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Default DNA Studies Confirm Accuracy of March of the Titans

"Over the years, I and my book, March of the Titans, have been the subject of an intense amount of vitriolic attacks from people objecting to my mention of racial mixing in Southern Europe as being the cause of the decline of the classical civilizations.

In addition, I have also been vilified for daring to mention the very obvious admixture of sub-Saharan genes in Iberia (particularly Portugal) which resulted from the slave trading era.

The very latest genetic studies have conclusively proven the accuracy of March of the Titans.

I take no delight in having it confirmed — I would much rather have it otherwise, but, be assured, that revenge upon these internet vermin who have nothing better to do than slander me on their silly little blogs is sweet."

DNA Studies Confirm Accuracy of March of the Titans Thesis of Racial Mixing in Southern Europe

Portugal: Modern DNA Tests Prove March of the Titans Correct Once Again


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