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Default Tintin Translates a Kikenmedia Hit Piece on Hagel

Unbelievably scummy lies from the kikenmedia lie machine. Read this quote and ask yourself if you think Hagel has been accused of sexual harassment.

According to Foreign Policy, the Senate Armed Services Committee is investigating a sexual harassment allegation by a former Hagel staffer. The unnamed staffer has been interviewed by the committee about an incident that took place in 2007.
If you think Hagel was accused of sexual harassment, then the kike has successfully planted the seed of a lie in your brain.

He wasn't accused someone under him was accused. But, also keep in mind that they don't even tell you what the "sexual harassment" really was. It could be something as benign as asking a girl out on a date twice in the workplace. But, just to keep you confused, but still maligned they keep it vague. The fact is that the kikes want to keep robbing the American taxpayer, and he might get in the way of their endless mugging of the working man.

Originally Posted by Tintin View Post
Here the jew is trying to connect a claim of sexual harassment claim made in 2007 by an unnamed staff member against an individual, who relationship to Hagel is not stated. Hagel's check of staff, a woman, handle this issue and found no issue of "sexual harassment" and did NOT tell Hagel. The jew then tries to tie this incidents to a 2005 report on sexual harassment in the military.

BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff

Former Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel faces another obstacle (Not, same obstacle, the jew, another jew lie though) in his already contentious fight (i.e. jew attacks) for confirmation as the Obama administration’s next secretary of defense.

According to Foreign Policy, the Senate Armed Services Committee is investigating a sexual harassment allegation by a former Hagel staffer (but not against Hagel). The unnamed staffer has been interviewed by the committee about an incident that took place in 2007.

The staffer, whose allegation was found credible by committee staff, does not involve Hagel directly. Instead, the investigation appears to center on whether Hagel knew of the incident and whether it was handled appropriately.

(But who did the "sexual harassment"? Was it another Hagel staff member? Was the sexual harasser a jew or nigger?)

Hagel’s former chief of staff Lou Ann Linehan, who oversaw the disciplinary process now being reviewed, dismissed the allegation and denied that the misconduct was “actually sexual harassment”:

(Why use the words "dismissed" and "denied" and not say "cleared of wrong doing" and "found no evidence"?)

“I remember handling it, I thought it was handled. I did not bring it to the senator. I would not have taken it to the senator unless it required a termination and that wasn’t the case,” she said. “The term sexual harassment shocks me a little bit. I wouldn’t have put up with anything that was actually sexual harassment.”

(Now ladies and gentlemen, watch the jew's sleight of hand ... The rest of the article is about something that is total unrelated.)

Sexual harassment has been a major problem in the military and hearings were held on Capitol Hill just two weeks ago in relation to a rash of sexual assaults at Lackland Air Force Base. The Air Force Academy has struggled with its own scandals surrounding inappropriate treatment of female cadets that went well beyond harassment.

(What the fuck does any of that have to do with Hagel? Everybody knew the problem would exist if women entered the military.)

A 2005 report by the Pentagon found that sexual harassment and sexual assault at US military academies were flourishing under a leadership culture that turned a blind eye to the problem.

(Again, WTF does this have to do with Hagel?)

“Harassment is the more prevalent and corrosive problem, creating an environment in which sexual assault is more likely to occur… the obligation not to engage in or tolerate sexually harassing behavior is a values and leadership issue,” the report stated. “Sexual harassment and assault are fundamentally at odds with the obligation of men and women in uniform to treat all with dignity and respect. Those who seek to be future leaders in the Armed Services are obligated to uphold standards—not only in their own conduct but also in their response to the conduct of others.” (How many jew hours were spent sniffing that passage out?)
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"Sexual Harrassment" : Another tool from Big Jew, Inc.'s chest.


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