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Lightbulb Russian about life in Serbia

Found it in recently rediscovered blog about Serbia. Think it's worth to quote them here.

Full version of text read in the Russian source Note it's google translated from the memories of pro-Serb Russian actually living in Serbia now.

I'm amazed by all those massively emerging YouTube bloggers who praise life in Serbia. One gets the impression that this is either trolling, or this audience just arrived yesterday, or it only looks at Serbian life through the windows of Kafan and clubs. And all this is built on ecstatic (superficial) emotions and common stereotypes: "rich Russians", "Russians support Putin", "special appearance and love for Russians in Serbia", mostly woven by Russian propaganda of the myths about luxury life in Russia and the inexplicable love of the Serbs to the Russians. In reality, this "love" does not go beyond the words "I love Putin" or "I love Russia", behind which lies the cult of a particular person, and the Russian themselves for Serbs are not very interesting. All these "brotherly" smiles and grimaces, as a rule, boil down to exploring the depth of your wallet and the possibility of obtaining benefits.

Separately, it should be mentioned that after the presidential elections in 2017, degenerative changes affected almost all areas of life, such a global deterioration. In 2015-2016 there were only the beginning.

Like their roadside colleagues in Russia, the Serbian traffic cops do not miss the chance to shake off cash for a formal offense, not wanting to draw up a protocol.

Perhaps because of the reluctance to conflict, you can often see a demonstration of "culture", especially in transport. Backpacks, for example, do not remove, beat them on the face, heads, crush others. Women bag, beating on your head with each braking, does not cause the hostess a desire to apologize, etc. With such round eyes Serbs will look in answer to the remark.

It’s better to be more careful on the market until you learn the language. Only to hear that Russian accent - the price becomes different [higher], it’s better to buy at the supermarket the first time, and the prices are almost the same. Openly sell home brew (rakiya).

Particularly annoying is the desire of almost everyone in Serbia, from the state to the petty market trader, to snatch an extra dinar from "rich Russians" from "prosperous Russia". Sometimes it comes to the absurd.

As it's said by Serbian people - lopovska Srbija. (Serbia of Thieves). I have not experienced this during last 20 years of life in Russia.

In six years of living in Serbia, there have been two cases of theft. The first case in the first month of arrival in the country, the purse was pulled out in the bus, unfortunately because we lost vigilance after the stories of the fraudsters about the "wonderful Serbia". The second robbery attempt happened as early as January 2018, right on the street in the center, two youngsters came up behind, trying to open the purse, but a Serb girl who became a witness scared them off. And this happened even with extremely rare raids into the city.

Cars do not seem to be opened, but some parts can be twisted easily. Therefore, our outdoor parking at the house is now lighting and video surveillance. It is better not to leave anything to lie or stand bad.
There are a lot of garbage containers, often close to the house or porch. Many who want to profit from the content of garbage containers. Gypsies on converted motoblocks, fairly decently dressed people (sometimes on decent foreign cars) - all digging at containers throughout the day. Dogs, crows pull out the bags and carry the contents. Rats of size of a small cat.

Garbage collection does not always work unstable. Heaps have time to gather on the sidewalk. Containers are often not secured, roll, blow by a parked car. Trash has been carried by wind along the streets and between the houses for years. No janitors, all at the mercy of the tenants. Janitors can only be seen in the center and in elite areas.

Serbs smoke everything and everywhere, not paying attention to the presence of children and women, do not even ask permission to smoke. This is an integral part of the life of Serbian society, which everyone accepts by default.
The cleanliness and hygiene of the Serbs is very lame, it is very noticeable in the transport. Teachers teach children to wash once a week.

Openness and immediacy are sometimes shocking. The promiscuity deserves a special place in the description of the Serbs. This can be seen in cars on the sidelines, in parks, outskirts of the city, and even just under a bush. They write about it in newspapers, it is punishable by fines, but, as we observe, nothing scares the Serbs. You just have to keep in mind when you pass with the child near the next car. "Places of comfort" are not difficult to recognize the abundance around disposable wipes and condoms.

On the outskirts of the capital garbage heaps and dead animals near residential buildings. Serbs just come in private cars at night and throw away household or construction waste, cats throw them by the road, into a pile of rubbish or just into the bushes. Even Russians seem now more clean. Sleeping areas are not cleaned, dirt and debris around the houses and clinics.

Lots of stray dogs in Belgrade. We have to drive away from the child at home. Once, good, a leg from a prokus was protected by thick Leivas. Nobody responds to calls to the catch service, as the neighbors said. They called themselves, the cameraman recorded the phone, specified the address and promised to send the first free brigade. Of course, no one came. Now we walk around like the others. They never would have believed that in the capital of Serbia they would have to fend off dogs, this was not even seen in Russia. As it turned out every year thousands of people are judged because of the attack and the bites of stray dogs. There are deaths and disabilities

There are no places for dog walking. The owners do not collect feces; this is the main decoration of Belgrade sidewalks.

Yeah, dogs and perverts are a huge problem in Serbia
MUST read blog: Truth about Serbia

dogs, serbia, stopserbophilia, truthaboutserbia, zoophilia


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