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Karl Radl
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Karl Radl
Default Jewish Paedophile and Rapist: Rabbi Naftali Maklev

Jewish Paedophile and Rapist: Rabbi Naftali Maklev

Well another day and yet another case of a jewish sex criminal being outed has hit the news. Well sorry... not the news per se, but rather the Israel-specific jewish news. This sort of thing barely gets reported by the mainstream non-jewish media sources, which has been documented by Michael Lesher to be a mix of collusion and fear of being accused of 'anti-Semitism'. (1) By comparison if a Catholic priest is caught or accused of the same then expect wall-to-wall coverage by these same media outlets.

This time the alleged criminal is a senior Israeli ultra-Orthodox rabbi named Naftali Maklev. Maklev was, and still is, the rabbi at the Be'er HaTorah yeshiva and is a kashruth supervisor for the Orthodox jewish community. (2) He is also the brother of former Israeli MK Uri Maklev. (3)

To cut a long story short: Maklev been accused by three of his nieces of raping them 'hundreds of times'. (4) This was only made possible however, according to the Jerusalem District Attorney's Office, by Maklev's fellow rabbis turning on him for unspecified reasons. (5)

I quote Silverstein's summary of what we know so far:

'One of the methods he used to persuade his victims to permit his behavior were false halachic rulings which he invented to justify himself. He told his victims that not only were the sex acts not prohibited, but rather they were mitzvot (or acts approved by God). He further claimed the sex was a form of healing for various ailments which afflicted him and that not only his health, but his life were dependent on them.


Maklev allegedly gave the victim several hundred shekels each time he raped her. The money was meant to ease the family precarious financial condition. He reminded her regularly of the financial obligations of her father which he covered, in order to increase her dependence on, and servility to him. Maklev’s behavior continued even after the victim was married and became a mother.

The accused also raped this victim’s sister after the latter became married. He told the second victim that he intended to offer her correct “guidance” in sexual matters and that he did this with the approval of her husband. He told her that she suffered from a case of “nerves” and that his sexual “therapy” was designed to soothe her and improve her family relations. When she told him that she preferred a treatment that involved medication, he warned her she could become addicted, and that their contact was permissible since it happened “within the family.”

The charge sheet also accuses Maklev of exploiting his respected position in the community and his status as a Torah scholar to inveigle himself into the family of his victims. Further, he arranged financial support for the family, which left it vulnerable to his predatory behavior.' (6)

I don't think I need to say much more than Silverstein has. Well other than emphasizing that this sort of thing is not uncommon among the Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox jewish communities as has been thoroughly documented in several recent books. (7)

I will continue watching to see how this develops.


(1) Michael Lesher, 2014, 'Sexual Abuse, Shonda and Concealment in Orthodox Jewish Communities', 1st Edition, McFarland: Jefferson, pp. 16-91
(7) Lesher, Op. Cit.; Amy Neustein (Ed.), 2009, 'Tempest in the Temple: Jewish Communities & Child Sex Scandals', 1st Edition, Brandeis University Press: Lebanon; David Mandel, David Pelcovitz, 2011, 'Breaking the Silence: Sexual Abuse in the Jewish Community', 1st Edition, Ktav: New York


This was originally published at the following address:

jew pedophile, jew pedophilia scandal, rabbi-sexual


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