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steven clark
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steven clark
Default The Favorite

This movie came out a while ago, and seems to be considered a major film, a new take on period films. Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, it looks handsome, dealing with the early 1700's in Britain, during the War of the Spanish Succession. It actually was the first World War, but although the war is mentioned many times, the politics are eschewed in favor of a catfight. This is a battle of wills between Queen Anne, last of the Stuarts, Sara Marlborough, her chief lady at court. Played by Olivia Coleman, Anne is dotty, dumpy, and partly in Sara's thrall. Sara, played by Rachel Weisz, bullies her, plays Queen Bee, and is not one to be crossed at court. Sara worked hand in hand with her husband, John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, almost like a kind of Bill and Hilary Clinton, but the Duke is almost a non character here. Instead, we see the catfight, added when Abigail (Emma Stone), comes to court, and slowly weans the Queen to her favor.
Sara doesn't like this. Rowerr!
The film looks handsome. The locations and costumes are very good, and some odd aspects of Restoration England (Godolphin, the chief minister, enjoys duck races) are caught, but much of modern jaded society comes through. No reason for the war is given, just a background for Sara and Abigail's rivalry, often while Sara enjoys shooting...oddly enough, a similar metaphor used in another period film out, Vice.
Male violence abounds. Abigail, when a British soldier shows his cock to her and she's not interested, kicks her out of the coach. To emphasize her duties to Harley, the Earl of Oxford, he shoves her into a pond.
Also, there was a court dance that looked more like slam dancing then the period dances then, which I dance to all the time. It's goofy, and I noticed the court had several black women there...again, race mixing.
We just can't be historical, can we?
Also, for the record, Sara was fair skinned and blonde. Rachel Weisz is dark and, as she ages, is starting to look like a Ruth Bader Ginsburg in training.

There's no doubt the film has 'drama', but I found it cold and I wasn't really liking anyone. Anne was shown as troubled, which was the record, but she was more of a leader then what this film shows. I'm tired of all these 'trendy' directors and their re-interpretation of history.
Also, there's one scene where a fat, naked, bewigged courtier is pelted with pomengranates by other drunken courtiers. Is there a kinky pomengranate crowd out there I'm unaware of?

I thought about seeing the new Mary, Queen of Scots, because I enjoy Saorise Ronan, but one scene where the English ambassador is played by a black kills my seeing it. Mary was a loser anyway, but the English determination to kill off themselves and their history doesn't need my viewing.
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Ray Allan
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Ray Allan

When I clicked on this thread I thought you were talking about this movie:
"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

--Henry A. Kissinger, jewish politician and advisor


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