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William Robert
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Default Criticize, Criticize, Criticize! How about Tell people....

To just turn the Telivitz OFF. The sooner the better. We can't criticize it to death. The only way to is to Figuratively "Shut it down". Just turn the switch, that's all. Sounds so simple doesn't it? Well let's get the message out shall we?

True story about watching to much televitz,
Even if you only watched "white nationalist" programming it would still be bad. Heres why.
The fundamental difference between watching and reading is such
that when a JOOTOOB production
is brainwashing the goals of your life,
the televitz gets really hot in a physical way.
Just walk over and put your hand on the set.
You will notice the televitz generating heat,
from the electricity, that you are paying for
Your Mind, however, stays very cold during this
"Zionist brainwashing propaganda session"
of watching the televitz.
That's because when you laze in front of the JOOTOOB:
and you are already physically exhausted from working overtime.
physically exhausted from trying to raise your children.
physically exhausted from trying to make ends meet.
Not to mention your own personal immune system
toxically and caustically demolished
from the polluted Air, water, and food,
not to mention constant stress from so-called terrorism
How can you do anything but drink beer and chant "Why ask why, drink bud dry!"
Or endulge in what ever sin that has been pushed in your face
24 hours a day 7 days a week
there is no rest for the wicked
he works day and night ceaselessly
In all actuality your mind is being worked on
by the magnificent mind-controlling media machine
that never stops it's constant barrage of propaganda
this working over of your mind however,
through a constant and steady stream
of hyper visual imagery,
on demad by the way,
is done in such a way as to leave your brain very cold
viewing is passive no energy required
most just crash or go to sleep in front of the JOOTOOB
allowing themselves to be hypnotized
by all the crap
like how to teach white women to lust after negroes
like how to worship the jews as the chosen of god
how to blindly with fear support the beast's money system
by paying taxes
working overtime
letting jews raise your children
to betray, hate and destroy you
race-mix and suffer miserably
Taking in all of the visual imagery
at lightning speeds with programmed responses
its not hard to understand subliminal messaging
or at least ingraining repetition
All of this puts you to hypnotic sleep
your brain is literally bombarded into a state of pacificity.
Bottom line is when watching television, the set gets hot and the mind stays literally cold, regarding the area of the brain that is being used.
Reading on the other hand is very different. A person can't be passive when reading a book. The book won't read itself. You must acquire it. Books aren't piped into your home. You must flip through the pages and actually decipher the code so to speak. All of this activity is empowering as well. When you watch a special "program" to modify your behaviour, you must sit back and take it as it is "force fed to you". When actively reading a book, you can access any page at any time. You are master of your own destiny. You don't have to think at someone elses speed. The common denominator has been lowered for public consumption. When actively reading a book. Your mind actually gets hot, in a real physical way. You have to, not only read the words but you have to visualize the story yourself. This heats your brain immensely. Now, you've just read a book. Why are you so tired. You are young, healthy, vibrant, with no reason to be tired. Reading burns calories and is mentally exhausting. Think how the average young american regards reading. When there's m-tv, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, and more crap to choose from on the JOOTOOB. Your brain gets hot from reading alright and that is a good thing. Your mind is very similar to a rubber band or any other muscle for that matter. If you don't stretch it regularly it will become brittle, un-worked, decayed, and utterly useless. The book you have just read however through the whole process of reading stays cold. Hmmm? watching televitz=hot t.v. and cold brain
reading books= hot brain and cold book

Do you want your mind sharpened or dulled. It's really that simple.
Television in all of it's glory is still no substitute for reading.
Reading the right materials of course,
which are getting harder and harder to find.

I would say screw the JOOTOOB!
Start reading to sharpen your senses!
Why be stupid when you can be aware
of the way things really are
The JOOTOOB will never do this
you must work hard for it on your own
Much has been written about everything
too the writing of books there is no end.
Oh ITZ coming all right!

Pathetic ramblings of a very juvenile Billy Bob
Who by the way is leading by example to his own
beautiful 5 children who absolutely love reading,
the right, white, and bright authors of the world!
they don't really care to know too much about the JOOTOOB.
And it's made for GOYIM "programs".
They see the hypocrisy, double standards, and devious nature
already. Do your children? They are the primary target!
To complete the final onslaught!
Turn the JOOTOOB off NOW
Start reading about the important things
in all of our lives, before itz HERE!

Last edited by William Robert; December 28th, 2003 at 05:02 PM.


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