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Default Kurt Eichenwald and Child Porn

Kurt Eichenwald and Child Porn

Senior Newsweek journalist and investigative reporter Kurt Eichenwald, who also happens to be jewish, (1) has been in the news lately after he claimed that he was ‘given a seizure’ by a Twitter user sending him a flashing gif. (2)

After I did a bit of a cursory dig into Eichenwald’s biography; I noticed there was something of note there. Back in 2005 to 2007 Eichenwald’s focus was on digging up stories about child pornography and those who engage and/or traffic in it. (3)

As part of his investigation into Eichenwald discovered an under-age male named Justin Berry who distributed in, acted in and procured children for other pornography videos. (4) Eichenwald’s relationship with Berry was somewhat weird in that he expressed his motivations as both to investigate and report as well as to ‘save Justin’. (5)

Indeed as recently as 2013 Eichenwald has launched furious personal attacks against those who ‘slander Justin’ and ‘attack a young gay man who is in the process of coming out’. He even went so far as to write to advertisers on the site in question screeching hysterically about their ‘persecution’ of ‘a young gay teen’. (6)

As Gal Beckerman has written, and we can see, Eichenwald’s relationship with Berry is just a little bit… well… strange. (7)

Without Eichenwald having openly stated it; it rather appears that Eichenwald was and seems to still be in love with Berry. Basically the implications of Eichenwald’s behaviour at the time and since are very much reminiscent of a ‘gay daddy’ towards his ‘gay son’.

Does Berry return Eichenwald’s affection? Did he ever?

I cannot rightly say as there is no evidence one way or the other to go on, but it seems likely that Eichenwald still retains his deep affection for him.

However what is clear is that Eichenwald paid $2,000 to Berry, while he was an active child pornographer (8) [some sources say over $3,000] (9) and $1,100 to another child pornographer. (10)
In addition:

‘Eichenwald, then a Times reporter, said he accidentally accessed a few illegal images while doing month’s-long reporting on Internet child pornography. In a sidebar to one of Eichenwald’s articles, the Times said that a law – presumably 2252– excused the reporter’s encounter with the illegal material. But Eichenwald’s published work implied he had accessed far more than two images.

Eichenwald in 2005 obtained and used administrative sign-on privileges to explore a commercial porn website containing images of a 14-year-old boy masturbating.’ (11)

So in summary then: during his investigation into the distribution of child pornography on the internet. Eichenwald become absolutely infatuated by a then under-age boy – Jason Berry –, paid him thousands of dollars that he failed to disclose until pressured (and then blamed a ‘seizure’ for his failure to do so) (12) and apparently spent a fair old while looking through child pornography on the internet sites he was ‘investigating’.

Hmm… is it me or does it sound somewhat suspiciously like Eichenwald liked what he saw during his investigation.


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(7); also


This was originally published at the following address:

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