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Default Male - female

- - -

I have been noticing some misogyny here lately ( threads about 'broad-slapping' females / 'females are stupid'-threads . .) and also some female-specific threads.

- - -

This thread'll go into gender differences . .

It is supposed to be neutral though.

- - -

Two genders exist . . ( when you leave aside that in 'modern society' it is in talk to even give 'a third gender' for transgenders , lol . .)

Concerning cliches about those two genders. .
Males are said to be the dominant gender . .

In return , females are said to be the more 'attractive' gender . .

All throughout time , society has had different 'gender roles' . .

For example , it isn't long ago when females didn't even wear trousers . .

Clothing was one characteristicum of difference . .

( little explanation . .for a long time trousers didn't even exist in today's sense , both males and females wore 'togas' , long dresses )

In time trousers became the fashion for males and females were stil supposed to wear skirts.

An ancient characteristicum of difference . .

Apart from the fact that this was simply the case , some thoughts on dressing of males - females in general . .

Females were supposed to dress 'sexy' , males were supposed to underline their manliness . .

While males would often emphasize the upper regions of their bodies , arms , upper body , females had other priorities . . They often liked to emphasize their lower laid regions ( legs , butt . .)

This also stems from the ancient claim that males are supposedly the 'more dominant gender' . .

They were supposed to dress in a 'dominant' way ( 'emphasizing their strenght' ) . .

Since females were long perceived to be 'the serving gender' ( sic ) , apart from the already existing differences , they often emphasized their lower laid regions . . ( which probably is reminiscent of the alledged gender roles , males coming across as 'powerful' , females , by emphasizing their legs , butt etc implying that they were 'busy' , i. e. 'good servants' ( Note : This is not my own opinion given here , just re-capping ) )

This has in a way even survived until today . . Still it is liked to be seen when men for example flash muscles or when females were short skirts / show 'a lot of legs' . .

Just an observation . .

- - -

Concerning true differences . .

It is often claimed that males are 'the single creative gender' . .

Explanations from biblical times have claimed that 'only males were like god , the creator' , i. e. inventive . .

When science in the West more came into the spotlight it was tried to be explained that it was 'logical' that males were creative since 'they created life' , i. e. sperm-production while the female would 'be the recipient' . . Supposedly 'biologically explained' . .

Just re-capping here . .

- - - -

Also, when it comes to alleged priorities both genders have when it comes to mating , a lot of 'cliches' . .

What seems to be true is that until today females put more value in 'what a man holds inside' while males more often 'look outside' when it comes to females . . .

Apart from the fact that for a lot of females the inside of a man seems to be more important than allegedly 'his looks' they probably also wish to know if they can 'trust' . .

This is probably the reason why so many females say 'A man has to have good eyes' and such ( eyes in society are often perceived as being 'a mirror of the soul / a mirror of the inside' ) . .

While for males it seems to be different priorities . . They say things like 'She has to look good' or 'she should have a good butt' ( see the 'cliches' above ) . .

- - -

So . . all in all . . a lot of differences . . Without necessarily favoring one over the other . .

A lot of 'cliches' throughout time. .


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