremont Avenue, Sunset Street, National Avenue and Battlefield Road received copies of a newsletter called the Aryan Alternative in January.

The publication denounces Jews, blacks and Hispanics as well as interracial relationships.

"It promotes white supremacy," said Melissa Jordan, secretary for the local NAACP chapter.

In an edition distributed last year, the newsletter featured a lead story titled "Savages in the Streets New Orleans: The End Result of a Multi-Racial America."

The publication lists Alex Linder of Kirksville as the publisher and Glenn Miller of Aurora as distribution director.

Miller told a News-Leader columnist in December that he was merely exercising his First Amendment rights.

"You're going to run into language that will probably offend you," he said of the newsletter. "But I'm offended every time I turn the TV on."

However, Maddox said he thought the distribution targeted an interracial couple who had recently moved into the Springfield neighborhood.

Maddox also said at the meeting that the controversy should not help raise the profile of the publication.

"We need a way to counteract without giving him a platform," he said.

Souder Tate, member of the Mayor's Commission on Human Rights and Community Relations, said the case is under investigation.

Tate, who made his first appearance at local NAACP meetings Saturday, said the city commission is hoping to work with the civil rights group.
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Default "The Pitch" Newspaper, K.C. MO, dtd 23 Feb 06

What would you say to Alex Linder, the white supremacist who runs the paper The Aryan Alternative in Missouri?
He said he hates blacks and Jews? He's a white supremacist? He's a cold soul. I don't know if there's much that could be said to him. I would feel like I was talking to Satan himself. He's an asshole. But they say women can always soothe the beast. I would send one of my big-booty ghetto homegirls to booty pop on him. When they get finished with him, he'll change his mind. He'll come out with his fist in the air. I wouldn't read his wack newspaper if my life depended on it. Some people were saying that the news shouldn't be showing it or they're promoting it, but the media is just an open outlet for whatever is going on out there, ain't it? Got a question only Priceless can answer? E-mail her at [email protected]
To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize Voltaire

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Default My letter-to-editor in Springfield (MO) News-Leader, 25Feb06


Newspaper for white people

Re: News Leader article, "NAACP takes aim at racist newsletter," Feb. 19.

It's not a newsletter, it's a 16-page, in-color, tabloid newspaper for white folks. And why all the fuss? Negroes, Jews and Hispanics have hundreds. Can't whites have at least one?

OAS_AD('ArticleFlex_1'); var zflag_nid="305"; var zflag_cid="111/1"; var zflag_sid="68"; var zflag_width="300"; var zflag_height="250"; var zflag_sz="9";;c=...;x=2304;u=j;z=[timestamp] Jews claim to be God's chosen people, thus they believe God is a racist. Yet you call us the supremacists. But since God is a racist, then I can be one, too. See? God set the racist example.
NAACP head Larry Maddox said, "We don't want to jeopardize freedom of speech," but that he's "hoping to halt distribution" of my newspaper. A blatant contradiction, but helps prove why freedom of speech doesn't work in Africa. Africans and Maddox love their own free speech, but demand censorship of speech they don't like.
The right reverend voiced worry that I and our newspaper, the Aryan Alternative might gain a "platform" and "raise our profile" due to media coverage. Tell him to forget it because I'm filing for U.S. Congress next month; we're increasing distribution of our paper; and I'm blabbing to the media till the fat gal sings, or hell or high water, whichever comes first.
Thanks for allowing my free speech in your paper.
Glenn Miller, Aurora.
The author is director of distributions for the Aryan Alternative, a white supremacist publication.__________________
To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize Voltaire

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Default Springfield, MO News-Leader Newspaper Article - 9 Mar 06

Democrats reject Miller congressional run; Candidate says he?ll file with GOP

James Goodwin
© 2006, Springfield News-Leader

Jefferson City ? Glenn Miller Jr., whose self-described "pro-white" newsletter has sparked anger and concern in southwest Missouri, will not run as a Democrat for the 7th Congressional District after all.

The Missouri Democratic Party has refused his $100 filing fee, which disqualifies him as a candidate for the party, a spokeswoman for the Secretary of State?s Office said today.

Miller said by phone that he would file Friday as a Republican instead.

"Personally, I don?t see any difference between the parties, but I?ve got to run as something," the Aurora resident said.

Jack Cardetti, spokesman for the state Democratic Party, said the party rejects Miller?s racist views.

"The Democratic Party is certainly a big-tent party, but that does not include white supremacists," Cardetti said.

"It?s our feeling that he has every right to run, but we will do everything we can to keep him off the Democratic Party ticket."

The spokesman for the Missouri Republican Party, when told of Miller?s new plan to file as a Republican, said, "Oh, Lord."

"We don?t support anybody who supports any kind of hate or racist views," spokesman Paul Sloca said.

Miller filed Monday to run for the position held by Congressman Roy Blunt, an Indian Point Republican who has yet to file. He has until March 28 to submit candidacy papers.

To qualify for the ballot, filers need a receipt from a political party, said Stacie Temple, a spokeswoman for the Secretary of State?s Office.

The office, which oversees elections, accepts filing fees on behalf of political parties, but it?s up to the parties to accept or reject the money.

"If the check is rejected, then (filers) are no longer qualified," Temple said.

If rejected by the Republicans, Miller might try running as Libertarian, an independent or a write-in candidate, he said.

"I?m going to exhaust all options to get on the ballot. I?m going to run," Miller said. "And I?m going to do a lot of campaigning."
To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize Voltaire

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Default TV Broadcasts (Ch 12 - KODE, Joplin, MO - 9 Mar 06

Channel 12 broadcast their "Glenn Miller" interview 3 times on 9 Mar 06; at 5, 6, and 10 PM. Here's the transcript, but the video was much better. The transcript bears little resemblance. In fact, I wore a coat and tie, and came across as an intelligent, though fed-up, White man:

White Supremacist Wants to Run For Congress









Air Date: 3/9/2006
Reporter: Dan Tordjman

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To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize Voltaire



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