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Togar mah
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Togar mah
Default Africanus

Australopithecus africanus

A. africanus was slenderly built, or gracile, and is thought to be a direct ancestor of modern negroids. Bipedal and dentally similar to negroids, but with a brain size not much larger than that of modern apes, with lesser encephalization (brain mass) than in the genus Homo. The cranium quite closely resembled that of a chimp. Despite its slightly more congoid-like cranial features, other more primitive features including ape-like curved fingers for tree climbing are also present. Arms slightly larger than the legs (a physical trait also found in chimpanzees).

Negroid features include: lesser measured volume of the interior braincase or brainpan or skull; a broad and round nasal cavity; no dam or nasal sill; Quonset hut-shaped nasal bones; notable facial projection in the jaw and mouth area (prognathism); a rectangular-shaped palate; a square or rectangular eye orbit shape; and large, megadontic teeth. Still widely used internationally in the identification of human remains.

Interestingly, there are
Neotenous Neotenous
structural traits in which...Negroids [generally] differ from Caucasoids... flattish nose, flat root of the nose, narrower ears, narrower joints, frontal skull eminences, later closure of premaxillary sutures, less hairy, longer eyelashes, [and] cruciform pattern of second and third molars.
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It remind me the hypothesis that niggers are the Homo Erectus living among us.
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