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Those are bleak and blunt conclusions you have there about media control and violence, but I can't rebut them.

I realized a few years ago that it's not that people aren't sufficiently enthused about the survival of the White race; it's that they aren't enthused about anything at all. I did an experiment for several years to see if WN was the problem, or the lethargy of the masses was the problem. I rented a table at an organic farming conference, and passed out flyers with contact info to people who said they were from my county or a neighboring county only. The flyers said that I would help them get a garden going, and it talked about peak oil, agribusiness, corn syrup, et cetera. At this same conference, James Howard Kunstler gave a very animated speech in a large auditorium with a Power Point presentation that was projected onto a movie theater size screen. He's a very talented orator, and he moved the audience to laughter and to terror regarding the peak oil and food situation. One of his best points is that technology and energy are not the same thing, and that's why you can't rely on a "techno-fix" to keep society running at the current level. He has a picture of a 747 jumbo jet saying, "Fill 'er up . . . with technology?"

So after all that, I handed out about two dozen packets to people in my area. I offered truckloads of horse manure and technical assistance in getting started. Nobody contacted me afterwards. Mind you, these were people at an organic farming conference, and I learned from talking to each one that what I was offering was in fact something they didn't have and could use in getting started at farming. This was March 2006.

Conclusion: It's not our message that's the problem. It's the general apathy and standing inertia of the public.

Brian Stone,

It's good that you are testing different approaches, and seeing how people react, and thinking about it. This is how you get good at interaction, and how you learn deep truths about human nature. This is the kind of practice we all need more of.
Godzilla mit uns!
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Evan McLaren
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Evan McLaren

Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
Funny post off Prozium blog:

13Evan McLaren [takimaggot]

Yeah. If they discussed it. Which they don't. Using the term and talking around it is not discussion. Nor is shutting down the comments precisely so outsiders can't make the points you fear to, thereby threatening your income and making you look bad. You kill two birds with one stone by closing off comments. But you just make the rest of us laugh at you because we can see right through your ridiculous rationalization.

You know what, budger. If you made a couple posts about malevolent jews, that probably wouldn't happen. If it's the most important question going, and you never talk about it, you extravasate the latent anger into surrounding fields.
Good times.


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