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Hugo Böse
Jeunesse Dorée
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Hugo Böse
Default Europe debates migrant quota buyout plan

From the FT

European Commission officials are debating a proposal that would allow some EU countries to pay money in order to opt out of a mandatory quota system for accepting refugees, in a plan that could ease a stand-off between eastern and western members over how to relieve Europe’s migrant crisis. (snip...)
So that´s what Merkel is up to, she´s looking to create a new industry for Germany, we´ll house ur muds, for a fee...
Political correctness is an intellectual gulag.

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John Adams
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There is no level to which the jew and its lackeys wont stoop. Create a war which makes money for the arms industry and then find a way to make money from the resulting chaos. jew philosophy is simple to understand
1 destroy all non jews
2 make money off non jews
3 all of the above
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vnn member
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how to relieve Europe’s migrant crisis.
A crises. It doesn't have to be like this. Just don't take any refugees in. No others etc.. China, Japan, MIddleeast, india, Africa, and of cause IShell gives a flying fuck about others across the world... But western governments always have to save every mother fucker over their own. Fucking mind blowing shit!!!!

europe, migrants


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