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Old December 21st, 2018 #1
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Default Finland: Third World Invasion Brings Pedophile Refugee-Sex Attack Crime Wave, “Unseen in Country’s History”

At least ten nonwhite pedophile sex attackers—all “refugees” in Finland—have been arrested in the first major mass sex abuse case in what a senior police officer has described as the “most extremely serious aggression against minors” ever seen in that country’s history.

Nonwhite invaders pretending to be “asylum seekers” arrive in the northern town of Tornio, Finland.

According to two reports in Finland’s national public broadcaster YLE, therapists—all “refugees” from the Middle East—have carried out sex attacks on girls as young a ten years old.

The Finnish establishment—which promotes and supports the ongoing Third World invasion—pretended to be shocked by the attacks, which are commonplace in other European nations such as Germany and Britain, which are heavily affected by the nonwhite influx.

According to the report, the nonwhites have been arrested for “brutally raping and sexually assaulting schoolgirls over a prolonged period of time” in the Finnish town of Oulu.

“According to the police all the men came to Finland as asylum seekers or refugees, some from the Middle East,” YLE reported.

The abusers are aged between 18 and 40, and their victims were all aged under 15, with the youngest only 10 years of age.At least four of those detained have already received Finnish citizenship.

“We are talking about a period several months”, police commissioner Markus Kiiskinen told the newspaper Kaleva. “The suspected crimes are extremely violent and are exceptionally high-level,” Kiiskinen added.

Oulu deputy police chief Arto Karnaranta admitted that he has never seen anything similar in his nearly 38-year-long career as a police officer.

“It constitutes extremely serious aggression against minors. I haven’t seen anything similar in my entire career”, Karnaranta said.

Police in the city of Oulu released an official message to young girls and their parents, warning them of foreign men contacting the young girls on social media and luring them in to situations where they are raped and sexually abused.
“The police specifically urges young girls and young parents to be alert to social media. Recently, in the Oulu region, cases have emerged that foreign-born, often non-Finnish men have clearly attracted younger minors to contact them,” the police report said.

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä, who is responsible for allowing the nonwhites in, called the events “outrageous” and an “inhuman act of incomprehensible evil” in a tweet.

This message was in effect echoed by President Sauli Niinistö, who called the crimes “shocking in their inhumanity”, the daily newspaper Ilta Sanomat reported. According to Niinistö, Finland must muster strength to fight this “evil”.

Police added that more arrests are likely as the investigation continues.

According to official statistics issued by the Finnish Immigration Service, at least 418,282 nonwhite invaders have applied for “asylum” in Finland since 2015.

As of 2018, Finland’s total population was just over 5.5 million—which means that “asylum seekers” now make up at least 7.6 percent of the total.


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