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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Tom

11 APR 07

Dear Tom: Many thanks for your cogent cogitations on current calamities.

In your letters of 6 APR 07 you address issues of growing importance & likely impact.

It appears that our respective ZOGs are cooking up a kosher scam designed to fleece the Goyim in regard to “global-warming.”

The Voodoo program of transferring pollution entitlements & imposing a tax on environmental polluters, specifically greenhouse gas producers, is unlikely to curtail depletion & pollution of our planet on behalf of profit, for the tax will be passed onto the consumers, including non-polluting consumers.

The cause of “global-warming” is the capitalist quest for infinite profit from the infinite growth of consumption, due to global-swarming. Population increase + profiteering = Pollution of the globe, & contribute to global-warming.

It appears that our bankster-gangsters of the jew world ordure want to reduce the standard of living for the majority down to Turd World subsistence levels.

Not only do we suffer the invasion of Turd Worldlings, but our ZOGs seem to intend that our lives will become those of the Turd World, whether they invade our livingspace or not, as written in those Protocols of Zion, which are the most factual “forgery” in existence.

There are numerous statements therein which promote the impoverishment of the Goyim toward their abject enslavement & extinction.

Reduction of living standards correlates with the reduction of freedom, which are achieved when people allow aliens to determine their economic policies, exactly as we have been doing.

“Global-warming” may occur in fact, but I am more certain that our ZOGs will use it as a pretext for imposing a “Soylent Green” standard of living upon those presently living above Turd World conditions.

The Protocols state these intentions of our Zionist (jew-supremacist) rulers:

#10 “ is utterly exhaust the use of torture, by starvation, by the inoculation of diseases, by want, so that the Goyim see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money & in all else.”

#6 “...What we want is ...all the money of the world... Then the Goyim will bow down before us, if for no other reason but to get the right to exist.”

It is thus that any alleged emergency plus distress (real or imagined) serves to goad the Goy sheeple in directions desired by our ZOG.

The Cold War served that purpose, & now, it appears to be “global terrorism” & “global-warming.”

In all events, we must ask “Cui bono?’ As the great conspirators, Lincoln & FDR stated: “In politics, things are MADE to happen as they do.”

When Goyim become disillusioned, if ever, they will have to view life in terms of trade-offs, in which there is a price for everything. If the choice is between bread & freedom, how much freedom will we give up in order to eat?

It is said that “life isn’t fair,” which really means that it doesn’t conform to our illusions.

If everyone thought like jews, the jews would have a tough time indeed. That’s why their media purvey illusions for Goy consumption.

Freedom consists largely of being free from illusions. It means that we may do as we please, when we are willing to pay the price.

If we do not know that there is a price, then we are not at liberty, but we are at risk of suffering unknown consequences for lack of knowledge.

ZOG is correct when it says: “Freedom is not free.” Illusions promote slavery, such as the illusion of ‘democracy.’ ZOG knows!

Many thanks for the great quote from C.G. Jung.

It appears that the components of The Universe, from the infinitesimal to the infinite, are all intricately related, & are thus interdependent. Such organization on such a scale connotes a consistency on par with an intelligence, of which we are a part.

No matter how small we are, we are not lost in the Universe, since we are parts of it, just as my cells are parts of my body, whether they are conscious of that fact or not.

The cabalists deem The Universe as a Great Being, “Adam Cadmon,” who comprises all matter & energy & all life-forms.

As Jung says, there is a likelihood that we can communicate with other components of The Universe, since we are in permanent contact with them, for we are part of them & they are part of us!

As you say, there are more aspects to alleged opponents in human conflicts than are perceived by the bemused & deluded Goyim, such as the touted ‘rivalry’ between the Chinese of China & the Chinese of Taiwan.

As I recall, there was once such a ‘rivalry’ between China & Hong Kong, which has dissolved seamlessly on the basis of mutual Chinese interests. Let’s hear the Goy cheer: “DUH!”

The military genius, Sun Tzu, perceived that the objectives of war can be achieved without military confrontations. He accurately described a regime at its wits’ end as behaving like “mad bandits,” who are doomed to a dark & brief future, just like ZOG’s. That’s where “business as jewsual” is getting us.

As long as we remain sheeple, we can anticipate our fleecing & slaughter. The price we must pay for our survival is to become men, not sheep.

THINK NATIONALLY. Behave rationally.




Write to:
Mr. Eric Thomson
P.O. Box 896
Yakima, Washington 98907-0896
Ek trui a matt minn ok megin.
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