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Talking Dog protects homeless people with bite in the penis of an attacking Senegalese

In the early hours of 12 September, residents of Santa Teresa Street in Reus, the capital of the Spanish region of Baix Camp, were startled by the loud cries of an African on the streets, reports the Diari de Tarragona newspaper. When a patrol of the Guārdia Urbana de Reus reached the place, she found a man with injuries in the crotch area. A Senegalese who spoke English but did not understand Spanish, writhed on the pavement of the street, screaming in pain.

African kicking dog - this bites in penis and hand

According to witnesses, the man would have kicked a dog of a person living on the street, whereupon the animal went on the attacker. The dog would then have bitten with his fangs in his penis. When the Senegalese tried to get rid of the animal and get rid of its muzzle, it was also bitten into the hand.

An ambulance arrived shortly after the alert. The rescue workers treated the wounded man and realized that the man had suffered serious injuries to his penis. Tearing of part of the skin and wounds on the glans and foreskin were caused by the bite of the animal, which had pierced the pants with its fangs and reached the reproductive organ to the full extent.

It has to be reconstructed in a special clinic

The injured man was taken to the Sant Joan de Reus hospital, where doctors recommended a transfer. He was transferred to the Joan XXIII Hospital in Tarragona, as the injuries to the penis require reconstruction and urology treatment. The African is now recovering in the center of Tarragona. Whether the person seeking protection has only temporarily or definitively ended his procreative mission is not yet known.

The link in German.

The link translated by Google
The JEWs Plan Is to Exterminate the White People – What Fricking Part Don't YOU Get?
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"gah dayum nigga this is proves those white bitches love ma bbc"


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