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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Harrell

23 JAN 07

Hail Harrell! Many thanks for your care package of informational goodies, including your great article on the likely Mexican Revolution.

As you may know, I specialized in Latin American studies. When I attended the University of Guadalajara in 1959, I took a Mexican history course taught by Professor Travis of Stanford University.

In addition to your observations on Porfirio Diaz’ modernization of the Mexican infrastructure, Dr. Travis mentioned Diaz’ water purification projects which greatly reduced the number of infant deaths, thereby fuelling the population explosion which, eventually, blew him out of office.

Diaz, who was one of Juarez’ top generals, also undermined himself with his own good intentions, by consistently limiting the power of the Mexican Army, so it did not become a burden on the Mexican economy.

Diaz, a mestizo, believed that Mexico’s Indian culture retarded Mexico’s development in assuming what he saw as Mexico’s rightful place in world affairs.

To achieve his goal of making Mexico prosperous, powerful & independent of foreign domination, his plan was to modernize, that is, Gringoize the Mexican economy & infrastructure.

But these policies were doomed to fail in the face of the Mexican population explosion, which also exacerbated the grossly uneven distribution of wealth created by Diaz’ application of capitalism.

As you noted, this growing inequality of wealth has always threatened Mexican political stability, & is now threatening the stability of the USA. Global capitalism seems best designed to concentrate wealth & to spread poverty.

As I’ve written to other correspondents, Bush & Co. appear to perceive “The North American Union” of Mexico, Canada & the USA in terms of their political panacea, at the cost of economic & demographic disaster for U.S. & Canadian Whites.

NAFTA has laid the economic foundations for the Zionist World Order’s North American Union & its new-jew funny money, “the amero.”

Such a political-economic reshuffle could provide our Zionist Occupation Government with a “new deal” from its stacked deck, so the tax-payers may be fooled longer, or at least distracted.

The effective occupation of the USA with a hispano-mestizo population would certainly distract the Goyim from pursuing their Zionist criminals, just as the Russian prison population terrorized & paralyzed the Russian people, after the jew-Bolsheviks freed them for that very reason.

You may recall Mexico’s aborted independence movement of 1810, officially led by Padre Hidalgo: Mexican Whites saw Spain’s French occupation as a good excuse to declare independence from Spain in the name of The King of Spain, who was now a hostage of Napoleon. As we can guess, those White Mexicans were lawyers!

The mestizos & indios joined Hidalgo’s forces, but their slogan was not “Independence!” but “Death to Whites!” Suddenly, the White Mexican ‘patriots’ got cold feet & shifted their support to “Napoleon’s viceroy.”

Poor dupe Hidalgo & his mob of indios were defeated by better led & better disciplined Spanish forces.

Hidalgo was captured, defrocked by The Inquisition, & executed by due process, for rebellion. That’s why Mexicans prefer to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, rather than their Independence Day.

You probably know that the PRI was leftist, but also corrupt & plutocratic. It was also anti-clerical & Freemasonic, according to Mexican officials I’ve known.

The PRI nationalized the churches after the Archbishop of Mexico forbade the government to take over public education. Clerical garb was forbidden. The Archbishop had placed Mexico under interdiction, as I understand, which halted masses, baptisms, marriages & funeral services.

The government knew that most Mexicans could not afford such luxuries, but it was essential for the people to have access to the “saints” to whom they prayed. These idols occupied the churches, so the government confiscated them in order to keep the church buildings accessible to the public.

If I recall correctly, a religious civil war known as The Cristero Rebellion broke out in the early to mid-1930s, with atrocities committed by both sides.

It was during this era that the Soviet jew, Eisenstein, made the propaganda film, “Que Viva Mexico!” which portrayed (more or less) the start of Mexico’s 1910 Revolution.

As I recall, the movie ends on The Day of the Dead festival, in which everyone wears a skeleton mask.

There are 3 costumed figures dancing on a stage in a public square: one in military uniform, one in bankster garb & one in a bishop’s miter. At the end of the day, everyone doffs his mask. A mestizo boy doffs his & smiles into the camera, but when the 3 dancers doff their masks, they reveal real skeleton faces beneath!

According to my studies, Mexico’s civil war cum revolution lasted from 1910 to 1929, if we choose to omit the Cristero Rebellion as a continuation thereof.

Mexico’s ruling scum are predatory & parasitic, so they discourage honest productivity. Combine that policy with irresponsible reproduction & we have an explosive mixture, indeed. Been there, seen that.

Yours, as always, for Truth, Freedom & Justice.




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