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Default The Iron Tablet of Odin

The Iron Tablet of Odin

Have a look at the free distributable White Nationalist handbook-----------includes many little known and secret health tips and techniques as well as survivalism and techniques for propaganda as well as how to wake people up to the Jewish question and its solution here:

White Writes---philosophical writings and practical guidance for the #WN movement

Below is a table of contents:

"The IRON Tablet of ODIN-

the book of White/Right Life": TOPICAL INDEX

White Survival Equation

Essential intro to The Luciferian Conspiracy

Jews-Who Are They?

Anti-Racism=Jewish Propaganda


Real Christianity[?]

Strategy 1: Spiritual

Strategy 2: Propaganda/Activist

Morning Routine

A Declaration of Independance from Jewish Tyranny

Expansions Routine

Strategy 3: Sexual

Traditionalist Philosophy: Doctrinal Synopsis

Strategy 4: Financial

4 Enemy Ideologies

Strategy 5: Social

Racial/ Sexual and typology table

Strategy 6: Topological



Poem: "When WE must live THEY must die"
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Default The IRON TABLET of ODIN v.2

New and expanded version, greatly modified available here:

ARYANH8.COM (main page)

health, physical culture, salubrious living


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