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Default and the Ohio Police

Here is a link to the article concering the death of that gargantuanly obese PCP and COCAINE addict who died as a result of having a massive heart attack during his incident with the Ohio police officers.,,c1gb8125-8971,00.html

Notice there is no mention of the mans health: he was pushing 400 lbs, had an enlarged heard, hypertension, and was high on PCP and COCAINE during the incident. Thankfully, the officers stayed completely within their means and followed procedure when dealing with this man. of course, the very racist wont let you in on any of that information. They also stated that Nathanial Jones "appeared" to take a swing at the officers. I guess they are right. Not so much of a swing as it was a 400 lb man thrusting his entire body and weight into the officer while throwing a punch simultaneously.
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Craig Smith
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Not to mention:

A police videotape shows a squad car arriving at the restaurant at 5:58 a.m., at which point the recording device was switched off (because the squad car was not running - saves battery life).

During the next few moments, which are not visible on tape, the two officers from the squad car approached Jones in the parking lot of the restaurant.

The tape resumes rolling at 6 a.m. An officer is heard saying to Jones, "You gotta tell me what's going on."

Jones then says, "White boy, redneck," and the tape shows him lunging at the officer and attempting to put him in a headlock.


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