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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Douglas

8 MAR 07

Hail Douglas! Thanks for bringing up so many points about which I was discussing with a local contact.

You have identified a major malfunction in sheeple: the disconnection between knowledge, belief & behavior. This is a sign of downbreeding & mental illness.

As you say, it is fine to impart information, but the teacher, unlike the reporter, must put that information into a meaningful context of understanding, so the student sees how it fits into The Big Picture, of which his life is a part.

Speaking from my own experience, I had a thirst to know The Big Picture from the age of 8, when I looked at the map of The Western Hemisphere, & I decided I would be an explorer.

My first objective was to visit South America & the Amazon.

I thus took every opportunity I could seize toward that goal: I studied Latin American history, geography & languages. I read explorers’ books which described where they’d been & what they did.

I pursued this goal in junior high school, high school & university. The day I stood on the banks of The Amazon River in Leticia, Colombia, came as no surprise.

I attended an elementary school in California whose students were majority Anglo-mestizo. This was before the Hispano-mestizo invasion, which justifies calling it Mexifornia.

If they had any ambition, to my knowledge, it was to become gas station attendants so they could afford to purchase & maintain their intended hotrods.

Some of them may have achieved this goal, if they did not die in accidents by the time they reached junior high.

Two of my classmates were killed when they drove their motorscooters between parked & moving traffic.

One got killed by a door which a parked car’s driver opened suddenly in front of him. The other died instantly of hitting a car making a righthand turn. His scooterborne body went over the car’s hood & he broke his neck upon landing on the other side.

I knew that I must be careful in traffic if I wanted to see The Amazon. Ha!

Like normal sheeple, I had my share of distractions, but my goal remained on course, like a compass needle.

During this period, I received lots of disinformation about the country in which I lived & about its form of government.

En route to The Amazon, I began to compare the American reality with the illusion. I could see that the Bank of England (Rothschild) stooges who formed the Zionist (jew-supremacist) entity called the USA, were quite different from our school & media propaganda.

Eventually, I learned the true meanings of “nation” & empire. The clues were always there: The Senate, Roman eagles & fasces, under our Roman-style “republic” which was ruled by rich rascals, just like ancient Rome.

Our ‘king’ was a document, a “damned scrap of paper,” as Bush II called it. Words written on paper are no better than the men who back them up, I learned.

I had to know The Big Picture if I were going to make wise investments of my time, effort &, possibly, money. I needed to know reality, & to rid myself of jewsmedia illusion.

No one I have ever met on this planet had this thirst for knowledge, although I suspect that many jews have it, usually passed onto them by their elders.

My elders hid from me even the tiny fragments of truth they had acquired. Hence, I am an all-too typical Goy.

We cannot be relevant to reality if we are guided by illusions. I have reached the comprehension of where we are now, & how we got here.

The USA was always a front for bankster imperialism. As President Coolidge declared: “The business of the USA is business.”

It appears that we are now living in the ‘atomized’ society of individuals promoted by madmen like Rousseau, Locke & Jefferson, who also promoted adultery between Whites & Amerasians.

Our ersatz Roman state is now one of international (globalist) corporations: a mercenary entity.

Those who fight for “democracy” for regular military pay still believe in the illusion.

The military mercenaries who fight for globalist imperialism in The Middle East do it for the money. Their behavior is thus based on their beliefs of what the USA really is, whereas the behavior of reservist ZOG-slaves is based on illusions.

I always study to DO things right. I never studied for lack of things to do. What I learn, I apply. As one correspondent wrote: “We can bring a horde to wisdom, but we cannot make them think.”

If Goyim prefer not to think, then I don’t care to trouble them. If they will not behave in terms of their beliefs, based on their knowledge, then they are hopeless, but not serious.

Goyim must want knowledge. Where there is no will, there is no way.

Oncoming events may serve to teach a few, as they flatten the majority, but the knowledge may come too late. We shall see.

What I have achieved has been a satisfactory combination of knowledge, belief & behavior.

As I understand, my writings appear on & the VNN website. Everyone is welcome to use them as they wish, as long as they do not have me state that jews are “White.” I say they are NOT White, for that’s what jews say to themselves.

Everyone can heed my advice to avoid TV & stay debt-free. Those are the first steps toward sovereignty over ourselves.




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Mr. Eric Thomson
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