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Old September 8th, 2018 #1
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Default “We Don’t Want to Live in the Middle East,” says Czech PM in Latest Anti-Invasion Speech

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis—called the “Czech Trump” by the controlled media—has doubled down on his opposition to the Third World invasion of Europe, declaring this past week that “We don’t want to live in Africa or the Middle East here. We must fight for our values.”

As reported by the Macedonia Online news service,
Babis was speaking during an interview on Czech TV channel Prima about the recent events in Chemnitz, Germany, when he made the remarks.

“Europe must fight for its culture and values,” Babis said, pointing out how the recent riots in Germany show how the uncontrolled influx of nonwhite invaders leads to explosive situations.

“Chemnitz is just right around the corner!” Babis said. “I’ve been thoroughly explaining that this is a fight to preserve our European civilization and culture. We don’t want to live in Africa or the Middle East here. We must fight for our values.

“Have you seen the pictures of migrant ships heading for tourist beaches? Europeans are shocked and frightened. The same thing happened in Chemnitz. There was not only a murder committed, but also the murders of teenage girls and sexual assaults,” Babis continued.

Babis said that events in Chemnitz demonstrated that clashes as those which occurred in Chemitz, “are very dangerous for Europe, as the tensions in Germany also affect neighboring countries.”

Babis also reiterated his long-standing opposition to the European Commission’s attempts to force his country into accepting the invaders. He attacked the EU’s migration policies, and said that European states must “unite” to come up with a viable solution to the invasion.

Babis also spent much of last week traveling to Italy, Hungary, and Malta, where “he sought solidarity with his approach to tackling migration,” the Macedonia Online report added.

* Babis shocked the establishment in October 2017 by winning an easy victory in Czech parliamentary elections on a platform of cutting taxes, lifting public investment and fighting immigration. His background is even more varied than Trump’s, however. He was a member of the Czechoslovakian Communist Party from 1980 to 1989, and settled in the Czech Republic after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia into Czech and Slovak states.

He quickly adapted to capitalism, and is supposedly one of the wealthiest men in the Czech Republic, with his company Agrofert running agriculture, food, chemical, construction, logistics, forestry, energy, and mass media industries in the European Union and China.

He founded the ANO (“Yes”) Party in 2011, and led it to victory in 2017. His second cabinet, confirmed by the Chamber of Deputies on 12 July 2018, is the first government since the fall of Communism in 1989 to rely on support from the Communist Party.
Old September 9th, 2018 #2
James T Kirk
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Default And We Don't Want To Live In Mexico Either...



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