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Old March 1st, 2006 #121
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Until quite recently, online photos of this mass-murdering nigger weren't around. So naturally, if you read an account of his crimes (which didn't mention the racial aspect), you were left to incorrectly surmise that Banks was/is White. Thus, we got suckered by JOGZOG's lying, Multi Cult
promoting media again.
Tormented by his biracial identity (that'd be, "NIGGER"), Banks spends his days imagining race wars and ghostly conspiracies in a cell at the State Correctional Institution Rockview, Centre County.
Mass-murdering nigaboo George E. Banks,
SCORE 13 !
Posted on Tue, Feb. 28, 2006
Chronology of George Banks' murder caseAssociated PressSept. 6, 1982: George E. Banks is relieved of duty as a Camp Hill State Prison guard after a conflict with a supervisor and is evaluated at a suburban Harrisburg hospital for mental health issues.
Sept. 17, 1982: Banks seeks help from the Luzerne County Mental Health-Mental Retardation agency. A clinic worker reports Banks was "filled with hate and anger at the world in general."
Sept. 25, 1982: Banks kills 13 people, including five of his children, at two houses in Wilkes-Barre and its suburbs.
Oct. 19, 1982: Banks is fired from his prison job.
March 1983: A three-day hearing results in Banks' being ruled mentally competent to stand trial.
May 31, 1983: A jury chosen in Pittsburgh is sworn in to hear Banks' murder trial.
June 6, 1983: Trial testimony begins.
June 8, 1983: Banks begins to cry when
a coroner recounts the wounds inflicted upon the child victims
, then leaves the courtroom.
June 16, 1983: Against his lawyers' advice, Banks testifies, saying police killed as many as nine of the victims.
June 21, 1983: Banks is found guilty of killing 13 people, wounding a 14th, and other offenses.
June 22, 1983: Banks receives 12 death sentences and one life sentence.
Nov. 22, 1985: After Banks' county-level appeals are exhausted, a judge formally imposes the death penalties.
Feb. 17, 1987: State Supreme Court upholds the verdicts.
Oct. 5, 1987: U.S. Supreme Court declines to take up the case.
Feb. 15, 1996: Gov. Tom Ridge signs Banks' death warrant. Banks later receives a stay of execution.
Aug. 12, 1997: An appeal is argued before the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.
March 1999: Ridge signs another death warrant for Banks, and a federal judge issues another stay.
Oct. 31, 2001: The 3rd Circuit reverses the death sentences based on wording of jury instructions.
May 2002: Prison officials obtain a court order to force-feed Banks, who had gone more than 16 days on inadequate food and water.
June 17, 2002: U.S. Supreme Court sends the case back to the 3rd Circuit, which later upholds its previous ruling in Banks' favor. The case is then sent back the U.S. Supreme Court.
June 24, 2004: U.S. Supreme Court rules against Banks.
Oct. 5, 2004: Gov. Ed Rendell signs Banks' death warrant.
Dec. 1, 2004: Supreme Court halts execution, orders county judge to determine if Banks is mentally competent.
Jan. 31, 2006: Banks' competency hearing begins.
Feb. 27,2006: Judge rules Banks can't be executed because he is too mentally ill.
Old March 1st, 2006 #122
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Posts: 4,365

The judge's address. Can't find his photo, and fuck you too, federal judge Joan H. Lefkow.
FindLaw > Lawyer Directory > Lawyer Profile Email Print Update Get Listed
Hon. Michael T. Conahan
Firm: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Court of Common Pleas, 11th Judicial District

Address: Luzerne County Courthouse
200 North River Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711
Phone: (570) 825-1573
Fax: (570) 825-1843

Thank ya, Jesus! If this nigger is a Krishton, he probably should get off for being too mentally ill to be executed.
Psychiatrists testified that Banks believed his death sentences were vacated by Jesus or God...
Nigger George E. Banks (see post above)-
7 year old (at his death) Scott Mazzillo-

Quote: seven-year-old Scott Mazzillo ran into the room and screamed. When Scott saw the horrible scene in the bedroom, he ran down the hall. George grabbed him, kicked him to the ground and punched him repeatedly in the back. When he stopped struggling, George pulled the sobbing boy up by the shoulder, placed the barrel just behind the left ear and fired. George removed his hand and allowed the lifeless child to fall on the floor. Satisfied that he had left no survivors, George stood up, walked out the front door and yelled,
“I killed them all!”
before fleeing the scene.
Old May 27th, 2006 #123
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Niggero hero killer of his family of 6 persecuted & dissed by state of PA.!,2933,197166,00.html
A man accused of killing six family members confessed to the killings two days before police recovered the bodies from the basement of the family home, the suspect's girlfriend testified Friday at his preliminary hearing.

Jesse D. "Jay" Wise Jr., made his admission to girlfriend Jackie Boots as he drove her to a fast-food restaurant, (DEY BE SUMPIN I GITS TO TELL YOU BEFOH WE GETS OWAH BIG MACS! YOU BE LOVIN' IT!") Boots said.
Old May 27th, 2006 #124
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Niggero Coral Eugene Watts, bona fide serial slayer (by the strict definition) of 100 ! (One Hundred!)

Coral Eugene Watts may be the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history. He’s already admitted to killing more than a dozen women, but authorities believe the actual number may be closer to 100.
Old June 2nd, 2006 #125
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Desmond has done taken action on the spic invasion by
killing a quite respectable 7
A free plane ticket backs to the Freaka foh Desmond, or better yet- an all expenses paid 90 day tour of Aztlan!
Assault rifles turned on family during robbery

Friday, June 2, 2006 Posted: 1523 GMT (2323 HKT)

Indianapolis police are searching for Desmond Turner, who is a suspect in the killing of seven people.

WATCH Browse/Search

A family of seven shot to death in Indianapolis home (1:18)

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (CNN) -- Police were hunting suspects Friday in the slayings of seven extended family members, including three children, gunned down with assault rifles in a crime authorities called Indianapolis' worst in decades.

Authorities have identified one suspect, 28-year-old Desmond Turner, and said they believe there is at least one more.

"He'd gone there to rob the home and decided while he was there to execute everybody at the same time, unfortunately," Sgt. Matthew Mount, a police spokesman, told The Associated Press.

Witnesses told police they saw as many as three or four men running from the back of the home, AP reported.

Police appealed to anyone who might have known the victims or the suspect to contact them.

"This incident has shocked our police department and shocked our city," said Indianapolis Police Chief Michael Spears. "We do not have these kinds of crimes." (Watch details of a crime that may be the worst-ever in Indianapolis -- 1:18)

"We haven't seen anything like this in Indianapolis in recent memory," Deputy Mayor Steve Campbell told AP. "The I.P.D.[Indianapolis Police Department] folks are saying you have to go back 20, 30 years to find anything like this."

The victims, found by officers responding to a call of shots fired about 10:15 p.m. Thursday, included four adults and three children, all Hispanic.

Police identified the adult victims as Emma Valdez, 46; her husband, Alberto Covarrubias, 56; Flora Albarran, 22, Valdez's daughter; and Magno Albarran, 29, Flora's husband. The children were identified as Luis Albarran, 5, Flora Albarran's son; Alberto Covarrubias, 11, and David Covarrubias, 8.

The children were found shot to death in the same bed, Deputy Police Chief Tim Foley said. He said police do not know if the children were sleeping there or hiding.

"It was a home invasion ... everyone in the residence was dead," Foley said, displaying pictures of some of the victims.

All the victims appeared to have been shot with assault rifles, he said, and shell casings were found at the scene.

The home was not a "trouble spot," Foley said. Police had only been called there once in recent history, on an alarm check. He said police do not think the killings were gang-related.

Neighbors said the area had declined in recent years and that drug crimes and muggings had become common, according to an AP report.

A police news release gave this account of the night's events, according to AP:

Flora Albarran had been running errands with a friend before stopping at the house to pick up her son, Luis, about 10 p.m. The boy had spent the evening with his grandmother, Emma Valdez, and other relatives.

When Albarran walked into the home, her friend, who was waiting in the car, saw a light come on and heard Albarran shout: "Don't do that! My child!"

She yelled to her friend not to come in the house. That's when the friend heard gunshots inside and Albarran screaming.

A man holding a long gun stepped on the porch, and the shootings continued inside, the friend told police.

Earlier, police spokesman Sgt. Steve Staletovich said officers on the scene "found a young woman crying that her mother had been shot."

The gunman or gunmen are thought to have entered the home from the front and left the same way, Foley said. Police do not believe they were injured.

The victims were from Mexico but were believed to have been in the United States for at least 10 years, Mount said.

"I didn't know that they were even arguing with anybody," Dodson said. "They go to work every day. They're good people. I just -- I don't see it."

Turner, of Indianapolis, has an extensive criminal history, including convictions for firearm and drug offenses, as well as resisting law enforcement, Mount said. He served about two years in prison for a 1997 conviction and two more for a 2001 conviction.

Authorities believe Turner is still in the area. "We're hoping he's probably lying low right now," Foley said.

Asked if police consider Turner armed and dangerous, Foley said, "Anyone who has killed seven human beings, I consider dangerous."

Turner is believed to have grown up in the same neighborhood where the killings took place, according to CNN affiliate WXIN.

Police described him as about 5 feet 9 inches tall, about 150 pounds, with hazel eyes, a beard with long sideburns and gold teeth.

Spears described Turner as "a very desperate person," and said, "Someone knows where this man is, and we want to know."
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Thumbs up good thread!

excellent stuff....excellent research....excellent work...well done, Chain!
i'm gunna try & 'save' all this thread!

and all we hear on the YooToobe ad infinitum and ad nauseum are the likes of Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy.....with accompanying commentary by yoo shrinks that "all serial killers/mass murderers are 'control freak' white males in their late thirties/early forties who have 'relationship problems' with 'wimmen' or some such drivel"

re: prvs post: wonder if they'll mention 'The Turner Diaries'


Old June 2nd, 2006 #127
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Thank You, jimbo!, RaHoWa and remember--
the first 27 pages of this 7 page VNNF thread
(34 pages total)
are at Stormfront, here-

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Old June 8th, 2006 #128
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Jigacoon Emanuel Lovell Webb, bona fide serial killer (by the strict definition of a
"serial killer"
kills between 4 and 10 !
The detectives sent evidence from four homicide cases to the F-B-I, (NIGGER DNA CAN NOW BE READILY IDENTIFIED; IF THE FBI DIDN'T WARN PUBLIC-- AND THEY DID NOT-- THEN
so that federal authorities could compare the samples with D-N-A profiles of convicted felons nationwide stored in the Combined D-N-A Identification System. The DNA technology and nationwide profiles were not available in the early 1990s.

Police say the identification system recorded D-N-A "hits" for Webb in all four cases. The cases included the killings of Gandy, Sharon Cunningham, Minnie Sutton and Sheila Etheridge.
Police: 'East End Killer' found
Georgia man suspected in up to 10 Bridgeport murders

BRIDGEPORT — Police said Tuesday they have arrested a Georgia man they believe is responsible for at least four murders of young women in the city in the early 1990s.

Emanuel Lovell Webb, 40, was charged with one count of murder by Bridgeport Police detectives at the D. Ray James Correctional Facility in Folkston, Ga., where he was being held on a parole violation.

Police said they have traced Webb through DNA to four murders here, but they said he could be responsible for as many as 10.

He has been charged with the April 19, 1993, murder of 34-year-old Elizabeth "Maxine" Gandy.

State's Attorney Jonathan Benedict said the arrest was the result of the persistence of the Bridgeport Police Department's Cold Case Unit, which in 2000 began to reinvestigate a series of homicides of Bridgeport women in the early 1990s.

He said the Cold Case Unit is continuing to investigate the murders of Sharon Cunningham, Minnie Sutton and Sheila Etheridge, "as well other unsolved homicides of females around that general time frame."

Benedict said members of the unit have been in contact with Georgia officials to arrange Webb's extradition to Connecticut.

In March 1994, then-State's Attorney Donald A. Browne established a special Homicide Task Force to investigate the murders of a number of young women found dead in vacant buildings and lots in the city's East End. At that time, police dubbed the unknown suspect the "East End Killer."

The task force later disbanded, having uncovered few leads.

In 2000, Detectives Heitor Teixeira and Robert Sherback, the sole members of the department's Cold Case Unit, picked up the cases. They reinvestigated about 15 murders of young women between the late 1980s and early 1990s and selected 10 that had similar characteristics. Evidence from four cases — involving Gandy, Sutton, Cunningham and Etheridge — were sent to the FBI for comparison in its Combined DNA Identification System, which maintains DNA profiles collected from convicted felons nationwide. The DNA technology and nationwide profiles were not available in the early 1990s.

Police said sperm had been located at the murder scenes of Cunningham and Etheridge, a cigarette butt was found at Sutton's murder scene, and Gandy had skin under her fingernails from scratching her killer.
In each case, CODIS recorded DNA "hits" for Webb, police said.

Between 1987 and August 1993, Webb lived with his sister, Bernice Snead, and a girlfriend in the East End of Bridgeport.

Teixeira said a hunch made the investigators check old records at Bridgeport Hospital that showed that the day after Gandy's murder, Webb had gone to the hospital to be treated for a laceration to his right middle finger.

"Detectives Teixeira and Sherback did a great work on this investigation," said Police Lt. James Viadero. "I know they feel satisfaction to be able to close a case this old and to bring closure to the victims."

Reached at her Bridgeport home, Bernice Snead expressed shock that her brother was a suspect in the killings.

"My mother is 80 years old and lives with him in Georgia; get the hell off my phone," she said.

Webb was born in Vidalia, Ga., on April 9, 1966. His family later moved to Mount Vernon, Ga., where in 1969 his father, Shade Webb, a disabled Navy veteran, died of pneumonia.

After graduating from high school, Webb moved to Bridgeport, where he lived with his sister. While here, Webb held jobs with Bur-Don Security of Fairfield and J&B Construction of Bridgeport. In 1986, he started a relationship with Jadee Hanson; they had two children. They lived on Smith Street and later Carroll Avenue.

In August 1993, Webb and his family moved back to Mount Vernon, Ga. According to Georgia court records, he was arrested there in July 1994 for the murder of Evelyn Charity, who was sexually assaulted and strangled. Webb subsequently pleaded guilty to the lesser charges of involuntary manslaughter, robbery and theft of a motor vehicle and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. He was released on parole on Dec. 18, 2001.
It's never too late to Retaliate!

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Old June 10th, 2006 #129
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Bona fide (by the strict definition) racial cleansing niggero
serial killer of at least 3 negresses
unfairly faces oppression and imprisonment instead of accolades, medals, and cash bounty rewards for the pelts!

This is a shegro-- NOT a downlow male-

Actual photo from the crime scene- no kidding!
See slide show at Delaware county crime scene location, photo #4:
Delaware County Trials Set For November

LANCASTER, Ohio -- After deliberating for 24 hours, a Fairfield County jury found
David Lance Bruce guilty Friday in the death a woman found in a home under construction.

Bruce was found guilty on two counts of aggravated murder, two counts of aggravated robbery, one count of murder and one count of kidnapping.

The home sits in the town of Baltimore, in northern Fairfield County. The house was not yet occupied, but prosecutors argued that Bruce would have been familiar with it because he worked on the house.

Bruce has also been indicted in two other deaths in Delaware County, where two women were found dumped in rural areas in 2005.

Bruce was not convicted on the specifications that could have sentenced him to death.

He is set to stand trial in connection with the Delaware County cases in November.

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Old June 20th, 2006 #130
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Tha National Guard is going back into nigger NO
after some as yet unknown black hero
racially cleanses the area of 5!

The victims were identified as Arsenio Hunter, 16; Warren Simoen, 17; Iruan Taylor, 19; Reggie Dantzler, 19; and Marquis Hunter, 19, said John Gagliano, the chief investigator for Orleans Parish Coroner Frank Minyard. The Hunters are believed to be brothers or cousins, authorities said.
New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin hugs Monalisa Hunter at the City Council Chambers in New Orleans. Hunter lost two sons, Arsenio Hunter, 16, and Marquis Hunter, 19, in a shooting over the weekend. At left, Barbara Lacen Keller, Arsenio Hunter's godmother.
Old June 20th, 2006 #131
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International Freakin' Swaziland racial cleansing, serial killing hero, David Simelane
score 34 (thirty-four)!
Simelane is said to have killed, in a cruel manner, 34 women and threw their bodies in various forests around the country.
Old June 22nd, 2006 #132
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Brenda Reese asked her son through the window if he enjoyed his final meal, which consisted of fajitas, enchiladas, a burger, pizza, tacos and fried chicken.

“Yeah,” he replied to her. “I got my eat on.”

Nigger LaMont, killer of 3, sez: "Dis is some nasty...

Reese grew up in Louisiana where he said he spent much of his childhood in state custody after his mother was sent to prison,

Anthony Roney, 26, Riki Jackson, 17, and Alonzo Stewart, 25, were killed.
A 24-year-old man and 13-year-old boy were wounded.
At that moment, his mother, Brenda Reese, began pounding with her fists on the chamber window and began screaming repeatedly, "They killed my baby."

She kicked two holes in the death chamber wall and eventually was removed from the chamber.

Evidence at Reese's trial showed his 18-year-old girlfriend, Kareema Kimbrough, walked out of the convenience store about four miles southeast of downtown Fort Worth and drew the attention of several men who were
drinking and playing dice outside the place
. Reese became angry with the men flirting with Kimbrough.

The couple left, met up with three others, including a pair of juveniles, and armed themselves with handguns and assault rifles. With Kimbrough driving and accompanied also by her 2-year-old son, she dropped off the four near the store.

The gunmen then sprayed the scene with bullets. Kimbrough drove back around, retrieved her friends and they all sped off.
Brenda Reese, Lamont’s mother, had been talking calmly through the glass separating she and her son until he drew his final breath.

“No, Jesus,” she screamed and began beating on the window. “God, he felt that. They killed my baby.

“Please Jesus,” she cried and pleaded. “Don’t do it. Oh, God, Jesus, please don’t.”

Family members surrounded Reese in the witness room at the Huntsville “Walls” Unit, trying to comfort her in the moments after her son’s death.

“Oh God, Jesus,” she began to chant. “Oh God, Jesus. My baby’s gone.”

With that, Reese began to kick the wall separating her side of the witness room and the victim’s witnesses, kicking two small holes in the wall.
After her outburst, Reese was asked to leave the room by TDCJ personnel. Her family physically helped her out of the room. As they walked out of the death chamber, a family member began to sing softly, “He’s got the whole world, in His hands. He’s got the whole, wide world in His hands.”
Texas Executes Man for 1999 Triple Slaying
Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Lamont Reese, 28, had to be carried into the death chamber.

"I want everyone to know I did not walk to this, because this is straight-up murder," he said. "I am not going to play a part in my own murder. No one should have to do that."

Click here for the Crime Content Center.

He expressed love to his mother and to relatives of the murder victims as they watched from separate windows nearby.

"I do not know all of your names and I don't know how you feel about me," he said, addressing the victims' relatives. "And whether you believe it or not, I did not kill them."

As the drugs began taking effect, he said, "This is some nasty." Then he gasped.

At that moment, his mother, Brenda Reese, began pounding with her fists on the chamber window and began screaming repeatedly, "They killed my baby."
Mein Name ist Lamont Reese, Du kannst mich aber “Mont” nennen. Ich bin 28 Jahre alt. Ich lese gerne Bücher und Zeitungen. Hier ist es ohne Familie und Freunde, die mir in diesem Wahnsinn helfen, sehr einsam. Ich bin hier erst seit kurzer Zeit, aber die war sehr einsam. Daher sind ein paar Worte von jemandem, der sich kümmern möchte, willkommen. Ich möchte versuchen, Gedichte zu schreiben. Ich bin noch nicht sehr gut darin, aber ich arbeite daran. Also, ich hoffe, bald von jemandem zu hören.

Besten Wünsche


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Jason Howard, black hero racially cleanses his fambly of 4 & bonus kill 1, for a respectable African-American grand total of 5 !


Jason Howard angrily threw papers on the floor...Howard's lawyer said the 24-year-old considered all three children his, although the attorney believes only the youngest was Howard's biological child. (What a good lawyer. Our man Jason done da right ting by raisin' and killin' anudda man's chillun. As the old negro love song plaintively warbled between staccato piano chords: "That's how strong my love is...that's how strong my love is.")
All four victims had been shot.

“They had been there a while - days, maybe even longer than that,” sergeant

Eric Pilya said.

Police identified the victims as Jameila West, 28, and her daughter, Jamiere Erwin, 10, and sons Trever Williams, 6, and Jakia Howard, 3.
Saturday, June 24, 2006 — Time: 11:04:50 AM EST
Suspect admits to killing
WARREN — With a defiant, pouting look on his face and his tattooed arms shackled at his waist, murder suspect Jason Howard threw the indictment sheets against him to the courtroom floor.

‘‘I’m guilty of all this!’’ Howard blurted out.

But the 24-year-old Warren man denied involvement with the quadruple killing in Columbus of his former girlfriend and her three children. Columbus police call him their only suspect.

‘‘My kids are dead! Find out who did that,’’ Howard told Trumbull County Common Pleas Judge John M. Stuard.

When Stuard advised Howard to not speak and to cooperate with his attorney, Anthony Consoldane, Howard shot back with ‘‘I don’t care!’’

The six-count indictment in three Warren shootings in the past week, one of them fatal, included charges of aggravated murder and attempted murder. County Assistant Prosecutor Chris Becker referred to it as
a ‘‘three-day crime spree’’
after telling news reporters
‘‘I don’t really care what his (Howard’s) attitude is like.’’

Stuard officially considered Howard’s appearance to include an innocent plea and he set a pretrial hearing for late Thursday morning.

The judge set bond at $2 million, while surviving family members of Philip A. Dally’s cried inside the courtroom and in the hallway before quickly leaving the courthouse.

Warren police went to a Kenilworth Avenue S.E. home on Wednesday afternoon, finding Howard, also known as ‘‘JK,’’ holed up in the home threatening to kill himself. He was wanted in the two shootings that occurred inside autos in Warren early Wednesday and on Saturday. He also was wanted for questioning in the shooting death of 24-year-old Dally, whose body was found Monday morning in a vacant lot on Front Street S.W.

Becker declined to confirm that Dally was killed over $130 he owed for a bicycle. Sgt. Jeff Cole, one of the lead police investigators, said detectives have gotten conflicting reports over the bike matter.

Besides the aggravated murder of Dally, indictments returned Friday against Howard show an attempted murder charge involving Dantai Young; and charges of felonious assault, aggravated robbery and kidnapping involving Mario Sowell. All the counts carry three-year firearm specifications.

In addition, Howard faces a charge of having weapons while prohibited because of a prior felony conviction. He served several months of a one-year prison sentence for domestic violence and violating a protection order for which he was convicted in October 2004. He was released early after being given credit for time served locally before sentencing.

The victim in the domestic violence case was Jameila West, Howard’s 27-year-old girlfriend who was found shot to death Wednesday inside her home in Columbus.

When relatives of West drove from Warren to the Columbus home after not hearing from her for several days, they found the bodies of Jameila and her daughter, 10-year-old Jamiere Irvin, covered with blankets in the basement, and the bodies of the two boys, Tre’vion Williams, 5, and Jakia Howard, 3, in an upstairs bedroom.

Police in Columbus said West was shot in the head and Jamiere was strangled. The two boys appeared to have been smothered, Franklin County Coroner Brad Lewis said.

West, a licensed nurse’s aide, had moved to Columbus a year ago for a fresh start and the chance to earn better wages, according to family members.

Columbus police said West last talked to her Warren family by telephone a week ago today. They said the timeline fits with the Warren shootings to consider Howard a suspect.

Last Saturday, Mario D. Sowell was taken to Forum Health Trumbull Memorial Hospital about 4 a.m. with a gunshot to the right side of his abdomen, a report states.

Police said the man to whom Sowell was giving a ride, pulled a gun and demanded money. The man made Sowell pull into a Southwest Park on Palmyra Road S.W., where Sowell was forced to the ground and shot in the right side of his abdomen. Sowell was shot once, but police found two .40-caliber shells at the park, police said.

Dally’s body was found about 10 a.m. Monday. His mother told police she last saw him about 2 a.m. Monday, which is about 30 minutes before police believe the shooting happened.

The third shooting was about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday inside a car that was near Mahoning Avenue N.W. and Summit Street N.W. The police report states 26-year-old Dontai R. Young of Lane Drive S.W. was riding in a car with a woman and a man he knows, identified as Howard, when the man shot Young in the arm. Police said the two had gotten into some sort of argument, which spurred the shooting.
Howard was in court Friday on a charge of aggravated murder in the shooting of Philip Dally, whose body was found in Warren on Monday. He also was accused of aggravated robbery, attempted murder and other charges in the shootings of two other men injured in the last week.

One of the injured men was shot in the back in a public park on Saturday, and the other was shot in the arm on a street outside several bars on Wednesday, Warren police said. Howard surrendered to police on Wednesday after barricading himself in a Warren home for an hour.

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Old June 25th, 2006 #134
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Serial killer suspect charged with 13th murder
Jackson County prosecutors filed a new murder charge today against accused serial killer Lorenzo J. Gilyard, 56, who already was accused of killing a dozen women and girls in a 16-year-period.

The most recent charge involves the February 1989 death of Helga Kruger, 26, a Kansas City woman whose nude body was found at 16th Street and Troost Avenue. The Austrian immigrant had been raped and strangled.

Prosecutor Mike Sanders previously charged Gilyard in connection with the deaths of three girls and nine women between 1977 and 1993. He announced last year that he is seeking the death penalty for Gilyard, who remains in the county jail awaiting trial.
= = = =
The Fast and Furious, by Dr. William Pierce
Old June 28th, 2006 #135
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Nigaboo Daren Reese
kills over 100
, but gets a special esteemed-up bail of just $200,000. Let's see, what was Matt Hale's bail? Oh yeah, no bail-- too dangerous to release with so many pissed off White people morphing into closet White racists in the Rainbow Kwa.

Detroit Man Charged in Lethal Heroin Case

County Sheriff's Department Daren
Reese is shown. Reese, one of two men arrested
in an investigation into a lethal form of heroin
blamed for more than 100 deaths in the Detroit
area alone was arraigned Saturday on drug
possession and weapons charges. Sheriff's
deputies arrested Reese on Thursday in the sale
of a mix of heroin and the prescription drug
Fentanyl is an opioid analgesic, first synthesized in Belgium in the late 1950s, with an
analgesic potency of about 80 times that of morphine.

All forms of fentanyls are to be used only by opioid-tolerant patients; several deaths have occurred when used by other patients. Today, fentanyls are extensively used for anesthesia and analgesia.
They said he was carrying 80 packets of the drug
combination known on the streets as "Magic" or "A-1."

DETROIT Jun 24, 2006 (AP)— A man suspected as a key player in the supply of a lethal form of heroin blamed for more than 100 deaths in the Detroit area was arraigned Saturday on drug possession and weapons charges, officials said.

Wayne County sheriff's deputies and federal drug agents said Daren Reese was arrested Thursday in the sale of a mix of heroin and the prescription painkiller fentanyl.

Reese, 45, of Detroit, faces charges including four counts of delivering and manufacturing a controlled substance, and two felony weapons charges for carrying a firearm and body armor. He was being held in the Wayne County Jail on $200,000 bond.

He has sold drugs that have killed several across the USA and is held on a $200,000 bond while a white senior citizen is held on a $3,000,000 bond for drunk driving and another white senior citizen is held on a $2,000,000 bond for improperly storing gunpowder.

Paul Curtis, a lawyer representing Reese, told the Detroit Free Press after the hearing his client was a scapegoat for authorities trying to show they are combating the fentanyl scourge.
Old July 11th, 2006 #136
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Racial cleanser Henry Fong, 27, gets 6 !
Flips call this [run] "amok"...ha ha- "a"- "mok", a little double play on words.
Amok kills 6 in videoke bar

6 killed, 2 hurt in San Juan shooting
Last updated 09:58am (Mla time) 07/10/2006

(UPDATE) AT LEAST six people were killed and two others were hurt when a lone gunman opened fire at them during a meeting on Sunday night in San Juan, according to a report on GMA Network’s "Unang Hirit" Monday.

An Inquirer report posted on the site late Sunday said four died and four were wounded during the carnage.

The same report over “Unang Hirit” said three had died on the spot and three more died while they were being treated at a nearby hospital.

The suspect has been identified as one Henry Fong whose photo was shown on the same newscast.

The victims were among the more than 30 private drivers -- members of the Mix Drivers Brotherhood Incorporated -- holding a meeting inside a videoke bar on Domingo Street, San Juan police chief Superintendent Rodelio Jocson told the Inquirer.

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Michael Anderson-
Suspect Arrested for Killing La. Teens
Friday, July 14, 2006; 12:56 AM

NEW ORLEANS -- A 19-year-old man with a lengthy juvenile record was arrested Thursday in the shooting deaths of five teenagers last month, a crime that brought National Guard convoys rumbling back into town and put a spotlight on increasing violence in the city.

Michael Anderson, of New Orleans, was booked on five counts of first-degree murder, city Police Chief Warren Riley said at a news conference. He was believed to be the lone gunman and has a juvenile criminal record that includes nine felony arrests, Riley said.

New Orleans police officers escort Michael Anderson to central lock up in New Orleans, Thursday night, July 13, 2006, as he is questioned by a reporter. Anderson, 19, of New Orleans, was arrested as a suspect in the deadly shooting of five teenagers last month that returned the national spotlight on the city's growing violent crime problems. He did not answer the reporter's questions. (AP Photo/Bill Haber) (Bill Haber - AP)

The five teens were killed before dawn on June 17 as they sat in or stood near a sports utility vehicle. All five were trapped in a hail of gunfire and died at the scene.

Officials have said they believe the shootings were drug-related or some kind of retaliation attack.

The deaths brought national attention to the city's spike in crime since Hurricane Katrina scattered its residents Aug. 29.

Murder and other crimes had plummeted for the first months after Katrina hit and flooded 80 percent of New Orleans.

But since the start of April, the city has had 35 murders, even though its population is estimated to be about half of the pre-storm total.

After the five teens were gunned down and another man was fatally stabbed the following day, Mayor Ray Nagin called for National Guard troops and state police officers to help patrol the city.

Guard members arrived June 20 and have been patrolling areas of the city that are still largely deserted. Officials said their presence has helped free up New Orleans police to make more arrests.

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Phoenix police sketch of 'Baseline Rapist' or 'Baseline Killer' suspect, believed to have committed 8 robberies, 7 sexual assaults and
6 murders
But police say a composite sketch of the Baseline Killer likely is a disguise...
How did he disguise his big spic-Indian nose?

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Racial cleanser of 3, Quang Van Quan...better or worse than your average White racist?

Photo coutesy New Natyion News
Police found the bodies of Phuong Hung Le, 30, his wife, Trish Dawn Lam, 25, and Lam's 6-year-old son, Tommy, when they conducted a welfare check May 29 at the family's Orange County home about 35 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

Le and Quan met when both were in state prison in the mid-1990s. Le was serving about nine years for robbery and weapons convictions, and Quan was doing 14 years for a home invasion robbery in which he broke into a Los Angeles home, bound and threatened a man, then stole his money, Handfield said.

Quan ran an import-export business in Houston. Police are investigating the legitimacy of the business, the lieutenant said.
Man Arrested for Calif. Triple Slayings

The Associated Press

Saturday, July 15, 2006; 12:23 AM

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. -- A man wanted in the stabbing deaths of a couple and a 6-year-old boy who were found in their home with a starving 1-year-old girl has been arrested, police said Friday.

Quang Van Quan, 35, was arrested Wednesday in Houston, police Lt. Mike Handfield said. Quan is considered a primary suspect in the slayings, Handfield said, although investigators were searching for at least one other person. He was booked for investigation of murder.
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"Me an' my bruddah Ray be sharin' da pride in dis here
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and if ya'll don't like it or say it is we is cheatin' da tread, well fuck y'all! Main ting is, dere is 4 less dead niggers in N.O!"

2 arrested for New Orleans shooting Sat Aug 5, 8:08 AM ET

NEW ORLEANS - Two brothers accused in a quadruple shooting were arrested as this city struggles to rein in crime after Hurricane Katrina, police said Friday.

The pair had been involved in a long-standing dispute with the men who were gunned down last month in a neighborhood not far from the French Quarter, police Superintendent Warren Riley said.

On Friday, Kevin Amison, 21, turned himself over to detectives a day after his younger brother, Raymond Amison, was arrested. Each was booked on four counts of first-degree murder.

The Amison brothers have denied any involvement in the shootings.

"I've been gone since the 24th," Kevin Amison told reporters as he was escorted into jail Friday night in handcuffs. "I was in Atlanta."

Police said witnesses identified the Amisons as the two men who walked by an abandoned house and opened fire on three brothers — 16-year-old twins and a 21-year-old — and their 39-year-old friend sitting on the porch July 28.

The quadruple killing reinforced fears that crime is making a strong comeback in this city struggling to recover from Katrina. July saw 21 murders, which is just under the monthly average of homicides before Katrina hit and dispersed the city's population. There are still far fewer people living here than before Katrina.

Officials say the crime wave could hurt the city's rebuilding efforts if it's not stopped.

Steps have been taken to combat crime. In June, Gov. Kathleen Blanco dispatched about 300 National Guardsmen and 60 state troopers to help city police. That came after five teenagers were killed in a single attack.

On Thursday, U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu (news, bio, voting record) asked the Justice Department to send in more federal agents and prosecutors to cope with the rising violence. Landrieu suggested that authorities use federal racketeering laws against gangs and drug rings.

Mayor Ray Nagin's office said it would announce additional steps Monday to improve the city's justice system. Problems facing police and prosecutors include getting witnesses to testify, a backlog of cases and the destruction of courtrooms and evidence.

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