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Old August 11th, 2012 #121
Angel Ramsey
Join Date: May 2012
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Originally Posted by Shockley View Post
Shows how little you know. You want the advantages of feminism ( workplace right, your big opinion) but you cling to having a little troll following you around in your arguments. Yes, feminism through and through; all the rights, no responsibilities. A real white man would tell you not to go around starting arguments with other men.
Second, ponying up is not the white thing to do, it's the jew materialistic thing to do. To do what? Spend money on overpriced, MSG and chemical laden restaurant food, or the joo movie theater? You obviously know little of history. But I'm sure you just went on bike rides and family dinners right? White people never ever did consumer based dating, that is the joo way. get a clue.
I must address this again. No actually a Real WHITE man would beat the everloving shit out of you for talking to one of their women like this. How's that going for ya, tiger?
Old August 11th, 2012 #122
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by Angel Ramsey View Post
I'm a SAHM of 5 racially aware White children to the same man ,who I've been married to for 18years. Our oldest is 16 our youngest is 4.
Thats a very important career.
Old July 22nd, 2013 #123
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Originally Posted by Steven L. Akins View Post
Some women are beautiful...for awhile.

Many are mediocre, some are downright homely.

All are perishable fruit, their beauty limited to a brief season, and then it fades forever; either gradually or rapidly.

Men lie about women. They lie to themselves and to the women that they pursue. If women could read our minds and honestly know our true thoughts and feelings about them, they probably wouldn't have anything to do with us.

Attraction clouds men's judgement and makes us believe things that are not true. It misleads us into thinking that if we can possess the woman we desire that we will be happy with her for the rest of our lives - it isn't true, because women age and change. Their looks fade and their personalities change over time.

Eventually we either resign ourselves to living in a mild nostalgia (provided the woman makes that possible by making herself tollerable); or else we come to despise them and wish to rid ourselves of them, because they are so unlike what we really wanted and desired.

Oh Steven... why did they ban you dear? You're such a wonderful man. Your posts always make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.
Old August 18th, 2013 #124
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Location: In the land of Hockey Hosers(Canada)
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Originally Posted by Andersson View Post
I don't mean to be disrespectful, but the majority of all people regardless of gender are that way these days...

I'm a woman and I've met my fair share of men who are self-indulgent, conceited, deceptive, promiscuous cheaters, and a whole load of other things. I'm not saying all men are that way, because they certainly are not.

I think, that the moral decay of white people of either gender is a result of the overall moral decay of white society... if this was taken out we'd see much of an improvement in ALL white people.

But yes, there is a mental difference between men and women... libtards who say otherwise are ignoring the obvious.


Well said and so damn true.
Old September 22nd, 2015 #125
Carl T
Registered User
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Carl T

Originally Posted by Susan View Post
Well, thank you Mr. Johnny-come-lately-since-Nov.2011 for your words of wisdom.

Gee, in all my 57 years on this planet, I never even considered the thought that men and women are different.

Well, you sure put me in my place.

Hey, genius, here's a thought: No one ever said men were supposed to act like women. How about acting like a decent human being and not some impulse driven nigger when it comes to your dick? Huh?

Believe it or not, there actually are men who are perfectly happy with their own wives and don't fuck anyone else. They care about their wives' feelings and needs, and therefore don't want to hurt her with selfish, destructive behavior.

Of course, if one only read men on this website, one would think that all men crave pussy all the time and have the god given right to pursue that desire whenever and wherever they wish.

Could someone please tell me, too, what is the difference between this and a nigger?

And to hell with what their wives or significant others think about it.

If men want to pursue this lifestyle, fine, knock yourself out. I have no issue with single, unattached White men behaving like niggers, (well, actually I do, but that's just my opinion), just don't drag a good woman and her children into your twisted sexual nightmare.
Hey Susan, you make points and just because us men are more aggressive,
or whatever does not mean we have to stop being decent human beings
Old April 4th, 2017 #126
Wednesday Owens
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Amazing. It is like TDS is VNNF Jr.

Except for the annoying Christards regurgitating Hebrew text, which I think is a huge mistake on Anglin's part.
Old April 10th, 2017 #127
Thaddeus Martell
Junior Member
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Thaddeus Martell

This is a test posting to see if I can post :-)


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