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Old March 29th, 2004 #1
Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default What does "Passion"-the-Event _mean_?

Give it your one-shot ES, executive summary.

I say it shows how much is denied us, and how bad we want it -- which greatly disquieted the jews who oppress us, and excited them into the most extraordinary smear campaign in years. The meaning of "Passion"-the-event is that the people controlling the media are aliens who hate and fear the Normal White America they've made it their life's work to destroy, lo these past decades. Normal White America is a market the jews go out of their way to shrink rather than serve. They prefer to deny exists, while blotting it out physically through turd-invasion. Anybody who reveals, however unintentionally, their game, is subject to scorn unending. Whether the would-be market supplier's in media or politics. The jews crucified Christ, they crucified, Buchanan's Culture Wars, they crucified David Duke, they crucified Mel Gibson. "Passion" shows that jews control the world, and they hate Aryans.


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