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Thumbs up Polish far right protest during Auschwitz camp liberation commemoration

Dozens of Polish far right nationalists gathered at the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland on Sunday to protest at the same time as officials and survivors marked the 74th anniversary of the camp’s liberation in an annual ceremony.

“The Jewish nation and Israel is doing everything to change the history of the Polish nation,” said Piotr Rybak of the Polish Independence Movement, who led Sunday’s protest. “Polish patriots cannot allow this.”

More here.
The JEWs Plan Is to Exterminate the White People – What Fricking Part Don't YOU Get?
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Default f***! I hate that Auschwitz

I am ecstatic that the Poles figured out what to do. Push back, real hard, violently, against Jew mendacity. Filthy, lying, murdering, blood-sucking vermin! [feel free to quote me]

Rip the soft underbelly out of the Holohoax. Yes! Yes! Yes!

When this gets on a roll, demonic jewish heads are going to roll. This. This, know. I am excited, because if I don't die an unnatural death, I will most definitely get to see it! What a wondrous time we have ahead. After all this misery of having to watch our own people feeing bad about our heroes, etc., etc., etc.. Living under this falsity. Groveling. Praying to Jewish gods. Letting them call us cattle, herding us, and milking us dry.

Hallelujah. Praise to Aryans - the highest. Gods who walk among envious primates.
Hey! Arbeit macht frei? Big lies make you disappeared. Whoopee!

Thank you for your kind post.

PS We need demonstrations with thousands of us at places like the Holo museum in DC. And bearing huge banners exposing the lie. Just the words "Jew Lies" would probably be perfect. Cuz everyone is beginning to know that we are honest to a fault, and jews are lying through their teeth.
A martial religion, Aryanism is free of claims of a Heaven, Hell, or supernatural god.

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