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Bobby Bandanza
The anti-Jew.
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Bobby Bandanza
jewsign Scandal-ridden Iowa kosher slaughterhouse is back in business

POSTVILLE, Iowa (JTA) – On a frigid evening late last month, Aron Schimmel, the Chabad emissary here, sat in a deli at the back of the glatt kosher supermarket sipping from a can of Israeli mango juice. A sign posted next to the entranceway boasted of the presence of Jewish life in this working-class town of 2,220 set amid the rolling cornfields of northeastern Iowa. The state was home last week to the nation’s first presidential contest, the Iowa Caucus.

“Postville might be at the edge of the world, but you can still buy tzitzis, yarmulkas, shirts, shells and more!” read the sign, referring to several Jewish ritual garments.

It is testament to the stability the community has recovered since 2008, when a massive federal immigration raid at the former Agriprocessors meatpacking plant — then the largest kosher slaughterhouse in the United States — sent the town into a tailspin.

"Whatcha gonna do when Trumpamania and the largest rats of Judea Jew wild on you?!" - Me


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