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Default Modern Day 'Leftism'

Modern Day 'Leftism':

"Bolshevism is political criminality and criminality is non-political Bolshevism"- Karl Kellner & Hans Anderson, "The jew as Criminal"
Modern day 'Leftism' is the religion of chaos and its proponents are the black magicians whose hidden hand leaves its brand upon the land. Its minions, the unwitting herd animals those same black magician sorcerors label 'goyim', usually deserve this appellation, 'cattle' in translation. Leftism is the formula of so-called creative destruction which simultaneously destroys itself as it intends to create, usually ill thought out schemes which borne as they are of chaos manifest in the rubble of their own architecture, over before they begin.
The utopias of the Jews envisioned by the likes of Thomas More and Rabbi Michael higger are mere fantasies that reveal their nightmarish landscape in iron and blood, in censorship and totalitarian bureacracy with the bastinado constituting the potent threat of force looming as stormclouds over the heads of the multitude.
Leftism is chaos amidst order doomed to destroy itself through being put into order, negated as its own self-negation as Natural law/order will always seek a reset in the midst of tumult, the host body returning to homeostasis after a stressor which, if exceeding the tolerable threshold of eustress and culminating is distress, may collapse the system entirely leading to the death/entropy of that former order.
This is the ultima ratio of unreason, of irrationalism/leftism which is inherently self-defeating given that order will always prevail. This also is the ultima ratio of the jew who is inherently a child of chaos and always a 'leftist' even while masquerading as holding any other position on the political spectrum. The jew seeks totalitarian control in his tyranny utopia but given that he is a creature of chaos his utopia will be doomed to self-destruction as only orderly minds create order-as within so without. The wrangling disorder of the jewish mind, derivative of his mixed genetics and primitive ancestry(perhaps otherworldy) precludes order and its establishment and maintainance as the soviet union bears testament to.
Bolshevism is leftism is jewishness-a chaotic tyranny of despots whose sole aim is to destroy all orderly and natural reality and supplant it with nothing. To extinguish the natural world and order and replace it with an other-worldly dimension wherein they may rule over all. This alien conciousness repsent itself as a superior and higher mind when it is a perversion of mind and would presumably lead to its own fragmentation beyond the mundane plane. The mind that could be called its opposite, label it 'rightist' or 'fascist' or whatever is the only springboard to the divine via the material plane attaining the reality of the 'as above so below' spirit and matter unity conciousness whereas the leftist/jewish conciousness is a cowardly flight from reality, an escapist tendancy embodying itself in delusion and cognitive dissonance, in fantasy and impracticality. Slave morality and slave rebellion go hand in hand as does the despotic totalitarianism borne of the iinfantilism of the slaves undeveloped conciousness. Passion supercedes and is not restrained by an anemic reason which leads to the chaos of riot and revolution the perfect beast upon whose back rides the jew as king of beggars and ultimate parasite and slave moralist. Indeed the jew can only be master as the most slavish and master of slaves who are slaves qua mind. Once discovered in his tyranny the master-minded expel the parasite who must then wander to the next host from whom to derive sustenance. there is no rest for the wicked and inevitably once cornered with nowhere to run the jew will have his last stand and he will then be put down like the rabid dog he is.
Since he is the creator and embodiment of leftism/bolshevism it also will cease once its creator ceases. The jew is a lucifer and can only create by destroying and is a creator only to the extent of his destruction.

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