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Default Tolkein's allegory of Modern Women and Feminism

Tolkein's allegory of Modern Women and Feminism:

The Ents and the Ent-wives represent the roots of race. The Ent-wives have left the ancient forest of Fanghorn representing the rift created between men and women by feminism that leads to the decay and aging of the racial stock-women have departed their role and seek only to be with their own selves immersed in the immanent conciousness of the lower ego which constitutes the fabric of their mind. They can't see the roots leading back to the past and so allow those of the pesent to dry up at the expense of their irrepsonsible self-seeking. They cease to perform the role and function of a bridge to the future and idle about while the bridge of the present crumbles around them leading ot the extermination of their race. The Ent-wives must be recaptured through the Ents pulling themselves away from their lethargic slumber and complacency and fighting the orcs of Orthunc and Saruman which represents Modernity with its foreign economic units of different races and technological monstrosities. in destroying this threat that enables them to magnetize the Ent-wives and bring them away through the law of attraction from their egotism and barren self-seeking to the fruitful role of a fruit bearing tree that is the bridge to posterity and a future salvaged form the ruins of modernity. Thus the onus lies on men to be men and fight for the right to mate with their natural complement.
The orcs who hack at the trees represents miscegenation and outright genocide through economic/demographic/physical/spiritual warfare against the Ents(White Race) and their territory and survival-territory being necessary for survival as the legions of orcs who invade white societies are aware. Saruman is Masonry behind the White-hand/Hidden-hand and his coat of many colours he uses his honeyed words of tartuffery and mendacity to beguile and decieve those who would threaten his supremacy-under of course the all-seeing eye of the Jew-Sauron/Saturn(their god), a.k.a Lucifer the Rex Mundi. Their rapine of the Ent-wives both allegorically through burning with fire and hacking with axes and through sexual rape and physical assault and murder in real life is an act of war and hostility against White people deliberatley undergone with malice aforethought. To destroy the evils of feminism and its endless discontents the men must fight and oppose the economic and physical rape and murder of their own people as the Ents smashed the technological monstrosity of Orthunc so the liberal-democratic/libtard-hypocritic Regime must be smashed and replaced with a natural order that enables the putting down of roots through the putting down of anti-nature religious creeds of the Abrahamic strain.

Women as Enforcers of Dogma:

The role played by the female in a society is to maintain the collective in a static form and are hence spoken of as 'tamasic', inert and plant-like. Their lack of dynamism leads to a state of inertia for the collective when they are accorded inordinate power in a a society as in the present period of gynocracy in the sense of a prevailing feminine conciousness subvertive of the masculine creative will. This inevitably leads a society to extinction as it has no motivational principle other than to languish in a condition of entropy which entails a blue print for its own destruction. The sacred cows of the collective are bedecked with the garlands of feminine adoration as they are left to cententedly fatten upon the vital verdure of the waning impulse of life's blood that diminishes in its rapidity of circulation as it is drained away to feed the bloated animal totem. The females as usual heedless of the consequences of their actions given that their conciousness is of a more restricted and limited scope inevitably perish with their totem if it is not speedily sacrificed with the blade of masculine force and dynamism its life's blood pouring into the feminine chalice of revitalized society returning back to itself its will to power. The dogmas of a masculinized society impel the inertia of femininity to expand the scope of vital energies towards the establishment of tests and feats of strength amidst desperate competition; an adventurous and heroic spirit is then kindled.
As useful tools the women of society may subserve the nefarious ends of infiltrators and subversives who through their offering of greater advantage of their beguiling manipulation deceive the short term planning and emotional conciousness of women to bring about adherence to self-destructive idols before which they prostrate themselves. Thus they must be monitored and made aware in their naivete, gaity and carelessness that the beguiling smile of the serpent conceals a latent danger and venom that may contaminate the blood of the race. Such is the case of the Jew in Today's society with his deliberate targeting of the white woman through emotional propaganda and their obediant and unthinking performance of the role they have been conscripted to play as cats paw to fish from the fires of otherwise inevitable race war the chestnuts of power possessed by the white man. This they have done and though materially wealthy compared to their previous state and proportionally spiritually impoverished. They must again be made into a useful tool to serve better ends, namely that of their own preservation and that of their kin-group thus they must be swayed through counter-propaganda to if not contribute to the winning of the race war to at least not obstruct the march of victory through the necessary blood and iron, an iron cudgel they are too weak to bear and torrents of blood they are too squeamish to suffer the sight of Revaluation of all values! No static inertia and dynamic force! Smash the dove of peace with the hammer of Thor!

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