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Old October 10th, 2018 #41
Join Date: Aug 2017
Location: Bremen ,Germany
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Originally Posted by Crowe View Post
Take anything you can get from your government in welfare, to help with your kids. Remember, that's just money you're getting back that you've paid into the system your entire life. And look for another job.

Complaining isn't going to do anything. If you're a man, you'll make sure your kids are as well as they can be, given the situation, and if you gotta suck it up and take handouts from the government, temporarily, then do it with no shame.
Strong words , dude . . .

Guess what ,I totally DETEST the system ( I assume most National Socialists do . . .)

If it were up to me we'd overthrow this plight of a government. .

( picture is in reference to the USA of course but I actually meant ALL governments , lol )

They take from us like fuck. . .

No wonder if you know who is behind it . . . . .

( again , of course in reference to the USA yet the 'Federal Reserve System' is worldwide and it bleeds people dry with taxes . . .)

I made a thread here about state power and how to overthrow it . . . .

Feel free to post there .
Old October 10th, 2018 #42
Join Date: Aug 2017
Location: Bremen ,Germany
Posts: 2,395

I admit , re-reading this thread makes me realize how close to the edge I was . .

On the other hand, a victory is a victory . . .

Concerning that . .
Originally Posted by ColdFire View Post
Sis , as usual , a good and uplifting post

My wife works as a waitress and together we wouldn't have enough money to make it . .

We are soulmates yet I suppose financial difficulties would leave us no choice . .

I'm glad I have her . .Especially after what I had to endure last time . .

FYI , might be a bit graphic yet I had one hanging on who put the main focus on . . ahemmm . . sexual activity .

She was nymphomanically dispositioned . . .

No love , just . . . .

Glad I don't have her hanging on anymore . .

Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench Lyrics
Had to laugh at that. .

Yes , we all make mistakes in life.

In a way it was a healing experience since during my years "on my own" ( when I tried to flee the domestic atmosphere of drunkenness and cruelty . . . ) I more or less was a street brat and, admit, had one relationship after the other. .

This one certainly made me realize that love just is part of the game .


Just quoting this since I got two rep hits for it back then.

I made a similar experience glad you are a married father now
Thank you .

That's an interesting story. But it would have done without that Foo Fighters song lol!
Lol , yes , people often wonder why I tend to embed videos in my posts.

Hmm . . .

Like I said , for many years I was "out there on my own" and me and my crew would of course often "celebrate together" while listening to music . . . .

I came into contact with music many people may not be aware that exists ,lol ! !


Seriously . . as is often said , "there is a song practically befitting every situation in life" . . .



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