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alex revision
Default What Would You Say? What Will You Write?

What Would You Say? What Will You Write?

They’re in jail(s), for saying they (don’t) believe things you also probably (don’t) believe, whether and wherever you might (or might not) say so. They are in Germany, but they might as well be in any of dozens of other countries that would punish them similarly, or worse, for saying what they said, and what you believe, or at least (illegally) question. Even if you don’t quite see everything their way, they’re in jail for speech.

For saying things!


We who believe in freedom of speech need to support them. Yes, by all means, send them money, however that might be done to or for detainees in the “justice” system of that “democracy.” But something I can tell you pretty well how to do is to write them, in English, German, or other European languages. It’s done (only) by means of an ancient, government-operated system probably not that familiar to our younger acolytes, called “snail mail” to distinguish it from e-mail, the means by which most of us now send and receive most of our written communications other than smart-phone text messages.



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