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Old September 16th, 2013 #1
Roger Bannon
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Roger Bannon
Default Human safari

Tourists on India's Andaman Islands are taken by the busload to watch the Jarawa tribe go about their daily lives. The Jarawa are treated like animals in a safari park, with large signs urging visitors not to feed them or give them clothing.

Could this be done in say, Detroit? How much for an armored bus?
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Karl Lueger
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Karl Lueger

We have 2 possible scenarios becoming real some day, not that far away:

think "Escape from New York" or The Running Man"
where contestant are dropped into americas former cities and compete in a test of survival against the local gangs and savages that had ruined those same cities years ago;
make it out alive and get a big prize, or else killed on a popular reality based tv show

worse for us,
jews power grows to such levels that our race is diminished to the point of being a tourist attraction in a few parts of Europe or US where the kike has allowed some territory for us to live on and have a meager existence,
not so different from the Pale of Settlement our Russian brothers proposed for jews a lifetime ago;
its unlikely jew would allow Whites a casino running, welfare getting scam the redskins get on the "reservations" they have in the US.


Could this be done in say, Detroit? How much for an armored bus?
Alex wrote about that, a great idea in fact:

"Here's a solution: put a big fence around Detroit. Call the insides North American Most Dangerous Game Reserve.
Have a private company manage it and charge hunters from around the world for a chance to bag the game that shoots back.
In exchange the niggers get all the grape they can drank, free cheese they can stuff in their baggy pants, coke and Courvoisier they can snort and sipple - and enough cell phones and weapons to counter attack the hunters.
Make the hunting a reality show, and sell advertising. We've all seen "Ruins of Detroit" - just imagine a great hunt playing out live on tv as humans and niggers do battle in the junked-out ruins of a once-great metropolis.

There are so many social upsides to this plan I'd have to call it fucking utopian if it weren't 100% doable.
There is not a single party who doesn't get what it wants out of it - not the niggers, not the humans, not the tv watching consumers, not the government.
It's not a win-win, itz a win-win-win-win-win-fucking-win."
"To survive a war, you gotta become war."

Rambo, John J.


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