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Old April 10th, 2019 #1
Erik T. White
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Erik T. White
Default Retail stores are in trouble, analysts say

'Retail apocalypse' now: Analysts say 75,000 more US stores could be doomed

Widespread closures have roiled the retail industry, but many more stores are likely to shut down in coming years to keep up with a shift to online shopping, according to a report by investment firm UBS.

An estimated 75,000 stores that sell clothing, electronics and furniture will close by 2026, when online shopping is expected to make up 25 percent of retail sales, according to UBS. Roughly 16 percent of overall sales are made online.
Analysts said the closures would affect a broad variety of retailers, affecting an estimated 21,000 apparel stores, 10,000 consumer electronics stores and 8,000 home furnishing stores.
Already this year, retailers have announced plans to close thousands of stores as they keep up with changing consumer habits. Payless ShoeSource, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in February, is closing all 2,100 of its U.S. stores, while Gymboree is shuttering its 800 locations. Sears, which has closed 1,300 Kmart and Sears stores since 2013, is scrapping an additional 80 locations. A number of other retailers, including Gap, have hinted that store closures are on the horizon.

I've heard, from a very reliable source, that at least one major retailer will be using robots to clean stores by 2020. So, college grads who major in French with an emphasis in old French troubadour songs, where are you going to find a job in the kwa to pay off that $300,000.00 school debt you racked up getting that USELESS Ph. D.???? Hmmmmmm???????????

Insurance companies once were hiring Ph. D.s in fields other than insurance, because those were bright folks. Well, at least in the past. However, with online insurance purchasing, even the insurance agents are in hot water.

jooz are trying to make all Whites depressed and suicidal!!!!

Whites are afraid to speak out against their enemies, let alone act out. This must change ~ Alex Linder
Sweat saves blood, blood saves lives, but brains saves both. ~ Erwin Rommel
Old April 11th, 2019 #2
Nikola Bijeliti
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Nikola Bijeliti

Loosing retail jobs wouldn't be so bad if we still had manufacturing jobs, but most of those jobs are gone, too. Retail isn't essential to an economy; manufacturing is. The only type of society that can survive without manufacturing is an agrarian society like the Amish, or a hunter-gatherer society.

The way the current economy works is that old people are spending their retirement savings on merchandise, which provides retail jobs for young people who cannot find manufacturing jobs because they have nearly all been shipped overseas. Once the old people all die off and their retirement savings have all been spent, there will be literally nothing left in the economy. The money (wealth) that was spent on foreign-produced merchandise will all be in the hands of foreigners, who will use it to buy up whatever assets the U.S. has left. As for the Whites who are left, God help them! The men without survival skills, which is most of them, will either die or commit suicide, or find that they had survival skills that they never knew they had, or else become servants to the non-Whites. The women will flock to the men with survival skills. Then things will get really interesting.

Our goal right now should be to balkanize before that happens, so that all-White communities, hopefully sovereign but possibly not, can bring back manufacturing and become self-sufficient.
All these ideas…are chained to the existence of men, to who[m]…they owe their existence. Precisely in this case the preservation of these definite races and men is the precondition for the existence of these ideas. --Adolf Hitler
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Literally Kitler
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Kwans love plastic shit made by 8-year-olds in sweatshops in third-world countries. They love it because they're told to by Madison Avenue kikes who were hired by Wall Street kikes to sell this plastic shit. This is called (((capitalism))).
One must either affirm or reject anti-Semitism. He who defends the Jews harms his own people. One can only be a Jewish lackey or a Jewish opponent. Opposing the Jews is a matter of personal hygiene.
-Joseph Goebbels


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