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Default Leszek Bubel (Poland)

A courageous Polish publisher and statesman, who for years and nearly alone was telling truth about zionism, Leszek Bubel, is currently persecuted for his social and political advocacy against zionism an its destructive effects on Polish society in speeches and publishing materials in violation of his natural right to Freedom of Speech. He is currently under trial in Podlaskie region of Poland, where local zionist jew jaroslaw dworzanski and democrat tadeusz truskolaski initiated a witch hunt against Polish patriots as well as wide campaign of incitement to ethnic hatred, xenofobia, and officially sanctioned discrimination against ethnic minorities of European origin that populate this region of Poland, to divide the local population of this multiethnic region and provoke interethnic strife and thus weaken the resistance of the population to their incompetent and genocidal economic and social policies, that are alien to the majority of the people who populate the region.

The information about the trial is available here:,...ysemityzm.html

I encourage Polish VNN posters either to post here or pm to me contact information of these courageous Polish patriots, to provide them encouragement as well as essential assistance they and their families must be needing at the moment, as well as to make information of their persecution available to patriots worldwide.

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Mathew Orman
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Mathew Orman

Officially 50% of polish government is infested with jews.
Poland is the most infested of the countries in the World.
To win a court case against jews in poland it is technically impossible.

If I was in such trouble I would publicly give up polish citizenship and file a complain at the EU public prosecutor's office.

The best way to fight jews is to use their own weapons.

The name is ''Anti-Semitism" just type jew as googles search string.
On the right there is a permanent link to "adl" there one finds all the definitions that constitute the offenses.
All of those definition can be used to fight their "statuesque".

When fighting jews one must fight ''Anti-Semitism" only the offender
would be the jew but not who he is, only what he does to the human population that that he lives in.

Mathew Orman


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