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Default The EU and Jews are breaking apart Spain, the other European nations are next.

I had to think about this a bit, but I believe I get it now. They are going to start breaking apart larger nation-states in the EU. That way, they will be easier to govern and control as much weaker and smaller states. The Catalonia Spring is just a test run for all of Europe. They want these new smaller states to be completely dependent on the EU system.

Watch this referendum's results be actuated in lightning speed, and Catalonia put safely in the EU, as opposed to Britian's referendum to separate from the EU, which just can't seem to happen anytime soon for some reason.

I predict Gay Pride Parades everywhere in celebration for Catalonia.

Here's a post from the daily stormer BBS from a person calling himself Spanish.

The so called independence movement in Catalonia is a marxist, “national-internationalist”, anti-white, muslim-loving BS promoted by Jews and their freemason puppets. You only have to take a look at their flag, with the inverted pyramid and the star of five points, typical flag made by freemasons (as the ones from Cuba, Philippines, Chile, Puerto Rico, etc).

Our traitorous goverment is very weak and full of freemasons; the European Union and Israel are openly betraying us and our so called “conservative” government not only does nothing, but swears obedience to both again and again. It’s humiliating. Cataluña is very much independent already, they control their education system, and have been brainwashing the new generations since 1982. It’s only a matter of time that a majority says yes to independence. And our government is very happy to give them all the time and money they need.

Catalonian police gets trained in Israel, and the Mossad even got caught collaborating with the Catalonian government for the creation of an intelligence agency. Our marxist, jewed media informed about this scandal, without mentioning Israel of course. Instead, they are pointing out now at Russia for favoring the referendum. Which may be true, but most of the Establishment media makes propaganda for Catalonia’s independence.

In spite of more than 30 years brainwashing kids and adults (they also have their own regional TV/Radio channels), placing marxist, independentist freemasons in the important government, police (they have their own police), judicial posts, more than 50% of the people are against it. This whole theater with the referendum and the huge incompetence of the government is a big trick to legitimize their secession. I can’t believe this “incompetence” is genuine, since our “conservative” government is extraordinarily competent suppressing Spanish nationalism. Some journalists have pointed out Catalonia’s independence has been agreed already with the government.

I was very disappointed with the article from AA about it. There’s nothing whites can win mocking other white countries falling apart under Jewish influence.
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Default At this rate the EU will have more members than the sky has stars

There are two main differences between Brexit and the Catalonia secession. One is that England is already itself a nation within a kingdom that includes Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland while Catalonia is the equivalent of a province of Spain. It is considered autonomous but still part of Spain. Another difference is that England seceded from the EU but not the UK while Catalonia wants to break from Spain but not the EU. Considering how favorable the lamestream jewsmedia presents the case for Catalonian secession, I figured it had to be anti-White in nature.
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Originally Posted by procopius View Post
I had to think about this a bit, but I believe I get it now. They are going to start breaking apart larger nation-states in the EU. That way, they will be easier to govern and control as much weaker and smaller states.
They have do that before,look at what's happened to former Yugoslavia.
Also in 1830 they took parts of Holland and create the fake state Belgium,so it's nothing new.
My personal opinion on this so called separatism in Europe is that it only bring more EU with all his anti White shit,look to Ukraine what, s happend there now thanks to the kosher "nationalists".
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Bread and Circuses
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Leon Trotsky

The National Question in Catalonia

(July 1931)

Once more on the subject of the timely questions of the Spanish revolution.

Maurín, the “leader” of the Workers and Peasants Bloc, shares the point of view of separatism. After certain hesitation, he has resolved himself with the left wing of petty bourgeois nationalism. I have already written that Catalan petty bourgeois nationalism at the present stage is progressive. But on one condition: that it develops its activity outside the ranks of Communism and that it is always under the blows of communist criticism. To permit petty-bourgeois nationalism to manifest itself under the Communist mask means at the same time to deliver a perfidious blow to the proletarian vanguard and to kill the progressive significance of petty bourgeois nationalism.

What does the program of separatism mean? The economic and political dismemberment of Spain, or in other words, the transformation of the Iberian Peninsula into a sort of Balkanic Peninsula, with independent states, divided by, customs barriers, and with independent armies conducting independent Hispanic wars. Of course, the sage Maurin will say that he does not want this. But programs have their own logic, something Maurin hasn’t got.
Only force rules. Force is the first law - Adolf H. Man has become great through struggle - Adolf H. Strength lies not in defense but in attack - Adolf H.

catalonia, europe, spain


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