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Geoff Beck
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Geoff Beck
Default #25: Gleichschaltung

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Nostalgia, Action, LOTR

For many us, whether from memories of a long lived life or knowledge of our common history and heritage, we experience feelings of nostalgia. Too often these feelings degenerate into crippling bouts of depression and self pity; for we understand what has been lost, and it make us sad. We know of a better world, a saner, safer more orderly and polite world. Yes, it was not perfect nor was it ever utopia, but it was better, and many of us wish we could turn back the clock. We wish events had taken a different turn that some war had been won instead of lost, or such and such a law had never been written.

Such feelings ultimately are an indulgence we can ill afford. Such feelings often cripple action. We must fight such thoughts and instead concentrate on building a new society. Yes, we can pick from the smoking rubble of our civilization, we can find bricks and roof beams that can still bare weight, though what else remains must be burned or crushed into dust. We for the sake of our young must construct a new foundation upon which future generation of our race can build.

I too have succumbed to the paralysis of nostalgia. It was several years ago, before I became a White Nationalist. I returned to see my childhood home and to visit my old elementary school. I must confess my childhood was comfortable, it was safe and secure and I have many fond memories, much as Tolkien described in LOTR, when he wrote of the fondness a Hobbit has for his home in the Shire.

Much sadness came into my heart during visit, several years ago. The old home was falling apart, a roof beam was sagging. Worse my old elementary school was demolished, razed to the ground. It was built in 1959, an example of burolandschaft: long clean long lines with deep interior space, very modernist: brick facade, steel framed, and with large glass windows. Where an architecturally significant elementary school stood an apartment complex is scheduled to be constructed.

Instead of reacting in a positive manner I became depressed. I sought out my old school chums, I indulged in feelings of self pity, I dwelled too long upon a time that is now forever lost. I felt betrayed. I saw the deconstruction of my world; both physically in the case of my school and home, but also in destruction wrought by much more powerful forces. Forces we have often discussed in other episodes of this program. Yet, nothing positive came from this, for I had not the mental tools to decipher the larger meaning of these events, I could not place these events within the larger scheme of White genocide.

Years later, just this weekend in fact, I was told by my own mother, our Church is slated for demolition. Sadness, loss, and feelings of crippling nostalgia returned. But much had changed in the years since my school was demolished. I understood that a people that would allow a magnificent example of gothic revival architecture to be destroyed to make way for a aluminum box type of church were sick and weak.

This church, built in 1921, which at this moment stands, features an enormous conical spire, much as you will see in medieval European churches, it has thick carved oak doors which require strength to open, and which creak as their iron hinges slowly open, it has tall stained glass windows, carved oak pews, dark mahogany trim, and a vintage pipe organ. Despite my disdain for Christianity, this structure is a worthy artifact of ancestors, it is a thing of beauty, it is thing to be preserved. Were we a people, were we a volk, were we a nation of common blood I think we would not allow such things to be demolished - and surely such demolitions are taking place across the land.

This cultural destruction will not stop until we get in line, until we - the White Nationalists - form a common understanding of our plight and project our understanding - as a beacon of light - to the masses. In German there is a word for this, Gleichschaltung or synchronization.

We, as White Nationalists must become lovers of action. We must impose our will on our fellow Whites, if only by audacity and courage. Force them, we must, to recognize our option to the failed politics and ideologies. We too must recognize that if we oppose the armies marching against us much more destruction will occur, but we have the promise of growth and renewal when the struggle is finished, instead of slavery or annihilation.

I'd like to share one last episode from my life, a journey which caused great angst but which also forged a new understanding, a new determination within my soul. It is one which might affect you similarly, should you be so motivated. I sought the graves of my ancestors, and those I found I visited. I touched their gravestones, and researched the history of their lives. I learned as much as I could about them, their suffering and their trials. As I learned I knew I could not betray them. I could not allow inaction, pity, nostalgia to weaken me, and cause their efforts to be lost to history and our race. These feelings led me out of the bog of nostalgia, patriotardism, and conservatism. Ultimately, it brought me here, to VNN, to this broadcast, to you. And yes, one day, I hope the talking will stop and there will be no more need of VNN, Goyfire or this broadcast.

In closing tonight, I'd like to recall the character Treebeard from LOTR. He and his kind were ancient and powerful beings, but they were timid, cautious, and afflicted with bitter memories from days past. Though their forests were being burned and cut, they only retreated. They retreated until they could no longer ignore the destruction of their lands, till they could no longer endure the murder of their friends, till they could no longer tolerate betrayal. I too understood when I looked upon those graves - as Treebeard eventually did - one cannot hide. I understood too the rage Treebeard felt when he said... ‘gnawing, cutting, burning, that's all they ever do’: then he sent himself, along with his race, into action against Saruman and the evil city of Isengard.

Let us go into battle. Beware! our enemy is like the eye of Sauron. It is forever surveying, it is searching, it is looking for our vulnerabilities. Our enemy spreads lies and sows paranoia. Our enemy knows our weaknesses and will exploit our divisions. Our enemy has a lust for total power, and seeks the destruction of all who will not be its slaves. So, choose for yourself: freedom or slavery. Fight with us, for freedom and life.
A White World (Pierce's Vision for our Race):


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